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Houston County real estate transfers Sept. 30-Oct. 10, 2019

Houston County real estate transfers Sept. 30-Oct. 10, 2019

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Houston County real estate transfers

Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Stephanie Melson Bradley, 232 Little Oak Court, $48,000, 09/30/19

Stephen E. Peterman, Rebecca Lynn Peterman Benton, 1444 Malvern Road, $66,615, 09/30/19

Tammy Garner, David Goble and Christy Goble, 1652 Hooper Cherry Road, $40,000, 09/30/19

Elizabeth Robinson, Catherine Elizabeth Buchanan and Todd H. Carpenter, 405 Willowbrook Terrace, $187,500, 09/30/19

Selene Finance LP, Kevin Harden and Jarrod Davis, 120 Sketo Road, $24,560, 09/30/19

Domby L. Ausley and Kathy G. Ausley, James P. McDonough and Aimee Jo McDonough, 2202 Maplebrook Lane, $272,500, 09/30/19

Daniel S. Rimes, Benjamin Layton and Lena P. Layton, 126 Cove Lane, $85,000, 09/30/19

Mark McCurley and Joyia McCurley, Travis W. Fretts and Lindsay S. Fretts, 654 Westbrook Road, $339,000, 09/30/19

The Estate of Robert Eugene Long Sr. a/k/a Robert E. Long, Justin M. Porter and Karen Q. Coleman, 314 Paulk Road, $160,000, 09/30/19

Janice M. Shepard, J. Kevin Moulton, 1121 Martin St., $44,500, 09/30/19

Travis Wilson Fretts and Lindsay Shehee Fretts, Christina R. Metcalf and Thomas P. Metcalf, 206 Inverness Drive, $236,500, 09/30/19

Estate of Claud Planchon, Cecil E. Hendrickson and Hilaree N. Hendrickson, 605 Pinto Drive, $37,500, 09/30/19

SWTJ LLC, Adam Carter and Brittany Saunders, 6/299 acres on D. Hodge Road, Cottonwood, $42,500, 09/30/19

Lance G. Love, Trustee of Buddy A. Love Living Trust, Daryl Simmons and Valerie Simmons, Co-Trustees of DV Revocable Trust, 5802 Hodgesville Road, $280,000, 09/30/19

Leslie A. Peabody and Beverly A. Peabody, Denice M. Nunez and Lesley J. Nunez, 124 Patriot Place, $174,000, 09/30/19

Henry G. Linton and Debra L. Linton, Carolyn West as Trustee for West Family Trust, 204 Winslow, $77,500, 09/30/19

Marta E. Hafey, Thomas J. Davis Jr. and Kathryn M. Davis, 204 Morning Glory Lane, $232,500, 09/30/19

George H. Stokes Jr. and Jane H. Stokes, Brandon Michael Weeks and Andrea Hope Weeks, 500 Rutgers Road, $164,900, 09/30/19

Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Jacob and Brooke Walker, 1427 Cecil Varnum Road, $47,500, 09/30/19

Virginia Davis, Allen Harkins and Jennifer Harkins, Mary W. Wash, 115 Legends Court, $159,000, 09/30/19

Ryan B. Sheffield and Natalie S. Cody, John Andrew Hicks, 251 Melrose Lane, $141,000, 09/30/19

Justin Stickler and Darby Stickler, John Hughes and Tammy Hughes, 203 N. Pontiac Ave., $310,000, 09/30/19

Deloney Construction Inc., Sandra B. McCurdy, 109 Yaupon Court, $180,000, 09/30/19

Edna Lolley, Terry Harris, 526 Orchard Circle, $172,000, 09/30/19

Darryl P. Cook and Rechelle Cook, Latonia M. Blair, 257 Crabapple Court, $199,500, 09/30/19

Chad P. Harrison and Melissa D. Harrison, Joel W. Ramsey and Sharman B. Ramsey, 201 Marigold Lane, $338,000, 09/30/19

Joseph B. Flint and Heather Flint, Wayne Rex Maddox and Barbara Jean Maddox, 316 Halifax Drive, $275,000, 09/30/19

