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Houston County real estate transfers June 8-10, 2021

Houston County real estate transfers June 8-10, 2021

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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Stanslaus K. Simiyu, Kenneth K. Beachem and Edna Whatley Beachem, 106 Tree Crest Road, $113,000, 06/08/21

Shirley Tharp, Rebecca Shackelford, 1019 Baywood Road, $122,800, 06/08/21

Steve Hodge Building & Development LLC, Jacob Henry Guevara Edwards, 146 Braxton Drive, Newton, $345,000, 06/08/21

Monica E. Warren and Jeffry Hugh Warren, Holly H. Lane, 1600 Osceola St., $340,000, 06/08/21

Robert A. Kelly Jr. and Claude F. Kelly, Troy Silas Reetz, 1003 Overlook Drive, $142,500, 06/08/21

Roger B. Hornsby and Kym C. Hornsby, Roger B. Hornsby and Kym C. Carter as Co-trustees of the Roger Hornsby Trust, 709 Royal Parkway and 100 Cavel Lane, $1,315,600, 06/08/21

Karl Steffen and Linda Steffen, Kiera Shankea McLeroy, 1107 Decatur St., $80,500, 06/08/21

John Lucas Inc. Nathan Ryan Peters, 71 Cowarts Creek Road, Ashford, $157,800, 06/08/21

Robert Samuel Enfinger and Elizabeth Bell Ludlum, Karla C. Miller, 4 Parkplace Court, $159,000, 06/08/21

Hattie Anderson, Ernesto Juarez and Maria De Carmen Juarez, 2626 Dean Road, Slocomb. $80,000, 06/08/21

Aaron Scoggin and Austin C. Scoggin, Justin Alan Massenburg, 130 Callowhill Court, $148,500, 06/08/21

Jeffrey Scott Mayo and Heather A. Mayo, Francis Joseph Lukowski III, 249 County Line Road, $275,000, 06/08/21

ALTA REO LLC, Denny Heeter, 1401 Northfield Circle, $127,000, 06/08/21

James Collins, Alfredo Lopez and Bertha Alicia Govea Espinosa, 602 N. Herring St., $11,000, 06/08/21

Lee N. Pearce, Heather Pearce, 117 Northridge Road, $135,000, 06/08/21

Wile E Investments LLC, Rent It LLC, 1302, 1303, 1304, 1305 and 1307 Bruce St., $140,000, 06/08/21

David L. Eggenberger and Stacey Eggenberger, Greg Lewis Unger, 206 Morning Glory Lane, $244,600, 06/08/21

Anthony Wilson and Lisa Wilson, James David Roy and Catherine Kelly Roy, 111 Anna Lee Drive, $524,900, 06/08/21

Greg L. Unger Investments LLC, Fourth Quarter Investments LLC, 128 Nova St., Kinsey, $49,300, 06/08/21

Danny Lee Henderson and Hope Enfinger Henderson, Karson Dewitt, 707 Glen Lawrence Road, $86,900, 06/08/21

Edward C. Harrison and Theresa Harrison, Donnie Earl Burkett and Patricia Davis Burkett, 4109 Eddins Road, $135,000, 06/08/21

Estate of Vickie Hunter, Double T LLC, 508 Church St., Ashford, $32,500, 06/08/21

Tri-State Auto LLC, Shannon Geiger, 2180 Montgomery Highway, $170,000, 06/08/21

Wile E. Investments LLC, Michael Taylor, 305, 307 and 309 Railroad Ave., $10,000, 06/08/21

The Estate of Billy J. Wilson, Scott Michael Lucas and Emlyn Eason Lucas, 203 Royal Parkway, $482,500, 06/08/21

L. Dwight Baker, LKCMS LLC, 105 Professional Lane, $410,000, 06/08/21

Kenneth K. Beachem and Edna Beachem, Elisha Samuel Simpson, 1023 Fir St., $62,000, 06/09/21

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Nguyet A. Nguyen, 203 Wicklow Drive, $277,000, 06/09/21

Thomas Loeffler, Colby Z. Miles and Otis S. Miles Jr., 1803 Westover Drive, $169,900, 06/09/21

Ansley E. Whatley Jr., Anthony Howard, Trustee of One MAH Trust, 0 S. Woodburn Way, $150,000, 06/09/21

Chris A. Whitehurst and Kori Whitehurst, Nathan Gene Adams and Sydni Michele Adams, 1061 Campbellton Highway, $160,000, 06/09/21

Steven Hollinger and Cynthia Hollinger, Jerry Alex Shields, 329 Wicklow Drive, $324,900, 06/09/21

