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Murphy: On much-needed joy

Murphy: On much-needed joy

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There has been reason for much sadness in our country and around the world lately.

COVID-19 has affected us in a big way by causing so much death and sickness to infiltrate the world. Despite the disaster we are dealing with, we who are fortunate enough to be among the living must find ways to bring some much-needed joy into our lives.

The grief and sadness we are experiencing throughout the world can be harmful to us mentally and physically, if we aren’t careful. For many of us the weight on our minds as we witness and experience the death of thousands of people, by way of television or in an up-close and personal manner, can lead to depression and sickness.

Being quarantined, as millions of us have been, definitely can make us lose the spirit of freedom. Yet we must find ways to bring some joy into our lives to help balance the scale of life.

We must find ways to utilize these trying times in a way that they become an asset to our future.

It’s interesting how the fast-paced lifestyle of many Americans has abruptly come to a halt. Through it all, in normal situations, most of us have the ability to see, hear and talk. Since we still have these assets, why not use them to lead us to activities that can make us laugh and smile? Even if we’re not fully healthy, if we are alive, we still can find ways to lift our spirits. We need some joy!

With that in mind, the coronavirus has put some of us in the position to know our friends better; and even more important, to become closer to our families. Oh, and by the way, it gives us an opportunity to dust off our Bible and, by reading it, get closer to the Almighty God. If ever there was a time to do so, it surely is now!

This is a tough time for us sport enthusiasts. Knowing there’s not some type of current sports event coming over the airways each evening definitely isn’t easy for this writer, and most likely for many others; but it may make our spouses and significant others feel they can get more of the attention they feel they need and deserve.

For those of us who are music lovers that might want to learn to play an instrument, this is the time to start the journey that can lead to becoming a successful musician.

It’s time to realize the shock of COVIC-19 is now a reality in our lives, so we must find ways to deal with it and not lose our joy. All of us will need encouragement and assistance from each other at one time or another, but when all else fails, a sincere talk with God can give you that hope and joy we need in our lives.

Thomas Vincent Murphy is co-founder (family) of TVM Radio 1 streaming live worldwide, and is syndicated on a network of stations worldwide on Life Talk Radio Network. He is part of Loud Cry Radio Network out of Ontario, Canada and is part of We Broadcast on Line Radio out of South Carolina. He is a writer, arranger and producer of music, and the author of the book “Wake up Crazy World.” He can be reached at

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