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Spires: I should have decided differently

Spires: I should have decided differently

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Have you ever wondered what would have happened if you had decided differently?

I have certainly done that.

You see, some of my decisions didn’t turn out like I had planned them to turn out.

I believe it started when I was real young; actually, on the day I was born. You see, somehow, I managed to be born into a poor family.

I’m sure that had it been left up to me I would have chosen to be born into a wealthy family or at least a moderately wealthy family.

When I was 3-and-a-half, they brought home my younger brother Eddie. This I know for a fact: I was doing perfectly well as an only child.

Now I had to share what little we had with a brother. Actually, I got less than half because of his health and him being the baby.

Granted, it wasn’t my decision; however, at the time, I thought of it as my lot in life and partially my decision.

Several times over the ensuing years I tried to trade Eddie off for a puppy. Not only did that turn out to be a bad decision, but it also cost me some serious down time and a sore backside.

I finally gave up on that idea until I decided to build a glider and attempt to fly it off of our roof.

I drew up the plans and found the needed two-by-fours and milk crate to make it work. Once on the roof I invited Eddie to be the pilot on the initial flight.

Eddie took one look at the contraption then took off running. Thinking it was a brilliant plan I almost got in it and flew it myself. Instead, I pushed it off the roof unmanned, then watched as it broke into a couple of hundred pieces.

My mother happened to be looking out the window as it fell. Eddie was in the house telling her about my idea at the time and him being the pilot.

Needless to say, I got some more downtime and another sore backside.

Over the years I continued to have issues with making the wrong decisions. I bought stock that managed to bottom out.

I bought a good-looking Lincoln Continental once that you couldn’t keep oil in. I bought two acres of land on Lake Seminole, only to learn that you couldn’t build on it because it was below the flood plain.

The list get’s bigger as I have grown older.

I’m not even going to tell you about personal decisions that I have made that backfired.

What I will tell you is that among the bad decisions I have made there have been many good ones.

In the end I believe that is what is import, at least I hope so.

Byron Spires is a retired newspaper editor. He has written dozens of short stories and serials in the Havana Herald. He recently published “The Curious Life of Marci Bell” in a series of three books. You can email him at



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