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For The Record

For The Record

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Marriage Licenses

The following is a list of marriage licenses issued in Enterprise between August 31 and September 4:

Gabriel Isaac Blackwell and Kaylyn Ruth Hashimeh, 08/31/2020;

Brian Kevin Pankey and Anusha Andriyasova, 08/31/2020;

Jason Boyd Webb and Lamella Sheha Smith-Head, 08/31/2020;

Eduardo Felicia Valentin and Lizmary Alvarado Morales, 09/01/2020;

Larry Clyde Cassels, II and Victoria Lynn Mazurek, 09/01/2020;

Rohallie Allen and Maurine Whitehurst, 09/01/2020;

Britney Nicole Fields and Carlos Eugenio Z. Alcaraz, 09/01/2020;

Stefani Ann Pichon and Vincent Marcel Cousin, 09/02/2020;

Randal David Jackson and Kerri Lynn Hallbeck, 09/02/2020;

Jonathan Jeremy Sager and Hannah Elizabeth Senn, 09/04/2020;

Dakota Brian Millsap and Jennah Kaye Borelli, 09/04/2020.

Real Estate Transfers

The following is a list of real estate transfers issued in Enterprise between August 31 and September 4:

Bruce D. Hardy, Sr., Mers Inc., $389,578, Legends Subdivision, Block A, Lot 7;

Degraphary Richardson, Mers Inc., $199,800, Valley Stream Gardens Subdivision, Block D, Lot 8;

Eva D. Kirkland, Housing and Urban Development Secretary, $4,716.90, Birchwood Subdivision, Block A, Lot 8;

Jessica L. Lunsford, Mers Inc., $189,600, Valley Stream Gardens Subdivision, Block D, Lot 25;

James B. Nifong, Mers Inc., $195,000, Cotton Creek Plantation, Phase I, Lot B-11;

Aaron S. Halcomb, Mers Inc., $219,132, Stonechase Subdivision, Phase I, Re-plat, Block C, Lot 7;

Casey B. Mack, Mers Inc., $255,192, Tartan Pines Golf Community, Phase II, Block G, Lot 4;

Michael C. Storm, Mers Inc., $198,270, 33/5N/22E;

Wallace M. Bruce, Mers Inc., $464,500, Timber Creek Subdivision, Lot 7;

Derek J. Wolske, Mers Inc., $230,175, Valley Stream Subdivision, 9th Addition, Block H, Lot 13;

Michael S. Padgett, Mers Inc., $187,106, 20/4N/22E;

Terry G. Singleton, Mers Inc., $350,000, Ridge at Stephens Farm, Phase I, Block A, Lot 61;

Marde R. Stephens, Mers Inc., $350,000, Deer Creek Landing Subdivision, Lot 2;

Timothy Shepherd, Mers Inc., $342,705, Ridge at Stephens Farm, Phase III, Block B, Lot 2;

Jeffery E. Smith, Sr., Mers Inc., $180,400, Brookwood Subdivision Block D, Lot 6;

Jeffery R. Larson, Mers Inc., $168,228, Ridgway Subdivision, Lot 14;

Ian S. Swaim, Mers Inc., $92,929, Fuller and Ward Addition, Block 1, Lot 36;

Jeremy L. Irvine, Mers Inc., $336,700, 26/5N/22E;

Ronald Andress, Mers Inc., $66,530, Rolling Acres Subdivision, 1st Addition, Block C, Lot 1;

Nicholas Jackson, Mers Inc., $269,372, Legends Subdivision Phase II, Block H, Lot 5;

Tejbir Chahal, River Bank & Trust, $233,600, Ridge at Stephens Farm, Phase III, Block B, Lot 10;

Erik S. Egner, Mers Inc., $118,355, Eagle Landing Townhomes, Block D, Lot B;

Shaun P. Glover, Mers Inc., $185,576, Martin Heights Subdivision, 7th Addition, Block C, Lot 17;

Debora I. Chilson, Mers Inc., $165,557, Valley Chase Subdivision, Block F, Lot 37;

Daniel R. Hutto, Mers Inc., $136,363, Deerfield Park, 5th Addition, Block E, Lot 17;

Steven Lovelace, Mers Inc., $130,432, Wakefield Subdivision, Block B, Lot 24;

Jordan Dow, Mers Inc., $329,329, 16/3N/22E;

Glen C. Miller, Mers Inc., $175,000, Morgan Subdivision, 3rd Addition, Block A, Lot 6;

Pedro Gutierrez, Jr., Mers Inc., $153,500, Hunter Ridge Subdivision, Block B, Lot 16;

Luz M. V. Nunez, Mers Inc., $250,381, Dauphin Street, Lot 4;

