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Houston County real estate transfers June 18-28, 2018

Houston County real estate transfers June 18-28, 2018

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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Philip S. Small and Angelia N. Small, Warren Eugene Dement and Loretta J. Dement, 228 Okeechobee Drive, $146,500, 06/18/18

Alabama Department of Revenue, Hillsboro Inlet, 808 Walnut St., $374.02, 06/18/18

Christopher Cheshire, Mary F. Walker, 917 Sheppard Road, $105,081, 06/18/18

Paul P. Moore and Evelyn Moore, Charles A. Robertson and Arielle B. Robertson, 629 Farrah Circle, $208,000, 06/18/18

Connie G. Capaldo, Anderson Development, 3204 Alderbrook Road, $10,000, 06/18/18

Ronald E. Jones and Linda Jones, Bradley Joseph McLean and Ashley Ann McLean, 1705 Briarwood Drive, $119,000, 06/18/18

Steven Wesley Johnson and Emily K. Johnson, Tara Lee Monroe, 114 Middlebury Court, $147,000, 06/18/18

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Stephanie Nichole Deal-Thompson, 109 Yarmouth Court, $207,100, 06/18/18

Ronnie and Swetlana Goff Broadway, Kenneth Everett, 1003 Northfield Circle, $95,500, 06/18/18

John E. Smith, Marcher Investments, 327 Young America Drive, $34,000, 06/18/18

Eleanor Moore, James Arthur Kelley III and Marsha Kelley, 301 Cumberland Drive, $127,000, 06/18/18

Rebecca Brannon Cox, Suzanne L. White, 603 N. Pontiac Ave., $250,000, 06/18/18

John E. Smith, Jeffrey Chad Roberts and Nicoel Roberts, 1703 Squire Court, $37,000, 06/18/18

Mark Arthur Ordway and Kim M. Ordway, Tara Leigh Ferguson and Andrew Edward Burch, 212 Fox Hollow Way, $184,700, 06/18/18

Gordon Properties, Cynthia Birks, 110 Hidden Sunset Drive, $90,000, 06/18/18

Estate of Billy J. Hicks, S.H. Shah, 6.804 acres, Ross Clark Circle, $50,000, 06/18/18

V. Frank Hazelwood and June Pet-In Hazelwood, Michael Anthony Powell, Lot 3, 0 Hooper Cherry Road, $28,000, 06/18/18

Charles F. McRae and Anna S. McRae, James Randall Smith and Amanda Leigh Smith, 303 Halifax Drive, $271,500, 06/18/18

Elizabeth G. Leary, Thomas J. Johnson and Pamela K. Johnson, 2003 Roebuck St., $44,353, 06/18/18

Deloney Construction Inc., Cornette F. White and Terrance L. White, 324 Camberly Court, $170,000, 06/18/18

Dewayne C. Sowell and Debbie Sue Sowell, Bhavana, 0 W. Cottonwood Road, $105,000, 06/18/18

Ameris Bank, Bhavana, 1213 S. Oates St., $25,000, 06/18/18

James R. Smith and Amanda L. Smith, Stefan Meiling and Gayle Meiling, 102 Teal Trail, $166,500, 06/18/18

Ron Pollard and Amie Pollard, George Taylor Burtram and Paige Diane Pouncey, 929 Windmill Road, Newton, $182,000, 06/18/18

Kay O. Mills a/k/a K.O. Mills, Tony Johnson and Annie Johnson, 8003 Cottonwood Road, $5,000, 06/19/18

PennyMac Loan Services, PennyMac Loan Services, 822 Wimbledon Drive, $117,599.89, 06/19/18

Wells Fargo Bank NA, Wells Fargo Bank NA, 909 Davis Street Extension, Ashford, $52,440, 06/19/18

PennyMac Loan Services, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 2 Wicker Road, Cowarts, $82,460, 06/19/18

Lakeview Loan Servicing, Lakeview Loan Servicing, 645 Wimbledon Drive, $97,280, 06/19/18

Joseph R. Copeland and Rebecca M. Copeland a/k/a Rebecca Copeland, Regions Bank, 39 Hampton Way, $379,859.27, 06/19/18

Fellows Land Development, Don M. Parmer Jr., 56.28 acres, Christmas Road, Avon, $173,905, 06/19/18

Mark R. Williams and Nicole S. Williams, Heath G. Thompson and Malorie J. Thompson, 209 Sawgrass Drive, $345,000, 06/19/18

Southeast Alabama Baptist Association Inc., Bethany Divinity College and Seminary Inc., 9317 E. State Hwy. 52, Webb, $175,000, 06/19/18

Kristen M. Shields, Justin Harris Walters and Kara Jumper Walters, 215 Crabapple Court, Rehobeth, $255,000, 06/19/18

Estate of Selma Kornegay, Billy Williamson, 2754 S. State Hwy. 605, $59.900, 06/19/18

John D. Lyles and Lisa Lord, William H. and Diane M. Cass, 1804 Woodland Drive, $66,200, 06/19/18

