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Houston County real estate transfers Oct. 4-7, 2021
Houston County real estate transfers Oct. 4-7, 2021

Houston County real estate transfers Oct. 4-7, 2021

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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Ricky Brian and Amanda B. Chilton, Kenneth V. and Theresa J. Bruner and Travis B. Bruner, 350 Ben Ivey Road, Webb, easement for right-of-way, $500, 10/04/21

Karen J. Boothe, William Stephen Jordan, Hope J. Moon and Keith Lamont Jordan, John Lucas Inc., 7,43 acres, Prevatt Road, Ashford, $104,020, 10/04/21

Jason H. McVey and Lauren B. McVey, David Etheridge and Esther Juanita Etheridge, 438 S. County Road 9, Newton, $355,000, 10/04/21

Deborah Grubbs, Xuan Buong Nguyen, 116 Belhaven Drive, $225,000, 10/04/21

William C. Wallace Jr., Cynthia J. Haddock, J. Stanton Wallace and Sharon E. Craney, Warren Gray Williams, 1205 Burbank St., $210,000, 10/04/21

B & L Investment Properties LLC, Hunter Walker Love and Kavia McDaniel Love, 1110 Woodlawn Drive, $236,000, 10/04/21

Thomas B. Bindley and Carole C. Bindley, Donald Franklin Weaver and Mary Kathryn Weaver, 112 Greenview Circle, $269,900, 10/04/21

Kenneth Kent and Teresa Kent, Steven Tyler Jones, 1040 Oppert Road, $256,000, 10/04/21

Jane Kriser Hall, Kriser Homes South Inc., 673 Littlefield, $25,000, 10/04/21

Jeffrey Chad Roberts et al, Tara Hubbard Construction Company, Lots 9 and 10, National Road, $61,000, 10/04/21

Southern Siding LLC, Christian Ingram, 225 Petunia Drive, Taylor, $130,000, 10/04/21

Rory Cassandra Moore et al, Judy D. Franklin, 504 Rebecca Ave., $128,000, 10/04/21

Eyesight Properties LLC, Rao Properties LLC, 200 Medical Care Way, $950,000, 10/04/21

David McCroan, Kenneth D. Hopkins and Barbara J. Hopkins, 106 Littleleaf Court, $247,500, 10/04/21

Michele Andrews, Wendy Lou Simpler, 118 Emerald Lake Drive, $150,000, 10/04/21

David A. Davis Revocable Trust, Michael Siedler, 1125 Appian Way, $184,500, 10/04/21

Willie Tullis, Marion Alexander McKenzie, 255 Timbers Drive, $65,000, 10/04/21

Jenny L. Reeves and Jerry Frank Reeves, Gloria Ann Johnson, 107 Denise St., $160,000, 10/04/21

Blue Deese Construction, Carlos Pedro Rodas and Akira Samantha Rodriguez Rodas, 381 Jester St., Cowarts, $175,000, 10/04/21

John G. Heersink, Lehmann Holdings LLC, 402 S. Orange Ave., $172,000, 10/04/21

Robert Dale Huddleston, Robert B. Huddleston and Sidney C. Harris, 1384 Honeysuckle Road, $130,000, 10/04/21

Cynthia Mabel Fitzwater, Rachel Jeanelle Sampson, 402 Main St., Ashford, $80,000, 10/04/21

Sheila K. Tiner, George F. Cooper, 304 Montclair Drive, $82,500, 10/04/21

Houston County Judge of Probate Patrick H. Davenport and Julia Pittman, Willie JR Hawkins, 806 Whiddon St., $803.89, 10/04/21

Houston County Judge of Probate Patrick H. Davenport and Margarette A. Hinds, Willie Hawkins, Lot 1 Block B Fairmont Addition, $105.47, 10/04/21

The Parrish Family Trust, Juan Manuel Martinez and Maricela Rubio Muniz, 0 Coot Adams Road, Ashford, 4.3 acres, $17,900, 10/04/21

