The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles held 112 parole hearings from June 16-18, with one inmate convicted of crimes in Barbour County among those seeking parole. Parole hearings have remained closed to public attendance because of COVID-19, but crime victims and other interested parties have provided written statements to be considered by the board.

Seeking parole is Derald Leonard Patterson. The decision in his parole hearing had not been released to the public as of press time.

Patterson was convicted of trafficking cocaine (28-500 grams), possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana. He was sentenced to one 20 year sentence and two 15 year sentences, all to be served either consecutively or concurrent. He has served 13 years, 11 months of his sentence in a federal prison.

Patterson’s case went before a judge in Federal Court in October 2019 and his sentence reduced from 262 months to 176 months of imprisonment, or time served, whichever is greater, to run concurrently with his terms of imprisonment. His term of supervised release was reduced from 60 months on supervised release to 48 months supervised release. Patterson’s fine was waived and he was given the special assessment fee of $100 to pay.

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