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Houston County real estate transfers March 29-April 1, 2021

Houston County real estate transfers March 29-April 1, 2021

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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Charles K. Lewis a/k/a Keith Lewis, Matthew James Ream, 107 Glory Lane, $225,000, 03/29/21

Teresa J. Wrobel, Corey F. Hooks and Jessica Smith, 911 Deborah St., $96,000, 03/29/21

David W. Mauldin, James Eldon Plummer and Sherrie Lynn Plummer, 0 Sandbed Road, Newton, $30,000, 03/29/21

Lucky Sanders, Shelbi Helms, 45 Windmill Road, Newton, $6,000, 03/29/21

Joseph Leaphart Williams and Amy K. Williams, Doris A. Adkins, 103 Halls Creek Lane, $231,500, 03/29/21

Herbert Allen Van Slyke Jr., Dennis Wayne Roach and Martha Gail Roach, 4045 Wiregrass Drive, $115,000, 03/29/21

Adam Eugene Parker and Sarah E. Parker, Andrew M. McDonald, 107 Winthrop Court, $167,000, 03/29/21

Nicholas C. Hatcher and Laura E. Hatcher, Zachary Reeder and Destinee Reeder, 104 Eufaula Drive, $181,000, 03/29/21

Highlands Cove LLC, Albert Secrest and Emma L. Secrest, 125 Kinning Park Lane, $385,000, 03/29/21

Sara P. Williams a/k/a Sara W. Shramek, Myrna Rose Henry and Jaromy Henry, 209 Lighthouse Drive, $246,000, 03/29/21

B. Wade Skipper and Emily Claire Skipper, Daniel Grant Ring and Ida H. Haire, 113 Winterberry Road, $194,500, 03/29/21

Wiregrass Leasing Company LLC, Aisha Covington, 301 Denise St., $145,000, 03/29/21

Vishal Anand and Bhavana Anand, Cynthia Alexander Fair and Linda Lou Roberds, 119 Brockton Court, $229,900, 03/29/21

Regions Bank d/b/a Regions Mortgage, Tony Lee Walker, 3519 Kinsey Road, $85,000, 03/29/21

Michael Edward Bush Sr., William T. Coggins Jr., 201 E. Wayne Road, $140,000, 03/29/21

Kriser Homes South Inc., Jay Timothy Pascua et al, 5571 S. Park Ave., $267,726, 03/29/21

Bob the Builder LLC, Rachel N. Jordan, 504 W. Franklin St., $139,900, 03/29/21

Estate of Melvina Hadden Shelton, Tamika Burns, 1402 Tonawanda Drive, $136,000, 03/29/21

Max K. Rhodes, Gerardo Martinez Lopez, 1205 Circleview Drive, $132,500, 03/30/21

3G Construction LLC, Michael Avery Goodman and David Alejandro Comparan Rojas, 246 Lizzy Court, Cowarts, $208,000, 03/30/21

Dustin S. Blair, Gabriel Hall, 406 Landview Drive, Taylor, $70,000, 03/30/21

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Bryan Patrick Myers and Tammara Myers, 100 Daphne Drive, $413,126, 03/30/21

Cieciersky Remodeling and Construction LLC, Mark Lawrence II, 115 Callowhill Court, $149,000, 03/30/21

Steven B. Laye and Madison Jackson Laye, Felisa Beaty Coleman, 300 Redbud Circle, $212,000, 03/30/21

Alfred Saliba Corporation, William Early McCarthy Jr. and Brooke Lee McCarthy, 302 Billings Trail, $339,096, 03/30/21

Mark A. Weed and Dana N. Weed, Jasper Bernard Caldwell and Contina L. Caldwell, 616 Sandstone Drive, $210,000, 03/30/21

Lori G. Meredith and Nathaniel A. Meredith, Carthel W. Holland and Cynthia G. Holland, 104 Oakwood Drive, $391,000, 03/30/21

Jimmy McCord, Tonya McCord Money, 5749 County Road 203, $89,500, 03/30/21

Alton Cochran Jr. and Ann Marie Daughtry, Noelle McCauley Warren, 2700 Peachtree Drive, $278,000, 03/30/21

Angela Brown, Reshawnda Shantrell Edge, 68 Todd St., Cottonwood, $118,000, 03/30/21

The Estate of Wilbur E. Harrell, deceased, Bobby Wayne Harrell, Donald Ray Harrell and Wanda Kay Harrell Feagin, Joseph Schiaffino and Karen Church Schiaffino, 2610 Radcliff Road, $197,300, 03/30/21

Linda Leonard, Joshua Allen Fury, 256 Hanging Moss Trail, Cottonwood, $85,000, 03/30/21

Velinda Proffer, H. Bryan Bain, 1307 Haisten Drive, $127,500, 03/30/21

Origins Yoga & Wellness LLC, Jacob Walker and Brooke Walker, 2312 W. Main St., $295,000, 03/30/21

Charles M. Soppet and Cynthia E. Soppet, Scott A. Jensen and Sonia G. Jensen, 100 Stonehaven Court, $300,000, 03/30/21

