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All kinds of news makes a day

All kinds of news makes a day

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Roached up in a corner of the House of Adams’ Big Moroccan Theater, it’s increasingly, painfully obvious online/TV news sources rely upon sensationalism to attract readers/viewers AND retailers and organizations looking to snarf up advertising space to get Americans to open our pocketbooks to buy their stuff.

There are factual sensations aplenty.

Filmed footage shown daily on the American Heroes Channel details how unbelievably unaware the U.S. was in years leading up to and through World War II, about incredible numbers of foreign invaders walking, talking, working, playing and worshipping among us while we thought fighting was happening only in Europe and the Pacific.

Footage of Nazi youth summer camps, notably in New York State, shows members of the American Nazi Party drilling boys and girls of America’s Silent Generation in the ways of Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich, an effort designed to rule the entire world for 1,000+ years.

Saw a program on the only one of six vacation resort facilities Hitler ordered built for German working-class families in the ’30s.

The development featured theaters, swimming pools and other family-oriented recreational amenities, a front for the venue’s real purpose: to gather 25,000 Germans at the time in the 5-mile-long development to fully indoctrinate them in Hitler’s ways.

This footage, in addition to other disturbing documentaries available to us all, plus unknown quantities of film yet to be released from top-secret status, is especially alarming to baby boomers whose parents and other relatives fought that war.

Boomers certainly weren’t far removed from WWII that in some way touched every American family; Daddy’s brother, Ed Adams, died at Anzio in 1944, and Gramma never completely recovered.

This month, a couple of American Pearl Harbor casualties had their remains returned to descendants, and earlier this year, several Tuskegee Airmen died, hopefully, after living full lives the last 75 years.

What if we’d lost WWII?

And we had every reason to lose, as Germans, Japanese and other Axis Powers began preparing for war against the U.S. in the immediate aftermath of World War I, the “War to End All Wars.”

For example, on May 2, 1933, Hitler banned all German trade unions, just another phase of his plans to become the world’s puppet master.

Wouldn’t take much effort to find something significant in Hitler’s scheme on practically every day for some 20 years before and during the war.

But his schemes didn’t work.

On May 2, 1945, more than 1,000,000 German soldiers in Austria and Italy officially surrendered to Western forces.

That same day, the Battle of Berlin ended when Soviet Army divisions captured Berlin, two days after Hitler supposedly killed himself.

Most everyone knows there was a German prisoner of war camp here and in Andalusia and Daleville/Camp Rucker beginning in 1943, and we’ll talk more about that – i.e. eye contact with prisoners—come Memorial Day.

But first, let’s look at May 2 in:

1939 – Lou Gehrig ended his consecutive games played streak after 2,130 games

1956 – U.S. Methodist Church disallowed racial separation

1970 – Diane Crump became first female jockey to race in Kentucky’s Derby

2011 – Osama bin Laden killed by U.S. Special Forces

2013 – Rhode Island became 10th state to approve same-sex marriages


It takes all kinds of news, some more sensational than others, to make a day …

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