Johnathon D. Cole, Norman Jerome Vascocu and Nancy Holstead Vascocu, 211 Morning Glory Lane, $191,000, 09/30/19

Sharon W. Dorer, Kriser Homes South Inc., 234 Spyglass Road, $7,500, 09/30/19

Arthur Rogers Summerlin III and Shoanette Summerlin, Cyndi H. Milton, 5744 S. Park Ave., $320,000, 09/30/19

Cory Singletary and Anna Peters Singletary, Jessica Perry, 115 Lilac Lane, $247,500, 09/30/19

Diane Clearman Skinner, James M. Parker and Christine Amanda Lowe, 593 Woodham Road, Headland, $100,000, 10/01/19

Freedom Mortgage Corporation, Freedom Mortgage Corporation, 3001 Nottingham Way, $55,480, 10/01/19

John T. Watkins, Paul F. and Holly Meyers, 2006 Stonebridge Road, $170,000, 10/01/19

Scott H. Davis and Amy L. Davis, Jared M. Miller and Sarah Elizabeth Miller, 110 Sandy Springs Lane, $264,000, 10/01/19

Lewis T. Clohan Jr., Lewis T. Clohan Jr. and Roslyn M. Meadows, 1211 Main St., Ashford, $120,000, 10/01/19

The Christina Lighthouse Inc., New Believer’s International Church Inc., 1307 Travis Road, $115,000, 10/01/19

Denice M. Chavis n/k/a Denice M. Nunez and Lesley J. Nunez, Sarah K. Ponder, 52 Todd St., Cottonwood, $75,000, 10/01/19

Edna Joyce Lane Farish, Bruce B. Borkosky, 305 Pine Tree Drive, $198,000, 10/01/19

Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Daniel Cody, 98 Fleetside Court, Kinsey, $86,900, 10/01/19

Sellerstine Grantham, Jennifer Leigh Brannon, 130 Gaffney Court, $189,000, 10/01/19

Mark F. Arthur, William Earnest Spears Jr., Deborah Rivenbark Spears, Tara Susan Spears and Heather Michelle Spears, 113 Wood St., Cottonwood, $127,000, 10/01/19

Patrick J. Riley, Jason Chad Cooper, 7 E. Chadwick Circle, $101,900, 10/01/19

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Daniel Smothers, 344 Bradford Lane, Rehobeth, $161,000, 10/01/19

Everett Construction Co. Inc., Emily Ann Metcalf and Zachary James Metcalf, 95 Mikado Drive, Kinsey, $115,000, 10/01/19

Diversified Real Estate Development Inc., Mary Annette Scalisi, 163 Heyward Drive, $155,000, 10/01/19

Diversified Real Estate Development Inc., Sellerstine Grantham, 161 Heyward Drive, $153,800, 10/01/19

F&W. Group LLC, George Byrd Adams and Inga Colleen Adams, 113-2 Club Lane, $270,000, 10/01/19

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Savannah Taelor Kennedy and Anthony Braxton Kennedy, 111 Sugarberry Road, $164,500, 10/01/19

Barbara Bain, Willie Johnson, 4840 Wallace Buie Road, Webb, $38,000, 10/01/19

Victoria S. Kingry and John Martin Kingry, Terry J. Boley and BriAnn E. Joyner, 1628 S. State Highway 109, $245,000, 10/02/19

Roy E. and Sandy Gilley, Dan Lee Construction Co. Inc., Lot 9 and Lot 10, County Road 203 South, $44,000, 10/02/19

Amy N. Mills, Home Point Financial Corporation, 98 Clara St., Cowarts, $56,090,10/02/19

Southern Home Builders LLC, Rey Gabriel Alvarado, 46 Hill Top Road, Newton, $218,789, 10/02/19

Adam Reid Rollins and Kristin Morgan Rollins, Kenneth Scotty Payne and Kerri W. Payne, 105 Winthrop Court, $165,000, 10/02/19

