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Murphy: Be careful who you trust

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We need strong leaders, but not everyone can be a great, or even good, leader.

Some of our leaders are using their talents in a negative manner. Many leaders are experts at convincing some of our most vulnerable citizens to follow them and their agendas, and many good people end up making bad decisions and choosing to be a part of an organization or situation with many negative connotations.

It’s important that we be careful of whose side we are on, or what agenda we choose to follow and be part of.

We are witnessing war, destruction, murders, lies and deception right in front of our faces each and every day. While watching the massacre and lack of remorse being shown by the leader of one of our largest countries against the people of Ukraine, it’s hard to think that there are those who agree with his actions. Most of the people of the world are against his horrendous acts, but still he has convinced some of the people in his country and the world that his actions are correct for Russia.

It’s hard to believe that after witnessing the brutal tactics and lack of empathy we’ve seen being shown by the Russian leader, that there are those who support him and are still on his side.

As individuals, there are some serious issues we are facing in our world, and each of us must decide whose side we are on. We should make honest decisions that will allow us to have a clear conscience.

Much of the division in America has been caused by the disagreement between the Republicans and Democrats over whether the last election for president of the United States was legitimate or not. Even though there has been no proof that the election wasn’t legitimate, millions of our citizens have made a choice to the contrary. Confusion abounds!

Far too many of us make our decisions based on our political affiliation or what our friends and neighbors decide, but we need to start making our personal decisions according to our conscience and what’s really in our hearts. Whether we agree with a person or not, who can argue with anyone who makes decisions based on what they sincerely believe?

As we watch the events taking place in our world today, each of us needs to try making wise decisions, because unwise decisions can have a lasting effect on us and our families.

What group, organization, church or political party we choose is a personal matter, but while we make certain choices, it might be a great idea to base our choices on what is best for us our family and our relationship with Him. Remember, “In God We Trust!”

Thomas Vincent Murphy is co-founder (family) of TVM Radio 1 streaming live worldwide, and is syndicated worldwide on Life Talk Radio Network. He is a writer, arranger and producer of music, and the author of the book “Wake up Crazy World.” He can be reached at



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