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Tickets now available for DJHS, EHS Drama Clubs' ‘Willy Wonka Jr.’
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Tickets are still available for the Dauphin Junior High and Enterprise High School Drama Clubs’ performance of “Willy Wonka Jr.” that began Thursday continues through Saturday.

Tickets to the production held at the EHS Performing Arts Center are available online at Go Fan and are $10 a ticket.

The performances are from 7 until 9 p.m. each night. There is also a performance on Saturday afternoon from 2 until 4 p.m. The Drama Club will also perform for Enterprise City Schools Friday morning from 9 until 11.

EHS Theatre Director Veronica Stephenson is joined by DJHS Dram Club Sponsors Michelle Barber, Michaela Cadden and Patsy Holland in hosting the production of Ronald Dahl’s Willy Wonka Jr., which is based on Dahl’s book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

“We’ve involved Dauphin students with spring shows since 2019 with the production of The Lion King, Jr.,” said Stephenson. “It’s a great way for my high school students to get experience with directing and producing. Last year they were in the high school production of Seussical.”

The cast includes Jack Robinette as Willy Wonka, D.J. Phillips as Charlie Bucket, Isaiah Banister as Grandpa Joe, Danika Carlos as Grandma Georgina, Jaylen Burnice as Grandpa George, Christopher Webb as Mr. Bucket, Jasmyn McCaffrey as Mrs. Bucket, Jana Gordon as Matilda, Lorelai Bishop as James, Na’Kaily Bass as Phineous Trout, Ava Ruhle as Mrs. Gloop, Nehemiah Rodriquez as Veruca Salt, Jaylen Burnice as Mr. Salt, Emma Ma as Violet Beauregarde, Sophia Southall as Mrs. Beauregarde, Reese Godwin as Ms. Teavee, Brewer Box as Mike Teavee, and Thomas Kinney as Augustus Gloop. 

Playing Oompa-Loompas are Madilyn Aguilera, Lorelai Bishop, Avery Christianson, Jana Gordan, Ava Jordan, Abbygail Royal, Rebekah Sims, Mikki Steddum, Addison Vaughn and Yashira Walker.

Lorelai Bishop and Jana Gordon are the Candy Man Kids.

The off stage student crew includes Stage Manager/Assistant Director and Lighting Designer Sydney Stephenson and Music Directors Faith Alexander, Sadie Hawkins, and Maddie West. The Choreographer is Dominick Copes.

Assistant Stage Manager/Lights is Kylie Momeny, Ben Smith is Sound person and Kayla Bostic is Music.

Makeup Design—Maddie West and the Oompa Loompa Crew is comprised of Faith Alexander, Sadie Hawkins, Sa Ni Mullins, and Maddie West.

Student photographer is Emory Betz.

Enterprise Day of Service Saturday
  • Updated

The Sixth Annual OSCAR Club Day of Service set for Saturday, giving participants time to make a difference “one project at a time.”

“This day has been chosen for all citizens to embrace a desire to join others in the enhancement of the City of Enterprise,” said Enterprise Mayor William Cooper as he signed a proclamation recognizing March 18 as an official Day of Service in the City of Progress. “This volunteer effort and spirit will involve hundreds of residents in hundreds of hours of community service.”

The OSCAR Club is composed of Enterprise “Women of the Year” and they initiated the city-wide event six years ago to encourage people to intentionally embrace a service project, no matter the size.

“Find an elderly neighbor that could use a little extra help with spring cleaning. Or, if you’ve noticed a particular area where trash is piling up on the side of the road, clean it up,” said Cooper. “Let’s pour into our community and each other on this annual day of service,” Cooper said.

The event official kicks off with an opening ceremony at Bates Memorial Stadium at 8 a.m. From there, individuals and groups will disperse to their pre-selected projects. Any person who in interested in helping is invited to attended the opening ceremony where they will be connected with a project if they don’t have one.

Church, civic and youth groups, businesses, families and individuals are encouraged to work on projects throughout the city or in their respective neighborhoods, said Charlene Goolsby, organizer and OSCAR club member. “The annual event encourages individuals and groups to embrace a service project such as picking up trash on the side of the road, painting, and pressure washing.”