Brent M. Ordway and Allison Ordway, Nicole B. Stallman, 320 Telluride Lane, Midland City, $198,000, 10/04/21

James W. Campbell and Ann J. Campbell, Mark Wooldridge, 5082 W. State Hwy. 52, Taylor, $525,000, 10/04/21

K&C Patel Group Inc., Shailendrasinh Arvindsinh Champavat, 13182 Cottonwood Road, Cottonwood, $10,000, 10/04/21

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Ronda Roberts, 214 Puent Drive, $275,000, 10/05/21

Jerry H. King, Jonathan Alan Sorensen and Jacinda Faye Sorensen, 0 S. County Road 9, Newton, $80,000, 10/05/21

Estate of Michael E. Roberts, deceased, and Ronald Allen Roberts, Charles A. Daum Jr. and Vicky D. Roberts Daum, 1751 N. State Highway 123, Newton, $250,000, 10/05/21

Shelley L. Brown and Jason W. Brown, Amber Whitehead, 8064 S. Park Ave., Taylor, $415,000, 10/05/21

Pollard Investments & Construction LLC, Deion James and Sabrine Vendelle James, 386 Sandbed Road, Newton, $292,180, 10/05/21

Tim Ladon Johnson, Nickie J. Mack and Vivian L. Mack, 319 Gwinnett Place, $260,000, 10/05/21

Wilburn Pouncey, Robert Reynolds and Victoria Reynolds, 201/205 S. Edgewood Drive, $4,000, 10/05/21

Robert Leon Finch and Doris Pittman, Stacy Nicole Reeves, 274 Melrose Lane, $165,000, 10/05/21

Tracy Futch, Danny Monfort, 951 Bud Moore Road, Cottonwood, $45,000, 10/05/21

Virginia Wells Crooms, Payton Jacob Crooms, 8.941 acres on Willie Varnum Road, Cottonwood, $27,000, 10/05/21

Homer Spooner, Rex Beasom Painter, 3245 Decatur Road, Cottonwood, $475,000, 10/05/21

Billy E. Gray, Administrator of The Estate of Sherry Gray a/k/a Sherry Diane Gray, Kevin Jackson, 2300 Glen Haven Drive, $70,000, 10/05/21

Jeremy D. Geiger and Deborah A. Geiger, Gary Ray Ginn and Jean Lynette Ginn, 2000 Stonewood Drive, $234,000, 10/05/21

Dana Cody, Remington Shane Fowler and Baley Marie Fowler, 203 Sandstone Drive, $225,000, 10/05/21

Sally Creel, Jerry Brown, 107 Royal Orleans Court, $22,000, 10/05/21

Houston County Judge of Probate Patrick H. Davenport, Ethel Mitchell and Jessie Turner, Accacia S. Hammonds, 511 Spellman St., $603.43, 10/05/21

Manjula Patel, Dashamaa LLC, 733 N. Oates St., $825,000, 10/05/21

Houston County Judge of Probate Patrick H. Davenport, Harvey and Ruby McSwain, Accacia S. Hammonds, 911 N. Bell St., $260.14, 10/05/21

Houston County Judge of Probate Patrick H. Davenport and Billie Ryals, Accacia Sanchez Hammonds, 2600 Basin Ave., $135.06, 10/05/21

Houston County Judge of Probate Patrick H. Davenport and Yvonne Lee, Accacia S. Hammonds, 1011 N. Bell St., $237.89, 10/05/21

Houston County Judge of Probate Patrick H. Davenport and House Hold Resurrection Inc., Accacia S. Hammonds, Allen Road, $1,264.94, 10/05/21

Houston County Judge of Probate Patrick H. Davenport and Ardis P. Brown, Accacia S. Hammonds, 702 Allen Road, $376.44, 10/05/21

David Wayne McKin, Paul Kenneth Adams, 6001 Lucy Grade Road, Ashford, $80,000, 10/05/21

Derrick E. Cox and Windy Nicole Brewer Cox, Tonya Smith Cawthon and Dennis Bernard Cawthon, 218 Okeechobee Drive, $198,900, 10/06/21

