11 car makes sold over 1,000,000 cars

- Ford: 3,859,157 cars sold

- Chevrolet: 3,636,660 cars sold

- Toyota: 3,250,499 cars sold

- Honda: 2,280,636 cars sold

- Nissan: 1,878,230 cars sold

- Jeep: 1,663,198 cars sold

- Hyundai: 1,237,576 cars sold

- GMC: 1,139,611 cars sold

- Kia: 1,068,344 cars sold

- Subaru: 1,059,733 cars sold

- Ram: 1,015,563 cars sold

Overall car sales were down for much of 2020 compared with previous years. However, as economies and cities began re-opening in the latter part of the year, many people elected to buy cars and travel that way instead of using public transport or commercial planes and trains. This trend contributed to the sale of more than 1 million cars from each of these brands.

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