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Battling something that is new under the sun

Battling something that is new under the sun

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On the notion that there there’s nothing new under the sun, I beg to differ.

I have walked down the hall to tell someone something and forget what I was headed to tell – or it could have been a question -- them. Actually, that’s old news. Been doing so for years. However, I now often forget what I’m talking about mid-sentence, you know, like w...

I give you that you really can’t lose a job at CNN by saying or doing anything as ridiculously biased or unprofessional as Don Lemon.

The Cuomo brothers include a mayor of the largest city in the U.S. and a CNN “reporter.” Ted Turner, I would hope you are ashamed, but then again, you were married to Jane Fonda.

You can have multiple awkward moments kissing and touching women – sometimes young girls -- forget who you’re running against and/or what office of which you’re running, cut down an entire race, yet still be the Democratic nominee.

You can be President of the most powerful country in the world and have some people hanging on your every word, yet you continue to speak as recklessly as someone who claims to have the cure for cancer much of the time. Also, word to the wise: think before you tweet.

You can be as absent-minded as Nancy Pelosi and still fool some of the people all of the time. I wish she’d forget to speak when a microphone is thrust in front of her because there are people trying to eat somewhere.

Of course, this pandemic has us all guessing what to do, what’s next, and why, why, why.

A friend told me recently that raw talent may show up more in the coming football season than usual because coaching staffs simply haven’t had the time to work with players as they once did. Can you expect every player to work out as if he was being supervised by a school trainer or coach? This may hold true at all levels, but especially college and younger. Of course, if a player does have the fortitude to be in excellent shape and understand the playbook better than most, he’ll be a step ahead of the pack.

How many times have you heard someone say the losing team was definitely more talented?

Yes, I just ventured from political nuts to athletics in mid-stream. I’ll exit before I start campaigning for local critter catcher, or is that what Joe Biden is running for? You can never be quite sure these days.

A caller to the office asked why the country was not doing more to punish China. By all accounts, the virus started there and was kept quiet until the spread had commenced.

“They didn’t have to get up out of their chair to knock us to our knees,” the caller said.

As another caller noted, “They figured out how to hurt us without missiles. They did something we couldn’t see coming.”

Maybe we’re the more talented team, just not as prepared as some evil doers. Hopefully, raw talent will win out.

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