Larry Roberts, Kriser Homes South Inc., Lot 1, Block A. Willow Oaks, Phase I Johnny Murphy Road, $18,500, 06/19/18

Barry F. and Shanna S. Cook, Alisia Hulon, 100 Periwinkle Court, Taylor, $100,500, 06/19/18

Terravia Construction, Stone Martin Builders, 169 Ridgecrest Loop, $44,000, 06/20/18

The Estate of Raddie Russell, Paul Morelli and Ginger Wilder, 1104 Garden Lane, $85,000, 06/20/18

Doris J. Bonich, Angela Brown, 68 Todd St., Cottonwood, $90,000, 06/20/18

Mindy M. Grace f/k/a Mindy M. Syples, and Gaven W. Grace, Russell Ryan, Ann Marie Ryan and Curtis Ryan, 304 Melrose Lane, $95,000, 06/20/18

CATO Properties, Stephanie Marie Stalcup, 3100 E. Cottonwood Road, $147,500, 06/20/18

Kelly Springs Development Co. Inc., Benjamin Saliba, 215 Wicklow Drive, $40,000, 06/20/18

William J. Hughes and Paul M. Hughes, Charles B. Myers IV and Kelly M. Myers, 202 Burl Lee Road, Cottonwood, $339,500, 06/20/18

Christopher K. Campbell, Kimberly D. Sullivan and Elsie M. Campbell, Gilberto Ponce and Beryle E. Ponce, 105 Lamont Circle, $115,000, 06/20/18

Nettie’s Place, Danny Harold Couch and Deborah Lynn Couch, 5.164 acres off Hunter Road, Columbia, $20,800, 06/20/18

Russell and Karen Nanning, Richard and Stephanie Butler, 106 Fernleaf Way, $250,000, 06/20/18

Bradley H. Mason and Emily T. Mason, George Davis Flowers Jr., 208 N. Englewood Ave., $332,500, 06/20/18

CWS, Alfred Saliba Corp., 115 Belhaven, $32,775, 06/21/18

Wheelless Development Ltd., Jerry M. Spivey and Ah-Keesha Spivey, 511 Prestwick Drive, $439,256, 06/21/18

Donovan Vestal and wife, Janelle K. Vestal, JSC Capital, 1923 Wise Drive, $250,000, 06/21/18

J. Mark Nichols and Carla Hofmann Nichols, Ronald Oudenaarden and Linda Montez Oudenaarden, 101 Cronan Court, $218.500, 06/21/18

Tony Michael Oakley and Benita S. Oakley, Elliot Williamson, 304 Darlington Court, $97,000, 06/21/18

Carolyn West and Mary Walker, Richard M. McAdams and Karen C. McAdams, 102 Asphodel Drive, $375,000, 06/21/18

Jack Collier, Deborah Poston, 111 Legends Court, $120,000, 06/21/18

Cornelius W. Kugler and Bridgette Kugler, Carolyn Tucker, 107 Designer Circle, $155,000, 06/21/18

Christopher J. Lambert and Kelsey Lambert, David D. Keller, 1007 Edinburgh Way, $225,000, 06/21/18

Deloney Construction Inc., Dario A. Marotta and Sarah M. Marotta, 102 Gwinnett Place, $170,000, 06/21/18

Federal National Mortgage Association, Frank W. Barnett Jr. and Lee Anne Barnett, 271 Melrose Lane, $122,500, 06/25/18

Robert Carroll Van Horne Sr. and Robert Carroll Van Horne Jr., Crystal L. David, 24 Daffodil Court, $246,000, 06/25/18

Jerry T. Hood and Marsha B. Hood, Joseph L. Suarez and Stephanie Anne Suarez, 1871 Zachery Road, Cottonwood, $228,500, 06/25/18

Nancy A. Norris, Donald B. Deshazo and Alaia Deshazo, 116 Arapahoe Lane, Midland City, $150,000, 06/25/18

Tim Watson and Johnnie Watson, Michael R. Pierce and Angela Pierce, 100 Pendragon, $32,000, 06/25/18

Tim Watson and Johnnie Watson, Michael R. Pierce and Angela Pierce, 100 Pendragon, $500, 06/25/18

Heath Quick, Michael R. Pierce and Angelia Pierce, 100 Pendragon, $320,000, 06/25/18

Michael R. Pierce and Angelia Pierce, Benjamin Kyle Pierce, 100 Pendragon, $100,000, 06/25/18

Michael R. Pierce and Angelia Pierce, Robert Ryan York and Kaylie Ryan Pierce, 100 Pendragon, $100,000, 06/25/18

Pinnacle Real Estate, Michael R. Pierce, 1390 Old Hwy. 84, Gordon, $58,300, 06/25/18

Carol J. Stembridge and Damon Stembridge, Kevin May and Erica May, 117 Telluride Lane, Midland City, $157,250, 06/25/18

Patricia V. Lynch and Thomas A. Lynch, Chad Chancey and Marcetta Chancey, 39 Crawford Creek, $320,000, 06/25/18

