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Murphy: Thank God for sports

Murphy: Thank God for sports

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There are billions of people across the world, but there is one thing a huge amount of the world’s population has in common. Many of the countries of the world, whether big or small, are always looking for allies, or other countries with similar beliefs to unify with them.

Over the years there has been one thing that has bonded people of all colors, sizes, and nationalities: the thrilling activities called sports.

It is great when men, women, boys and girls can enjoy sporting events together, but we sports enthusiasts should apologize to those who are less interested who feel we spend too much time involved with sports.

Sports are “an activity involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often undertaken competitively.” One of the most popular events the world shares is he Olympic games, where people from the corners of the world compete for the top prizes.

For many of us sporting events bring relaxation, excitement, joy or sadness (if our team or person loses), and a chance for us to take the problems of this unpredictable world off our minds.

If we are sport enthusiasts, the later part of the year and a part of spring is our most favorite time. During this span of time we can turn on our radios and televisions and listen or watch the World Series in October, National Football League and college football, National Basketball League and college basketball, National Hockey League, soccer in some areas, tennis, and other special events in boxing, wrestling, martial arts and even more.

As children, many of us have fantasized about being a professional player of a sport or being like our favorite player. Even though our chances of reaching our fantasies are extremely rare, for those of us who work hard and are determined the dream can become a reality.

Another great thing about sports is that as we get older, we can always root for our favorite teams and our favorite players.

With all the tragedies caused by COVID-19 during the last couple of years, sports have become even more of a pleasant distraction from everyday life than ever.

Thank God for sports!

Thomas Vincent Murphy is co-founder (family) of TVM Radio 1 streaming live worldwide, and is syndicated worldwide on Life Talk Radio Network. He is a writer, arranger and producer of music, and the author of the book “Wake up Crazy World.” He can be reached at



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