Glenn Pate, Tristan Dalton Seawright, 5.5 acres, 1st Avenue, Ashford, $30,250, 06/09/21

Strategic Holdings LLC, RMAP Holdings LLC, 1211 W. Main St., $228,000, 06/09/21

Thai Q. Pham and Gracie D. Presley, Precious Richards, 221 Beauville Drive, Kinsey, $126,000, 06/09/21

Willa Dean Dykes and Terry Lathyett Dykes, Linda S. Culverhouse, 523 Orchard Circle, $227,000, 06/09/21

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Sagar Patel, 100 Meadowbrook Ave., $240,000, 06/09/21

Debra Henderson, Wade Holdings LLC, 1209 Richard Road, $40,000, 06/09/21

Kayode A. Adekeye and Ayobami Adeoti, Austin Robertson, 185 David Hussey Road, Newton, $205,000, 06/09/21

Alvin L. Bright and Rebecca C. Bright, Robert Leon Hamilton and Carrie Beth Hamilton, 1605 Selkirk Drive, $249,900, 06/09/21

Treads Leasing LLC and Steve Hodge Building & Development LLC, Steve Hodge Building & Development LLC, 241 Grace Drive, Newton, $70,000, 06/09/21

Glenn Pate, Timothy Jeffers and Jennifer Jeffers, 16.81 acres, 1st Avenue, Ashford, $92,455, 06/09/21

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Rebecca Hamblin, 101 Cotton Ridge Lane, $258,790, 06/09/21

Brandon Wesley Hurst and Lovisa Emine Hurst, Emilee E. Rister, 113 Patriot Place, $192,000, 06/09/21

Stephen G. Holloway, Trustee of Stephen G. Holloway, Trustee of Land, David L. Rybolt and Kimberly A. Rybolt, South Springhill Road, Gordon, $15,750, 06/09/21

Justin Pettis, John Christopher Bell, 123 Orchard Park Drive, $185,000, 06/10/21

Marvin Ray Makenzie, L & K Holdings LLC, 4.43 acres, U.S. Highway 84 West, $415,000, 06/10/21

Charles Clayton McArthur III, Phillip Adams McArthur and Sylvie McArthur Vaughan, Fellows Land Development LLC, 101 3rd Ave., Ashford, $115,000, 06/10/21

Steven O. Brown and Pamela K. Stamey, James Hicks and Peggy Hicks, 225 Okeechobee Drive, $183,000, 06/10/21

Charlotte Boyette, Wayne Frier Home Center of Dothan LLC, 35 Paraiso St., Cottonwood, $6,500, 06/10/21

Paige Woodham Heffner and Rayen Ann W. Calton, Jared Danner, Lot 2 Woodham Woods Subdivision, $93,000, 06/10/21

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Arvindkumar Lalabhai Patel and Asha Dineshchandra Patel, 246 Windemere Lane, $99.275, 06/10/21

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Rodney S. Angle and Amanda G. Angle, 204 Billings Trail, $351,120, 06/10/21

Tammy L. Brown, Connie Francis Higgins, 1108 Cornell Ave., $187,000, 06/10/21

George Warren Veale Jr. and Lindsay Veale Edge, Alfred Saliba Corporation, 12.77 acres on Fortner Street, $200,000, 06/10/21

Summer Bagwell and Chason Bagwell, Ryan Andrew Summers, 106 Winterberry Road, $165,000, 06/10/21

Marcie Kelly and James Warren Kelly, Kelsey Ann Kilinski Bernard and Eric Richard Bernard, 603 Burbank St., $235,000, 06/10/21

Agnes East, Nelly Guadalupe San Miguel Lopez and Diego Raul Banda Ramirez, 1104 Deerpath Road, $135,000, 06/10/21

Jeff L. Taylor and Tori J. Roland, Ryan Basso and Morgan Basso, 857 Harden Road, Slocomb, $229,900, 06/10/21

Echo Properties LLC, Morris Kendell Black, 2232 Denton Road, $159,900, 06/10/21

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Megan Elizabeth Doolen Braun and Jonathan Kyle Braun, 271 Sandbed Road, Newton, $305,373, 06/10/21

Brandon D. Barnes and Jamie L. Barnes, Colin Judson and Erika Judson, 140 Ridgecrest Loop, $343,500, 06/10/21

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Kaneshia Renea Ward Richardson and Mark Kaven Richardson II, 284 Paxton Loop, $299,949, 06/10/21

Ciecierski Remodeling and Construction LLC, Shae Leanna Williamson, 127 Thistlewood Drive, $139,500, 06/10/21

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Liberty Yazmin Wooten and Rowland Orion Diamond Wooten, 524 Paxton Loop, $258,499, 06/10/21


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