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Murphy: Unkept promises, vows and oaths

Murphy: Unkept promises, vows and oaths

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Some of the most solemn words an individual can say are those spoken while getting married; “‘til death do us part.”

Yet, after breaking those vows, citizens are still living their lives after the millions of divorces that have taken place. We are living in a day and time when promises, vows and even oaths are broken, in many cases as though they were never given or taken.

Marriage is supposed to be a serious commitment between two individuals and thankfully, to some of us, when there is honest, total commitment, it still is. However, some of us will find any fault or mistake from our partner as a reason to leave a marriage.

Whatever happened to “‘til death do us part?”

Recently, while watching one of our politicians being sworn in with his hand on the Bible, there was the thought of “How true will he be to his promises?” If there ever is a reason to be honest and sincere, it surely should be when we’re giving promises or oaths with God and His word involved.

There are situations and events taking place in the United States today that simply make no sense. It seems that some of our politicians, Democrats, Republicans or Independents, who we need to be able to trust, can give deceptive comments or knowingly tell untruths with straight faces to us the American people, without consequences.

It’s unsettling to think that the promises, vows and oaths taken by some of our leaders are being ignored in order for them to keep or get success.

It has been said by some citizens in other countries that America is no longer the most desirable place for them to visit. If we really still feel that we are the “greatest country in the world,” we need to return to the basic themes of what our democracy is supposed to be about.

It’s sad to say, but some of the leaders of our churches are so concerned about receiving money from their members, that their churches are lacking the spiritual messages their congregations need. There are those who feed themselves much more than they are feeding and taking care of their flock. When they are really called by God, spiritual leaders and ministers will give their members truthful messages that can strengthen them spiritually and encourage them during these depressing and unpredictable days.

None of us should make promises we can’t or don’t plan on keeping. It’s time for those at the forefront of our democracy to live up to the promises, vows and oaths they have taken. What we don’t need is more of the lies, deceptions, empty promises and confusing dialogue some of our leaders are spreading to us citizens. Many of us American citizens are tired of being used as pawns in the silly games played by some of our politicians and others in leadership positions!

Thomas Vincent Murphy is co-founder (family) of TVM Radio 1 streaming live worldwide, and is syndicated worldwide on Life Talk Radio Network. He is a writer, arranger and producer of music, and the author of the book “Wake up Crazy World.” He can be reached at


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