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Houston County real estate transfers Sept. 11-19, 2019

Houston County real estate transfers Sept. 11-19, 2019

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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

MidFirst Bank, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1204 Richard Road, $32,680, 09/11/19

Working Properties II LLC, William B. Walters, 4220 W. Cook Road, $174,000, 09/11/19

LEAP LLC, Honeysuckle Hall Apartments Ltd., Lot 1-A Honeysuckle Road Subdivision, $600,000, 09/11/19

LEAP LLC, Gary Hall, Lot 1-B Honeysuckle Road Subdivision, $178,750, 09/11/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Tricia N. Santora, 107 Bozeman Way, $270,000, 09/11/19

Gregory W. Yance, Sharon Y. Peckham and Agnes Yance, Holly L. Sawyer, 3 Branchwood Place, $125,000, 09/11/19

Bryan Mcgriff and Robin Mcgriff, Texflo Real Estate Investments, 438 Jones Road, Newton, $63,500, 09/11/19

Janet Cartwright, Doyle C. Newby, lot on Blair Lane, $12,000, 09/11/19

Tricia N. Santora, Linda Danberry, 317 Hidden Creek Circle, Unit 1, $200,000, 09/11/19

Mark Culver, Johnny Cochran, 0 Gene Terry Road, Ashford, $45,000, 09/11/19

Arthur R. and Jeanie N. Solomon, Durden Outdoor Displays Inc., 6 acres on Old Headland Highway, Kinsey, $65,000, 09/11/19

Catherine H. Lewis, Maria Coyt, 216 Reid Drive, $55,000, 09/11/19

William E. Wozniak and Donna J. Wozniak, Greg Alan Tarver and Heather Marie Tarver, 2020 Stonewood Drive, $235,000, 09/11/19

Third Avenue Industrial Park Inc., Plaza Mexico LLC, 540 Third Ave., 107 Truss Lane, $250,000, 09/11/19

Jacob Walker and Brooke Walker, Garrett K. Lisenby, 104 Roosevelt Drive, $159,900, 09/11/19

Robert Payne Henderson and Megan Henderson, Amy Johnson and Michael D. Johnson, 1511 Osceola St., $283,500, 09/11/19

Holly Jean Holmes and William Holmes, Holly Gilchrist, 202 N. Beverlye Road, $135,000, 09/11/19

Alfonso Neal and Dorothy M. Neal, Mary Drayton, 62 Caravan Lane, Kinsey, $108,500, 09/11/19

Carolyn Sue Logan, Douglas C. Johnson and Heidi M. Johnson, 3400 Candlewood Drive, $115,000, 09/11/19

Highlands Cove LLC, Doyle Shane Wright and Jennifer Wright, 119 Kinning Park Lane, $316,500, 09/11/19

Joy Christine Padgett a/k/a Christine Padgett f/k/a Joy C. Dempsey, Jeffrey Wayne Land, 85 Clover St. and 0 Emmy St., Gordon, $40,000, 09/11/19

Linda L. Huddleston, Patricia Bohannon and Kevin Baxter, 221 Maplecliff Drive, $170,500, 09/12/19

Stacey and Lucinda Harrison, Michael and Roberta Davis, 223 Royal Orleans Court, $24,500, 09/12/19

Jason Edwards, Donnie Shelley, 64 Frith Hill Road, Ashford, $15,000, 09/12/19

Devon Leigh Sellers, Jacob Daniel Avery and Cara Breanna Gandy, 80 Marybeth Lane, Webb, $82,000, 09/12/19

Bobby Edmondson and Charles Edmondson, Scott Johnson, parcel on Judge Logue Road, $3,000, 09/12/19

Roy Daughtry and Catherine Daughtry, Michael Donaldson and Jessica Donaldson, 1120 Appian Way, $180,900, 09/12/19

Kenneth Ray Salyer and Donna Turner Salyer, John C. Bright and Bevin Bright, 805 San Juan Court, $291,000, 09/12/19

Ashley E. Andrews, Larry F. Sowell and Belinda Sowell, 4581 Cedar Springs Road, Ashford, $115,900, 09/12/19

Barbara Knight, Joyce E. Hatton and Richard C. Blackford, 308 Sprucepine Road, $166,500, 09/12/19

Nevada S. Rye, H.W. Love and A.D. Love, trustees of Love Family Living Revocable Trust, 760 Beaver Creek Road, $205,000, 09/12/19

Roger Cravens and Margaret Cravens, Darryl Patrick Cook and Rechelle M. Cook, 1605 Stowers Drive, $175,000, 09/12/19