Phillip W. Thompson and Teresa E. Thompson, Michael A. Shramek Sr. and Sara W. Shramek, 0 Coot Fowler Road, $103,000, 03/30/21

Megan N. Herbert Chumney, William and Kristina Chumney, 1463 Dusty Lane, Ashford, $35,000, 03/31/21

Georgia F. Warren, David Dodgen, 0 Roney Road, Kinsey, $8,000, 03/31/21

Clayton Shoupe and Rachel Shoupe, Shane Edward Cook and Amanda Cook, 501 Windmill Road, Newton, $225,000, 03/31/21

Cherry Street AME Church, American Interstate Investments LLC, 200 Pine St., $3,500, 03/31/21

M4 Development LLC, Brianna Johnson, 1124 Patterson Road, $219,000, 03/31/21

James M. Downs and Patricia H. Downs, Carl Money and Gretchen Money, 200 Forsythia Lane, $200,000, 04/01/21

Jonnie Jo Cox a/k/a Jonni Jo Cox, Rosebud Company LLC, 1003 Baywood Road, $170,000, 04/01/21

Clifton D. Baird and Sharon F. Baird, Charity Lia Mathis, 1628 Judge Logue Road, Newton, $149,000, 04/01/21

Linda Ann Parrish, Keke Foodstore LLC, 1023 S. Oates St., $160,000, 04/01/21

Prime Properties LLC, Wiregrass Leasing Company LLC, 2506 Scott Road, $99,500, 04/01/21

JJS Holdings LLC f/k/a Hollow Oak Enterprises LLC, William Matthew Swann Sr. and Nicole Lane Swann, 402 N. Englewood Ave., $200,000, 04/01/21

American Interstate Investments LLC, Lorenta V. Jackson, 200 Pine St., $9,000, 04/01/21

James Boone, John Christopher Pruitt and Georgia Pruitt, 103 Stargell Place, $165,000, 04/01/21

Bayne Hillen Heersink and Juanita Titrud Heersink, Thomas Crawford and Maryann Kirkland Crawford, 404 Holly Lane, $330,000, 04/01/21

Thomas Alexander Crawford and Maryann Kirkland Crawford f/k/a Maryann Kirkland Price, Barbara L. McDonald and John E. McDonald, 433 Woodland Drive, $297,500, 04/01/21

Martha Nash Smith, Feriba Grimes, 92 Bully Road, Newton, $18,000, 04/01/21

Dennis E. Erskine and Jaqueline A. Jones-Erskine, Jessie L. Mathews and Lacey M. Lawrence-Mathews, 207 River St., Columbia, $180,000, 04/01/21

Michael Allen Donaldson and Jessica H. Donaldson, West Family Trust, 300 Powder Horn Drive, $184,432.82, 04/01/21

BHAVANA LLC, James Robert Boone, 81 Wicker Road, Cowarts, $115,500, 04/01/21

Richard Byrd and Keisha C. Byrd, Brad Merritt Motors LLC, 3095 Hartford Highway, $121,000, 04/01/21

The Silium Group LLC, Chris Johnson and Susan Johnson, 1433 W. Selma St., $45,000, 04/01/21

George Ralph Moseley and Sarah Moseley, Robert James Hopkins, Lot 5B JB Jackson Road, Ashford, $39,500, 04/01/21

Jaromy Melvin Henry and Myrna Rose Henry, Tara Wooten, 209 Veritas, $276,000, 04/01/21

Mitchell L. Dowling and Shannon Dowling, Elisha Samuel Simpson, 300 Rimson Road, $76,000, 04/01/21

Eva L. Loyless of Estate of William Franklin Lane, Brian S. McKown, 0 Blackman Road, $6,000, 04/01/21

Phillip Thompson and Warren D. Thompson, Michael A. Shramek Sr. and Sara W. Shramek, 617 Coot Fowler Road, $142,500, 04/01/21

Jean Blackmon, Phillip Stanley Blackmon and Greggory Jay Blackmon, James B. Crews, 1016 Deborah St., $92,500, 04/01/21

Mary F. Walker, Hilario Lee Martinez and Kourteney Pierce Martinez, 18.9 acres, Malvern Road, $155,000, 04/01/21

Max K. Thompson and Sharon Thompson, Gary S. Granger and Beth B. Granger, 0 Cureton Road, $95,760, 04/01/21

Jacob Anthony Thrasher and Jessica Thrasher, Larry Sean Varnum and Mary Ellen Varnum, 4915 Memphis Church Road, $194,000, 04/01/21

Brewer Construction Inc., Priscilla Deniece Home and Amanda Ola McDaniel, 214 Wynnfield Way, $311,000, 04/01/21

Billy J. Holland and Merideth M. Holland, Christopher Bjorn Mills and Aaron Tiffany Scott, 306 Holly Lane, $195,500, 04/01/21

Ezekiel Harvey and Charlie Harvey, Jose Morales, 1007 Grant St., $55,000, 04/01/21

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Anthony Gillo and Alana Hinson, 71 Laurel Court, Newton, $279,130, 04/01/21

Charles E. Stafford and Melinda R. Stafford, James A. Fife and Linda S. Fife, 303 Olympia Drive, $344,900, 04/01/21

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