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I have always liked to explore places off the beaten path. If I am traveling and have the time, I try to take the odd road or walk the odd tra…

Years ago, I had a good fishing buddy, Jack, who enjoyed fishing as much as anyone I’ve ever known loved it.

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We may not know what the future might bring, but I’m sure that many of us are relieved to leave the year 2020 behind us.

I had a friend that had a really bad year back in 1989. About this time of year, we were having a conversation and I never will forget what he said.

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Merry Christmas! One of the greatest things about this Christmas is that any sensible adult should understand why they might not be getting a …

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Over the past month I have spent several hours burning torn out lumber and limbs left over from the last few storms.

One of the best feelings we can have is to know that, when troubles come our way, there is someone or others who are there to stand by us.

While growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and having six boys in the family, the image a lot of us young males wanted to show was a macho one.

One of my neighbors has a dog named Abby. We don’t really know her owners that well, but we are fully aware of Abby’s exploits.

I’ve made a lot of decisions in my life. Most turned out alright, a few were mediocre and, sadly, some were just bad.

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