The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office reports that a person falsely claiming to be an officer with that agency has been calling local businesses seeking information about staffing and asking other questions.

On June 11, officials say, the agency learned an individual, who was identifying himself as “Lieutenant Sheppard” and an employee of JCSO, was calling local businesses in the area trying to get information from employees regarding the business. Authorities say he was asking various questions such as the number of employees at the store and on shift at a certain time and indicating that the agency was planning an audit investigation.

“The subject is not an employee, nor has ever been an employee, of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office,” officials said in a press release about the matter.

“Sheriff Louis Roberts would like to remind business and their employees to not release any information to anyone calling for such information or portraying themselves as a member of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

“If anyone is receiving these phone calls they are encouraged to contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office to report the incident,” the release concluded.

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