Four large dumpsters will be placed in the lot next to Enterprise City Hall for residents to use get rid of debris. Public Works employees will be on site to ensure that only appropriate items are disposed. Wet paint, tires, roof shingles, and food waste will not be accepted.

“This is an opportunity for you to show your ‘Enterpride’ for our city,” Cooper said. “This day has been chosen for all citizens to embrace a desire to join others in the enhancement of the city.”

“The OSCAR Club is thankful that you will be participating in our Sixth Annual Day of Service—always the third Saturday in March,” said Goolsby. “This is our opportunity to unify in purpose for accomplishment of large projects while others will engage in acts of kindness to draw closer to those who simply need a ray of sunshine.”

Adams: Suggested changes for some sports

Added TBS slap-fighting show(s) — illegal in Alabama — to Wednesday evening TV sports viewing schedule yet?

Playoffs have begun and the sport’s inaugural season ends soon.

In this sport, simply put, athletes slap the snot outta one another.

More’n once … if necessary.

Seemingly, this new sport’s rules are constantly fluxing, like in other sports nowadays, so maybe it’s time to amend other rules, make changes.

For instance:

Last-place cars in each stage of NASCAR races should be driven around tracks clockwise, against traffic flow. Decide races on tracks, not pit rows.

After 15-yard penalties, require footballers penalized for “head-to-head” contact (“targeting”) to continue playing without their helmets until game’s end.

Ban mayonnaise from condiment tables where hotdogs are dressed.

Relocate singers/bands taking longer than 1:32 to perform “The National Anthem” to Chicago’s Southside.

Return professional baseball bases to historically-perfect 15-inch size.

Feature marching bands at halftime during televised football games.

Have umpires skinned if they have more than three “calls” overturned in a month.

Ban mentioning professional athletes’ salaries.

TV broadcast audio should come from stadium announcers, not talking booth heads.

If that doesn’t happen, censor broadcasters citing excessive stats between pitches.

Discover/define strike zone once and for all.

Limit athletic contracts to five years.

Make Atlanta rehire/replace Chief Noc-a-Homa.

Nail current transfer portals shut immediately; make any transfers sit out a season.

Open Montgomery’s Riverwalk Stadium for batting practice.

Define “NBA Season.”

Raise pitcher’s mounds six inches.

Use lab-tested leeches to immediately bleed vendors selling vastly overpriced concessions/souvenirs.

To please “mommies,” give every athlete one “do-over” per game/set/match.

Repeal all recently-invoked, absurd baseball rules.

Hire Josh Randall (“Wanted Dead or Alive”) to locate/track down/dispatch anyone promoting shortening ballgames.

Unionize mascots.

Un-clock the game, Commissar Manfred; this ain’t Lower Slobbovia.

Re-open beer stands when games enter extra innings … or else!

Nip rule-change silliness, creeping like kudzu into football, in the bud.

Require the NFL/other professional leagues to form minor league systems and begin drafting high school players.

Allow athletes to regain amateur status for sports other than ones played professionally, except luge and cornhole.

Immediately de-tongue and/or de-finger any coach/player/media person/fan mentioning the word “adversity” in any form.

Limit TV commercial breaks to four minutes per.

Using announcer’s jinxes, like “boy, this game’s speeding by” or “he hasn’t bogeyed a hole all week,” automatically results in a 10-year ban from sports of all sorts for broadcasters, no exceptions.

Make all stadium/ballpark/gym seats at least 26 inches wide, not counting armrests.

Find a way to build dorms/apartments for Enterprise State Community College athletes.

Prevent more than two (2) sports analysts from appearing on/in any set/stage/booth together; one of them can’t be Terry Bradshaw, Steven A. Smith and/or the late Al DeRogatis.

Basic game programs must cost $5 or less, preferably less.

Remind Braves personnel that National Baseball Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle occasionally bunted, and so can they.

Require stock cars in all races.

Arm sports officials with microphones to explain their controversial calls to fans in stadiums and at home.

When fights erupt, vacate floors/fields/other venues, except for two original combatants; continue fights through the best two-outta-three falls.

Apply senior discounts at all sports venues, bar none.

Finally, help fans realize some gotta win, some gotta lose; sports are businesses, not athletic events or fun …