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Childhood vision of Hell

Childhood vision of Hell

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My dad started pastoring a church when I was eight years old. Before that we always attended Shiloh Fellowship Church near Clopton. My uncle, James Ward, was the pastor and he grew up in a metropolitan area known as “Cracker neck,” swamp land in Northwest Henry County.

The first time I ever remember giving my life to Christ was at that church. I was about six years old and as I knelt at the altar, I vividly remember my uncle on one side and my Granddad on the other.

I have so many fond memories of my childhood that centered around that church. I have never shared this story with anyone but somehow knew someday I would write about it.

Sometime before the age of 8, I had a dream of what I thought Hell was. As a child, I had not grasped the concept of an actual burning Hell. In my dream we were all in church together and people were getting up and making a decision to follow Christ.

In this dream, I rejected God. I saw my family as they wept for me and knew we would be separated because of my choice. The next thing I remember from this dream was the loud thunder and claps of lighting outside of the church.

Next I remember the pounding of large chunks of ice falling from the sky onto the roof. It was hailing and those of us that chose to reject God had to go outside and be pelted with the rain and ice.

After what seemed like hours the storm was over and those of us outside was able to return to the building to join the others. I remember finding my family and hugging them and we were thankful that it was over and I woke up.

As silly as this story seems to be there, are so many people going about their daily lives without a thought of the afterlife. Many think it will not happen, or have a skewed concept of reality and what life after death will be.

Death is final and your destination will be final. There will be no redos. Please don’t wait until it is to late. Hell is a real place, it was created by God for Satan and his angels.

However, if you reject God and his free gift of eternal life, then according to the holy scriptures, you will spend all of eternity in a place called Hell, where there is weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth to be forever separated from God.

Ask Jesus to be Lord of your life today to avoid such a place. God the Father Loved you so much that he gave his very best, his only son to take your place and to die for your sins so that you could avoid this place called hell. I beg of you today please take him up on this offer and you will be eternally grateful. God Bless and PEACE

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