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Murphy: Moving forward

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What will the future look like for us the citizens of America, the greatest country in the world?

The distance between those who call themselves Republicans and those who are considered Democrats seems to be widening. The mutual respect that was among our parties, even though there were disagreements, seems to be disappearing.

The only way for us to improve our country is for us as individuals to treat one another with more love and respect – and stay away from hateful, uncaring people.

The hardnosed mental state of some of our citizens is strange. Some of our good citizens seem to be hypnotized and are acting out of character at times. Some of our smooth-talking politicians have caused some of the citizens we feel are level headed and intelligent to be an extension of their personality.

We are living in a country that is often called “the land of opportunity.” However, if we are among those who plan on improving our lives, so we can live better lives in our future, we need to stay away from complaining, unhappy people who have shown a strong determination to change America.

Moving forward, each of us must think for ourselves. What type of country do we want our children living in during their future years?

The people we choose to spend the most time around can have much to do with how we appear to others. Most of us spend many hours each week around people with a variety of personalities and we can’t always choose our coworkers, but during our lunch breaks or regular breaks during the day we can choose who we want to be around, in most cases, and spend our personal time around.

Many of us are tired of the uneasy feelings that the pointing fingers and bickering that has been taking place among our leaders have caused. It’s time for us to move forward in a respectable way!

Thomas Vincent Murphy is co-founder of TVM Radio One streaming live worldwide, and is syndicated worldwide on Life Talk Radio Network. He can be reached at

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