More clarity. More hearing. Introducing Oticon MORE with BrainHearing technology Science shows that we hear with our brains and not our ears. Oticon More helps your brain decipher intricate details of relevant sounds for better speech understanding with less effort and the ability to remember more. With the Oticon More hearing aids, you are able to effortlessly connect to your favorite devices so that you talk on the phone, listen to music, and understand the TV with confidence. “My new hearing aids have changed my life. I can finally hear my great grandchildren when they call my name. I love hearing them say “Nana!”. - Patricia Roberts, Patient More life. Oticon MORE delivers “The service and professionalism are outstanding! Best hearing aid providers in town!” - Eric Birge, ge, Patient “Great products and very friendly staff that truly cares about you.” - Kim Nix, Patient “I had heard about recent improvements in Physicians Hearing Centers devices but was skeptical. I am so glad I decided to try the NEW OTICON MORE devices. The improvements are awesome. I wish that I had upgraded sooner. I can hear and understand so much better.” 30% more sound to the brain 20% - Dr. M.L. Harris, Patient Increase in speech understanding Call Today to schedule your Complimentary Hearing Screening Oticon MORE has captured an impressive line-up of prestigious US and international awards. * Compared to older hearing aid models. UP TO $ 800 OFF A SET OF PREMIUM DIGITAL HEARING DEVICES (2 hearing aids) Offer good until October 29, 2021 TRUST YOUR HEARING TO OUR EXPERTS! Dr. Gracie Herndon Audiologist Dr. Blakely Ellis Audiologist Dr. Julie Ann Rikard ENTcare PH Since 1977, Physicians Hearing Center has been providing life-changing hearing healthcare. Our service doesn’t end when you pur purchase hearing aids. We provide FREE ongoing hearing aid car care for the life-time of your devices. No additional service plan needed! HYSICIANS EARING Audiologist Voted BEST Hearing Aid Provider in the area for the past 22 years. WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR INSURANCES C E N T E R 334-673-7399 4300 W MAIN ST., STE 403 Doctors Center Flowers Hospital • DOTHAN, AL 36305 • WWW.HEARDOTHAN.COM