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Not missing, just missing normalcy

Not missing, just missing normalcy

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I don’t know what you did this summer, although with the pandemic I know a good starting place of which to guess.

I do know what I did this summer. OK, that’s not completely true because I have been on some pretty heavy dosages of pain meds — at least, I was — and some of those days were spent walking from one bedroom to the other with the help of, well, a walker. I learned the true meaning of stir crazy. When I was finally able to drive again I would literally drove to the north and south end of town and learned some new roads just to occupy my time.

I graduated to a cane and eventually I walked. For those who have seen my current gait, no, I am not trying to mock Fred Sanford’s shuffle.

I finally returned to work on Tuesday, 27 days following bilateral knee (double) replacement. Even my dog seems tired of me, although she has enjoyed immensely the scraps of food as I’d heat many of the fine dishes delivered by some wonderful friends, only to realize I had little to no appetite.

In fact, as of the 27-day out period, I am down 23 pounds. Unfortunately, the extra baggage has come from mostly my face and not the belly. Hopefully, the new knees will soon allow me to at least redistribute some of that baggage.

I grew extremely restless during my initial recovery and couldn’t wait to be released back to work by my orthopedic surgeon. I could watch TV for almost two weeks because it just nauseated me what with the PPR -- pandemic, politics and riots.

While coronavirus is perhaps the most disheartening thing in a few generations, I believe someone has emptied a vial of stupid powder and many people across the world have used it as a seasoning for their sandwiches. How else do you explain Portland, Chicago or New York City?

If anyone knows me they’ll understand that a fall without football would be like having to repeat my latest surgery, but until I see a play-action pass or a Spider 2 Y Banana... well, I’ll believe it when I see it.

In an unrelated matter, Arkansas and Nebraska have decided to drop football for the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

Things the pain meds didn’t erase from my memory: I haven’t forgotten that Nancy Pelosi is still borderline insane; and the word borderline is optional. By the way, the last time I saw her on TV her eyebrows curled around her eyes like the horns of a mature male ram.

It’s good to be back, and no, there was not a BOLO sent out for me. Heck, there are some who would just as soon I stay away. But, this sure beats walking from room to room... over and over... annoying my dog.

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