Bhavana LLC, Duke Nguyen and Lynn Duy Nghiem, 2805 Ross Clark Circle, $209,000, 09/12/19

Heather M .Wynkoop, Brian Edward Atkinson, 3410 Granberry Drive, $64,000, 09/12/19

Jamison G. Brown and Jerry D. Brown, Leroy Smith and Curlie Smith, 1765 Bruner Mill Road, Ashford, $30,000, 09/12/19

Clinton W. Bell and Olivia R. Bell, William R. Miller and Kimberly B. Miller, 107 Telford Drive, $390,000, 09/12/19

Steven L. Whitaker, Jimmy and Antoinette Owen, Blackman Road, $40,000, 09/12/19

FirstBank, FirstBank, 4071 S. Park Ave., $114,000, 09/16/19

Quicken Loans Inc., Quicken Loans Inc., 808 Gonzales Drive, $113,240, 09/16/19

Highlands Cove LLC, Charles Lawson Little and Paula Little, 203 Kinning Park Lane, $362,985, 09/16/19

Linda Cain Clemmons and Kaylin Whitworth Grant, Charles Hunter Wise and Courtney Anne Wise, 206 Chase Ridge Drive, $166,000, 09/16/19

Reeves Properties LLC, Zach Rogers and Abby Rogers, 203 Forsythia Lane, $152,000, 09/16/19

Pratik Shah and Lakme Shah, Ronald D. and Janet M. Marshall, 321 Cypressglade Lane, Midland City, $407,000, 09/16/19

Rural Housing Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Walter F. Baxley and Joyce P. Baxley, 194 E. Fain St., Cowarts, $20,000, 09/16/19

Shannon K. Peters Greene, Michael Brian Lovering and Eva Kelsey Swails, 306 Gwinnett Place, $172,000, 09/16/19

Kriser Homes South Inc., Andre Martin, 2801 Thorndale Place, $251,668.49, 09/16/19

Johnny Silva and Patricia Silva, Robert Rex Fitch and Bobby Snellgrove Fitch, 203 Creek Ridge Road, $307,000, 09/16/19

Dustin L. Tyler and Keesha S. Tyler, M. Kevin Warren and Noelle M. Warren, 109 Moultrie Drive, $306,000, 09/16/19

Martin J. Calano and Barbara B. Calano, Marcus O’Neal McLendon and Hannah Marie McLendon, 4616 Springhill Road, Gordon, $58,000, 09/16/19

Verdean F. Klava, Jordan Scott Brazell and Eva Shae Brazell, 780 Watson Bridge Road, $106,000, 09/16/19

Grover W. Sims, Amber Hatcher, 2111 Cecily St., $137,500, 09/16/19

Eccles J. Mayo, Bivens S. Mayo and Vanessa Mayo King, Nemesio Lopez and Dalia Rosales, 1111 Corner St., $82,500, 09/16/19

Catherine R. Hollon, Kenneth R. Mergl Sr., 4601 Prevatt Road, Cowarts, $265,000, 09/16/19

Thomas J. Isaak and Colleen V. Isaak, Richard C. Palm and Cindy A. Palm, 0 E. Highway 52, $83,928, 09/16/19

John David Anderson and Barbara Ellen Edmondson Anderson, Melanie Annese Cantlope, 1600 Alexander Drive, $79,900, 09/16/19

Christopher M. Mann, Cathy Brown Lisenby, 108 Park Ridge Drive, $212,000, 09/16/19

Seamus Gregory Feeley and Julia Catherin Feeley, David Michael Dalton Jr., Sheryl Lynn Dalton, Donald Herman Borer and Barbara Helene Borer, 206 Trunbury Drive, $165,000, 09/17/19

Estate of Laurita Wilscam, Bank of America N. A., 223 Petunia Drive, Taylor, $54,328.08, 09/17/19

Murray Road Partners LLC, Dustin Everett and Randal Hall, 1635 Industrial Road, $200,000, 09/17/19

Ginger Estelle Kaye, Infinity Construction Enterprises Inc., Lots 5 and 6, Gilbert Riverside Subdivision, Columbia, $30,000, 09/17/19

Daniel Keith Arnett and Debbie K. Schulman, Mary Ann Miller and Herman George Miller Jr., 107 Tuscany Lane, $213,000, 09/17/19

Anthony S. Matthews II and Jennifer R. Matthews (Welch), Tonni Lynn Turvin-Hicks, 3630 Fowler Road, Ashford, $110,000, 09/17/19

