Details for Proposed Tax Increase


L4010 NOTICE OF PROPOSED TAX INCREASE The City of Cottondale will soon consider a measure to increase its property tax levy. Last year's property tax levy: A. Initially proposed tax levy $ 69,347.00 B. Less tax reductions due to Value Adjustment Board and other assessment changes ... $ - 212.00 C. Actual property tax levy...... $ 69,559.00 This year's proposed tax levy .... $ 75,127.00 This tax increase is applicable to: Jackson County, Florida All concerned citizens are invited to a public hearing on the tax increase to be held on Monday, September 20, 2021 at 5:30 pm In the Commission Room located at: City of Cottondale 2659 Front Street Cottondale, FL 32431

2659 Front Street, Cottondale, FL 32431