Jason C. Cox, Mers Inc., $175,252, Wakefield Subdivision, 1st Addition, Block H, Lot 57, 58;

Alberto Rivas, Mers Inc., $103,737, Deerfield Park Subdivision, 7th Addition, Block A, Lot 11;

Robert T. Wolfe, Mers Inc., $76,000, Hildreth Morgan, 1st Addition, Block B, Lot 4;

James B. Streetman, PeopleSouth Bank, $67,808.50, 25/5N/21E, 36/5N/21E;

James E. Horst, Mers Inc., $130,536, Bridlewood Farms Subdivision, Phase IV, Lot 5;

Marshall Law LLC, River Bank & Trust, $51,000, Executive Plaza Office Complex, Lot 6;

Ronald Andress, Mers Inc., $115,000, Deerfield Subdivision, 7th Addition, Block D, Lot 2;

All Square Developers LLC, First National Bank of…, $121,385.55, 12/3N/22E;

Haywood D. Watkins, Mers Inc., $296,000, 30/5N/21E;

Christian J. R. Pinto, Mers Inc., $62,626, 17/4N/21E;

Joel J. Young, Mers Inc., $142,500, Brookwood Subdivision, Block H, Lot 14;

Miguel A. Torres, Jr., All In Credit Union, $196,480.57, Shell Landing Subdivision, Phase III, Block A, Lot 19;

Margaret A. Elder, Mers Inc., $403,454, 2/4N/22E;

Galanco Inc., Citizens Bank, $265,600, Legacy Farms, Phase V, Block A, Lot 28;

Max Watson, Citizens Bank, $195,000, 19/3N/21E;

Bart L. Schmidt, II, Village Capital & Investments, $331,417, Country Club Estates, Lot 32, 33;

Meagon Harrell, Mers Inc., $68,000, 17/4N/22E;

Charles T. Abernathy, Synovus Bank, $20,000, Pinehurst Subdivision, 2nd Addition, Block A, Lot 6;

Jason S. Hallman, Mers Inc., $342,080, 10/4N/21E, 11/4N/21E;

Diversified Homes and Properties, BankPlus, $286,526.40, Lakes Subdivision, Block C, Lot 22;

Jared N. Cordova, Fairway Independent Mortgages, $290,000, Ridge at Stephens Farm, Phase III, Block A, Lot 13;

Tommy E. Smith, APCO Employees Credit Union, $410,000, 15/4N/21E;

Charles White, III, Mers Inc., $104,500, Forest Park Subdivision, 6th Addition, Block G, Lot 25;

Dirk G. Rieckmann, Fairway Independent Mortgages, $119,000, Legacy Farms, Phase IV, Block A, Lot 26;

Stephanie Boykin, River Bank & Trust, $204,000, 19/3N/22E;

Danielle C. Nickison, Mers Inc., $347,060, Shell Landing East, Phase II, Block C, Lot 20;

Karen E. Fife, Wells Fargo Bank, $169,750, Pine Hill Subdivision, Block G, Lot 7;

Gary K. Marden, Mers Inc., $335,000, Martin Heights Subdivision, 9th Addition, Block D, Lot 7;

Seneca Pena-Collazo, All In Credit Union, $85,000, Foxchase Subdivision, Phase II, Block A, Lot 44;

Scott T. Nicholls, Mers Inc., $42,500, Fairfield Estates Subdivision, Phase IV, Block E, Lot 11;

Michael T. Shacklee, Mers Inc., $337,680, 19/5N/22E;

Red Top Farm LLC, Alabama AG Credit FLCA, $471,900, 3/6N/22E, 4/6N/22E, 33/7N/22E, 34/7N/22E;

Jill D. Emerson, Mers Inc., $423,000, Honeysuckle Hills Subdivision, Phase II, Block E, Lot 3;

Caroline M. Lafave, Five Star Credit Un ion, $106,580, Oakridge Forest Subdivision, Phase III, Lot 76;

Kenneth R. Kragie, Mers Inc., $160,580, Forrest Park Subdivision, 4th Addition, Block K, Lot 3;

Jordan D. Rowell, Mers Inc., $238,107, 13/3N/22E;

James Blackstock, Mers Inc., $306,375, Legacy Farms, Phase V, Block A, Lot 29;

Joseph A. Mynard, Mers Inc., $233,897, 31/4N/22E;

Michael S. Matherly, All In Credit Union, $45,000, 34/4N/21E;

Kevin S. Bomhard, Wendell V. Grant, $29,500, 4/3N/22E;

Randell D. Merritt, Wendell V. Grant, $29,500, 4/3N/22E.

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