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Alabama lawmakers have given final approval to legislation that could lead to lengthier prison sentences for felonies committed as part of a “criminal enterprise.” The House of Representatives voted 95-6 for the Senate-passed bill Thursday. It's intended to allow stiffer penalties for those involved in organized crime groups. The legislation now goes to Gov. Kay Ivey. The legislation provides mandatory minimum sentences if prosecutors prove the defendant was a member of a criminal enterprise and the crime was committed in the interest of that criminal enterprise. It also sets mandatory minimum sentences when a gun is used in commission of the crime.

Alabama families could soon pay less at the grocery store after lawmakers gave final passage to a landmark bill to gradually remove half of the 4% state sales tax on food by September 2024. Approval of the tax cut plan came Thursday after decades of unsuccessful attempts. The legislation now heads to Gov. Kay Ivey, whose office said she will review it when she receives it. Alabama is just one of three states that tax groceries at the same rate as other purchases. Advocates had long argued taxing food places an unfair burden on families in a poor state where 16% of people live in poverty.

Alabama lawmakers on Thursday approved legislation to exempt at least a portion of a worker’s overtime pay from state income taxes. The Alabama Senate voted 34-0 to approve a compromise version of the legislation to exempt overtime pay from the 5% state income tax. Senators concerned about the budget impact placed a $25 million aggregate cap on the annual amount of the tax cut. The exemption would end in three years unless extended by lawmakers. The bill now goes to Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey. House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels, the sponsor of the legislation, said the tax cut will help hourly workers and also help industries recruit workers.

A federal judge did not make an immediate decision on the fate of a revised version of a federal policy that prevents the deportation of hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought to the U.S. as children. A court hearing was held in Houston on Thursday. Attorneys representing the nine states suing to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and lawyers for the federal government and DACA recipients made their arguments to U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen. The judge, who in 2021 declared DACA illegal, didn't say when he would issue a ruling but said he would do so "as expeditiously as we can."


FORT NOVOSEL — For Ed and Bonnie Brown of Troy, the Memorial Day Commemoration held here Friday morning held added significance as they honor their son Private First Class John Brown, who died about two decades ago at the age of 21 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

MONTGOMERY — Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall Tuesday sued Michael D. Lansky, LLC, doing business as Avid Telecom, owner Michael Lansky, and vice president Stacey S. Reeves, for allegedly initiating and facilitating billions of illegal robocalls to millions of people and violating the…

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