Indra Bahadoorsingh, Krishna Bahadoorsingh and Sabra Bahadoorsingh, Carla M. Ventress, 104 Gooseberry Lane, $299,900, 10/06/21

Shane and Misti Wood, Richard L. and Stacy Rawelee, Lot 15 and 16, Block A, North Pointe Estates, Verde Trail, $6,000, 10/06/21

Brad Rice and Cilem Rice, Nestor Daniel Estrada, 0 Furnie Jackson Road, Ashford, $31,000, 10/06/21

L&R Developments LLC, Armando Arreola, 1167 Chickasaw St., $40,000, 10/06/21

Charles Anthony Hartley, Kathryn Kay Addrisi and Francis Thomas Addrisi, 710 Dogwood Trail, $104,000, 10/06/21

21st Mortgage Corporation, James Baker, 6425 Willie Varnum Road, Cottonwood, $85,000, 10/06/21

Jeffrey Lynnwood Maloy, Call Bob Properties LLC, 356 S. Foster St., $15,000, 10/06/21

Joseph Cody Senior, Barry Barfield and Keashia Barfield, 0.44 acres lot off Grove Street, $5,000, 10/06/21

Gary E. Hale II and Jaime L. Hale, Brian Dickens, 248 Melrose Lane, $194,000, 10/06/21

Gail Hooper Snoddy, Walton Andrew Creamer and Eva Monnette Creamer, 40 acres, Hooper Cherry Road, $50,000, 10/06/21

Sandra Hyde, Abney Family Properties LLC, 109 Bartlet Lane, $130,000, 10/06/21

Rebecca J. Parrish, Aramis Thomas, 513 S. College St., $6,800, 10/07/21

Jimmy McCord, Holland Property Group LLC, 996 W. Carroll St., $180,000, 10/07/21

Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity Inc., Jason C. Hammett, 1201 Woodland Drive, $5,800, 10/07/21

Christopher Lee Daughtry, Michael Harrison and Mark Harrison, 1217 Avondale Drive, $83,600, 10/07/21

LaShanda Fields, Randell and Shirley Lewis, 416 Spring Hill Road, $23,000, 10/07/21

Julia Wright Hunter, Capital Drywall & Foam Insulation LLC, 603 8th Ave., Ashford, $12,000, 10/07/21

Southern Home Builders LLC, Thomas Trupia and Angie Trupia, 4460 Flowers Chapel Road, $42,500, 10/07/21

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Andrea Yvain Bonam-Whigham, 111 Waxmyrtle Road, $192,500, 10/07/21

Melinda Cochran, Michael K. Hughes, 1.273 acres, Kinsey Road, $9,000, 10/07/21

CWS Inc., Alfred Saliba Corporation, 35 Windemere, $94,050, 10/07/21

Kyle Bryan Cooke and Hilary Dawn Cooke, Aaron L. Knight, 507 Birchwood Lane, $193,000, 10/07/21

Brian Edward Atkinson and Kristen Celeste Atkinson, Eva Yance and Gregory Yance, 501 Bracewell Drive, Apartment 2, $105,000, 10/07/21

Carlos Manuel Flores and Audrey C. Flores, Donavon Dean Leeder and Teri Lyn Leeder, 108 McKemie St., Columbia, $290,000, 10/07/21

JCG Properties LLC, Geoffrey M. Gaunt, 104 Obrannan Park Ave., $154,900, 10/07/21

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Melinda Kay Williams, 300 Ridgeland Road, $269,900, 10/07/21

Theresa Lynn Boyd, Amanda Leigh Faust and James Paul Faust, 217 Folsom Road, $294,900, 10/07/21

The Estate of Waverly Ann Askew, deceased, Tamika Fleming, Leroy Harris and Cory Harris, Keangela Yarborough, 1250 N. Park Ave., $128,000, 10/07/21

Albert Timothy Jordan and Edna Merle Jordan, My Acres LLC, 1467 W. Selma St., $89,000, 10/07/21


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