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Murphy: The impressions we make

Murphy: The impressions we make

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Many of us enjoyed hearing compliments from our parents when we were children and many of our actions were to make our parents proud of us.

As adults, getting compliments from our boss at work or getting some type of praise from others for something we’ve done well make us feel good about ourselves.

Sadly, there are those of us who have been raised in homes where verbal and physical abuse were often a part of our lives.

When we reach adulthood, we often carry some of the same traits those who abused us had, because the results of bad events that took place during our developing years can mentally affect us. We may be giving others the impression that we are the type of individual we really don’t want to be deep inside.

It may not be easy for some of us to make changes in our lives, but in order to have a better life we must make changes.

The easy way out for many of us is to simply say, ”I don’t care what people think,” but when we think about our children and their future, knowing how they often emulate us, if needed, making changes is a good thing in the long run for the future of us and our family.

No matter where we live, what takes place between those walls, in every respect, is extremely valuable to our lives.

Judging others is not a good thing, but since we can’t read a person’s mind or know the background of a person we meet for the first time, the impression we hear or see initially is how others are usually judged by most of us.

Some of us have been products of tough environments and low-income families; however, even if we can’t afford clothing and footwear from high-priced stores, the way we look and act can still be impressive to others.

There’s nothing more impressive than seeing children from an adverse neighborhood who carry themselves with class and have a clean-cut appearance. When we see our children of lesser means looking and acting in positive ways, there’s no doubt about the fact that we parents are instilling uplifting qualities in their minds.

There are men and women who are very handsome or attractive physically, but when we see and hear the way they handle themselves and their attitudes stink, that good-looking man or fine woman can begin to become less and less attractive.

There are reasons why some of us are attracted to a person who seems unattractive and an unlikely partner for us by others. Cleanliness, a great personality and an upbeat attitude can make us attractive to almost anyone!

Thomas Vincent Murphy is co-founder (family) of TVM Radio 1 streaming live worldwide, and is syndicated on a network of stations worldwide on Life Talk Radio Network.

He is a writer, arranger and producer of music, and the author of the book “Wake up Crazy World.” He can be reached at


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