Troy University has named students to its provost’s list for the spring semester and Term 4 of the 2019-20 academic year.

Full-time undergraduate students who are registered for at least 12 semester hours and who have a GPA of at least 3.65 qualify for the honor.

The spring semester includes students at the Troy campus. Term 4 includes students at Troy’s campuses in Dothan, Phenix City and Montgomery, locations outside of Alabama and online.

The following local students were named to the list:

» Jarrett Carter of Headland.

» Vic Daniels of Dothan.

» Hannah Dasinger of Dothan.

» Dylan Dukes of Dothan.

» Lauren Duncan of Dothan.

» James Echols of Taylor.

» Kezwann Edwards of Dothan.

» Amy Elliott of Dothan.

» Garrett Gentry of Dothan.

» Rebecca Hagerty of Dothan.

» Melody Harrison of Dothan.

» Yazmin Hernandez of Ozark.

» Marsha Hilton-Sager of Headland.

» Hillary Hudson of Rehobeth.

» Jayla Johnson of Dothan.

» Kelsey Jone of Dothan.

» Savannah Jones of Headland.

» Nathan Miller of Dothan.

» Chassity Mills of Ozark.

» Ambrea Mixon of Dothan.

» Taylor Money of Columbia.

» Tyler Moyd of Ozark.

» Ashley Peacock of Dothan.

» Mary Phillips of Ozark.

» Chiquita Rodgers of Headland.

» Demorea Stevenson of Headland.

» Tiffinee Taylor of Ozark.

» Amanda Tedder of Dothan.

» Haley Vaught of Headland.

» Danyele Wright of Ozark.

» William Baker of Dothan.

» Christopher Carmichael of Dothan.

» Elizabeth Canalejo of Ozark.

» Kayla Roposh of Dothan.

» River Houck of Ozark.

» Carlee Hughes of Ozark.

» Savanna Brackin of Dothan.

» Sara Hauser of Ozark.

» James Anderson of Headland.

» Matthew Barron of Abbeville.

» Taylor Bodiford of Dothan.

» Carley Broyles of Headland.

» William Bruner of Headland.

» Abigail Coaker of Ozark.

» Sydney Daughtry of Headland.

» Emily Downs of Abbeville.

» Austin Esch of Dothan.

» Christopher Foss of Ozark.

» Kaylee Fundum of Dothan.

» Patricia Gordon of Dothan.

» Bailey Henning of Newville.

» Sara Hudson of Clopton.

» Emma Ingram of Columbia.

» Zachary Jackson of Dothan.

» Amber Johanson of Dothan.

» Laney Lambert of Dothan.

» Hannah Grayson Lee of Dothan.

» Nicole Margeson of Dothan.

» Carly Miller of Dothan.

» Mary-Scott Milner of Dothan.

» Wyatt Monday of Dothan.

» Anna Nguyen of Dothan.

» Maci Olive of Dothan.

» Joshua Onadeko of Dothan.

» Jalyn Powell of Dothan.

» Scarlett Richards of Dothan.

» Ivory Russell of Ozark.

» Cheyenne Sapp of Headland.

» Savannah Sapp of Troy.

» Shaquilla Sewell of Abbeville.

» Sara Sheffield of Dothan.

» Hannah Shiver of Dothan.

» Katelynn Sketoe of Dothan.

» Emiley Stevens of Ozark.

» Makaela Streeter of Ozark.

» Morgan Thomas of Ozark.

» Hunter Thompson of Dothan.

» Mallory Woodall of Dothan.

» Megan Geranzani of Dothan.

» Georgia Clark of Dothan.

» Peyton Bradley of Dothan.

» Lady Calderon Fuentes of Dothan.

» Betsy Dubose of Dothan.

» Alexander Hill of Ozark.

» Ashley Simmons of Dothan.

» Kayla Green of Ozark.

» Chandler Whitmore of Dothan.

» Sydney Cobb of Dothan.

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