Ronald Craig and Cynthia Craig, David C. Williams and Diane C. Williams, 4047 Wiregrass Drive, $177,300, 06/25/18

Beth A. Strickland, Amy Denise Knight, 915 Baywood Road, $136,000, 06/25/18

Gregory W. Boyd and Connie S. Boyd, Lori A. Smith, 210 Ontario Drive, $159,900, 06/25/18

Donna V. Thornton, Christopher O. Hatcher and Laney K. Hatcher, 6580 Cottonwood Road, $115,000, 06/25/18

Estate of George Day Stephens, William G. Casey and Faye S. Casey, 904 Canterbury Drive, $142,500, 06/25/18

Janet M. Hasty, Erick William Gallegos Barajas and Irma Liset Rangel, 702 W. Roxbury Road, $110,460, 06/25/18

Federal National Mortgage Association, Federal National Mortgage Association, 414 Mallon St., $12,400, 06/25/18

Earl T. Watson II, Stephanie C. Miller, 222 Primrose Drive, $143,500, 06/25/18

Robert M. Calloway and Olivia M. Calloway, Joseph R. Adams and Helen Adams, 121 Smoke Rise Court, $135,000, 06/25/18

Douglas Alan Welsh, Kaci Coker, 112 Hattiesburg Court, $155,000, 06/26/18

Kc, BTG Properties, 807 and 821 E. Cottonwood Road, $160,000, 06/26/18

Jerome Buckley and Donna Lynn Buckley, Cayla Smith and Brandon Cobb, 103 W. Smithville Road, $117,000, 06/26/18

PHH Mortgage Corp., Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 134 Golf View Drive, $104,000, 06/26/18

Bryant Fleming Williams III and Danielle W. Williams, Joe D. Hoover and Linda G. Hoover, 1902 Deerpath Road, $389,700, 06/26/18

Robert C. Mays, Stanley K. Danner and Tammy K. Danner, 2500 Stonebridge Road, $149,900, 06/26/18

Rural Housing Service, United States Department of Agriculture, Chru’Shard Edward Williams, 351 Caravan Lane, Kinsey, $40,000, 06/26/18

Regina Stefanov, n/k/a Regina Bowman, Robert Stephen Peters and Bethanie E. Peters, 318 Telluride Lane, Midland City, $196,000, 06/26/18

Beverly Adams, Hannah Gabrielle Easley, 1002 Cynthia Drive, $95,900, 06/26/18

Ron Pollard and Amie Pollard, John W. Perkins and Rachel M. Perkins, 956 Windmill Road, Newton, $185,000, 06/26/18

Joseph Daniel Waddell and Danielle T. Waddell, Sheila Lee McDowell, 700 Lakeview Drive, $85,000, 06/26/18

Elizabeth Mays Johnson, Lillien Mays, Alfreda Mays Rogers, and Estate of Luvonia Mays Reynolds, Connelius Mays Sr., Gene Mays Sr. and Lillien Mays, 905 Lennox Ave., $45,500, 06/26/18

Mary Cocuzza-Sayre and Angela Cocuzza, Ditech Financial, 4133 Headland Ave., $88,700, 06/26/18

Eduardo E. Rentas and Holly L. Rentas, PMC Bank, National Association, 123 Waterford Place, $167.200, 06/26/18

Kriser Homes South Inc., James Todd Hunt and Lesley L. Hunt, 684 Doyle Road, $194,900, 06/26/18

SMHP, AL 501 Alex Circle Dothan LLC, 501 Alex Circle, $1,501,825, 06/26/18

Robert L. Bures, Darrell Bratton, 603 S. College St., $38,000, 06/26/18

Regions Bank, Ludella Green, 650 S. Park Ave., $59,900, 06/27/18

George D. Hammond Jr., Ada Charlotte Gormley, 701 Virginia Drive, $41,750, 06/27/18

MAC Properties, Tom West Company, 423 Oakwood, $50,000, 06/27/18

Bank of America, N.A., Neeext! Investments, 153 Tree Crest Road, $72,500, 06/27/18

Jackie Battles and Latina Michelle Battles, Mason Cole Battles, 550 Trelawny Drive, $296,000, 06/27/18

Pearl Dean Griffin, Arron and Jennifer Parker, Dean Road, $15,000, 06/28/18

Patricia B. Sanders, Mark Jackson Dennis Jr. and Ashley Marie Kidd, 121 S. Roberta Ave., $201,500, 06/28/18

Michael D. Scaff and Mary R. Scaff, Apolinar Velazquez-Salinas, 26 High St., Cottonwood, $17,000, 06/28/18

Philip H. Smith and Linda Carol Shelley, Martiro Holdings, 1127 Alpine Lane, $60,000, 06/28/18

Alfred Saliba Realty, Raymond Sutkowski, 206 Lincolnshire Way, $486,947, 06/28/18

Garry L. Shirah and Karen S. Shirah, Donald R. Byars and Monica S. Byars, 102 Berkeley Way, $275,500, 06/28/18

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