Wells Fargo Bank, Lee Whitman and Susan Whitman, 105 Whiteoak Circle, $13,697, 09/17/19

Myra J. Lindley, Jonathan and Sherry Lindley, 80 Caprice Court, $45,000, 09/17/19

Kriser Homes South Inc., Robert and Wanda K. Risner, 3045 S. County Road 9, $210,509, 09/17/19

Bob the Builder LLC, Mario Roca, 3711 Lingo Road, $150,000, 09/17/19

Sterling Home Builders LLC, Bart D. Wilkison, 105 Ashwood Drive, $560,000, 09/17/19

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Coleman Jennings and Angela Jennings, 206 Ridgecrest Loop, $277,103, 09/17/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Peter R. Contin and Ashley Contin, 102 Allendale Court, $340,000, 09/17/19

SRS Development LLC, Brandon Heath McLure and Rebekah June McLure, 714 Frankfort Drive, $222,755, 09/17/19

John Allen Forehand, Lourenso Ramautar and Leigh E. Haus, 5559 Cottonwood Road, $106,000, 09/17/19

Thomas Hastings Jr. and Sharon Hastings, John Aaron and Linda Aaron, 100 Oakwood Drive, $336,000, 09/17/19

The Estate of Dennis J. Sotherland a/k/a Dennis Sotherland, Margaret Williams Thomas and Jerry Thomas, 3734 Eddins Road, $174,000, 09/17/19

LBJ Investments LLC, Charlotte M. Williams, 1705 Keating Road, $120,000, 09/17/19

George L. Mitchell, J. Hunter Barkley and Kelsey H. Barkley, 205 S. Orange Ave., $270,800, 09/17/19

Margaret Hudson, Michael Smith and Meredith Smith, 101 Kildare Court, $269,000, 09/17/19

Johnathan Lee Bradburn and Kaysie S. Bradburn, Margaret Helen Hudson, 108 Abbey Court, $265,000, 09/17/19

Charles Henry Brunson and Kathy Dukes Brunson, Bobby Darin Dillard and Amy J. Dillard, 4541 S. County Road 75, Pansey, $200,000, 09/17/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Willie Collins Jr., 310 Londonberry Drive, $178,200, 09/18/19

LBJ Investments LLC, Phillip Benjamin Taylor and Kathryn Denise Taylor, 102 Larkspur Court, $191,000, 09/18/19

Linda J. McRimmon, Kolby M. Crawford, 1212 Cannon Road, $51,000, 09/18/19

Andrew M. Gosselin and Lavonda Gosselin, Robert Payne Henderson and Megan D. Henderson,519 Girard Ave., $294,000, 09/18/19

Joe Frank Smith and Kristi Lee Guinn Smith, Aimee Cobb Smith and Michael A. Everett, 10 Holly Hill Road, $550,000, 09/19/19

Judy Mosteller, Deidra Folkes, 17 Rainbow Road, Ashford, $45,000, 09/19/19

Timothy W. Hartzog and Anthony N. Hartzog, Mona Patel, 209 Pearl St., $63,000, 09/19/19

Angela Granberry Young, Joshua L. Taylor, 65.67 acres, North County Road 55, Ashford, $256,113, 09/19/19

Estate of Jack Bland Fincher, deceased, Karen Todd, as trustee of the Karen Todd Revocable Trust, 12 Ballestone Court, $375,000, 09/19/19

Matthew Welborn and Olga Welborn, Dustin Graham Mendheim, 104 Prentice Court, $155,000, 09/19/19

Lori H. Smith, David Alan Hodgett and Debra Lynn Hodgett, 607 Royal Parkway, $555,000, 09/19/19

Peggy Elaine Jordan, Billy Zachariah Johnston Jr. and Tracy H. Johnston, one-quarter interest in 397 acres, Gordon, $300,000, 09/19/19

Stan Stafford, Adelina Hernandez, 19700 Cottonwood Road, Gordon, $27,000, 09/19/19

Clayton A. Williams, Trey Alan Tate, 114 Brighton Court, $117,500, 09/19/19

William J. Gorday Jr., Patsy G. Waine, Vincent Michael Bruner and Maxwell Joseph Bruner, BHAVANA LLC, $28,000, 09/19/19

Property South Investments Inc., Alabama Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries, 325 Ross Clark Circle, $460,000, 09/19/19

Taylor Family Enterprises Inc., Dorothy Marie Neal and Alfonso Neal, 2309 Berryhill Drive, $26,000, 09/19/19

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Charles Wood Lamb and Darlene Michelle Lamb, 161 Ridgecrest Loop, $236,713, 09/19/19

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