Dothan Tuesday Rotary Club members ask Troy student Katie Hicks questions as part of a mock interview at the Dothan Country Club. 

A local organization gave Troy University students an opportunity to have mock interviews with Wiregrass employers.

The Dothan Tuesday Rotary Club hosted the event during its weekly meeting where 11 Troy University Dothan campus students had the chance to sit down with several club members. Many are local business leaders who routinely conduct interviews and make hiring decisions.

Randy Hurst, a financial adviser at Edward Jones investments in Dothan, facilitated the interviews at his table due to his experience interviewing applicants.

He and two other members at his table interviewed two students, asking common sample questions and several Hurst said he believes are important questions he asks when looking to hire someone.

One he called the “red shirt question” based on the notion that all candidates interviewing for a position meet the same qualifications for the job. He asked both students individually: “Why should we hire you and not any of these other candidates?”

Both students stumbled with the question, giving common answers that they have good work ethic and can communicate well with others.

Later, Hurst disclosed what he would want to hear from a candidate.

“I can adjust so that I go above and beyond the call of duty,” he said. “I have a desire to excel such that I’m just another red shirt and I’ll observe what all the other red shirts do and I’ll figure out what I need to do to distinguish myself above all the other red shirts.”

Club members at all the tables gave students helpful feedback with critiques that the students felt would serve them well in the future.

Heather Tindell, a senior human resource management major from Dothan, was asked a similar “red shirt” questions from her interviewer who asked what she could bring to the table to his company.

“I’ve never been asked questions like that so that got me thinking about that and how I would answer those type questions,” Tindell said.

Overall, she said the interviews were a good experience and positive feedback gave her confidence in her abilities that she will carry with her in her efforts to obtain a summer internship in the area.

Brad Kimbro, president of the Dothan Tuesday Rotary Club, said he felt like the event was a success and a testament to the club’s slogan of “service above self.”

“We have some of the best and brightest businessmen and women as part of the Dothan Tuesday Rotary Club and it was a way for them to help these students, engage them, and give them mock interviews and give them tips, something that will really be tangible to them as they’re going off and having real interviews for real jobs,” Kimbro said. “Hopefully these tips today and this experience today will be a positive one that will help them change their lives.”

Kimbro said he hopes to make the event an annual occurrence.

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