Patricia Carter, Barbara L. Blalock, 12356 Cottonwood Road, Cottonwood, $17,500, 10/02/19

Jeremy M. Jefcoat and Shalla P. Jefcoat, Jerry J. McClain and Johnnie G. McClain, 93 Willie Varnum Road, $230,000, 10/02/19

Mary Louise Brown, Harold M. Brown and James M. Brown, Flowing Waters Investments LLC, 236 Veritas Drive, $10,000, 10/02/19

Estate of Fay Maxcine Snead, Harold Peterman and Joseph M. Peterman, 1126 Garden Lane, $42,000, 10/02/19

Estate of June Johnson Wilborn, A. James Pickett and Angelyn J. Pickett, 202 Moates St., $2,000, 10/02/19

Kriser Homes South Inc., Jacqui B. and Joseph A. Herring, 213 Foxfire Drive, $145,000, 10/02/19

Connie G. Capaldo, Joseph H. Precise and Janet K. Taylor, 2112 Stonebridge Road, $172,900, 10/02/19

Cheryl Lynn Reynolds et al, Stephen G. Mitchell et al, 220 Metcalf St., Cottonwood, $149,000, 10/02/19

Douglas W. Walden and William P. Walden, Maria Elena Garcia De Gonzalez and Juan Pedro Gonzalez, 5713 Walden Drive, Kinsey, $122,650, 10/02/19

Dannielle R. Rothering and Allen O. Rothering, Connie G. Capaldo, 400 Bent Oak Drive, $290,000, 10/02/19

John L. Meyers and Maxine Meyers, Kimberly Meyers Morrison and Jonathan Ryan Morrison, 948 Cumbie Road, Newton, $420,000, 10/02/19

Samco Properties Inc., Richard K. Seay and Angela N. Seay, 201 Camberly Court, $147,000, 10/02/19

Everett Construction Company Inc., Berthiah Long, 191 Mikado Drive, Kinsey, $114,900, 10/02/19

Lorenzo A. Suter and April D. Suter, Albert E. Mike, 3209 Clardy Road, $218,500, 10/02/19

Malcom C. Hendrix, Aubrey Robert Waller and Presley Noel Waller, 0 S. County Road 33, Cottonwood, $47,000, 10/02/19

Patrick Harris Wilbourn and Ivye S. Wilbourn, Nora Kay Black, 29 Azalea Court, Columbia, 10/03/19

IMO US Alabama LLC, Spirit Master Funding X LLC, 4380 Montgomery Highway, $4,371,228, 10/03/19

Walter Ray Bracewell and Cynthia Ann Bracewell, John Christopher Murphy Sr. and Nancy Murphy, 24 Harrington Lane, $465,000, 10/03/19

LBJ Investments LLC, Laura Jackson, 1011 Summit, $35,000, 10/03/19

SPH Properties LLC, AutoPride Car Care Canter LLC, 985 Woodland Drive, $65,000, 10/03/19

VLP LLC, WITYPOP LLC, 165 Technology Drive, $2,094,600, 10/03/19

CWS LLC, Alfred Saliba Corp., Lots 4, 5, 7 and 8 of Block B and Lots 35, 38, 39 and 40 of Block F of Pine Lake Subdivision, $204,000, 10/03/19

John Foy Crawford, Mary Sue Sewell, Patricia Ann Strickland, Felicia Crawford Smith, Rhonda Gayle Hodges, and Richard Allen Crawford, Chadwick R. Barrentine, S. State Highway 109, $200,000, 10/03/19

Linda P. Precise and Joseph H. Precise, James Fox, 216 Glen Oaks Drive, $219,000, 10/03/19

Rebecca J. Parrish, BamBam Real Estate Inc., 615 and 617 Catalpa Ave., $15,000, 10/07/19

Co-Trustees of the Myras E. Granberry and E. June Granberry Irrevocable Trust, Terry Brunson and Amy Brunson, 264 Bump Road, Ashford, $20,300, 10/07/19

Amy Brunson, Terry Brunson, 264 Bump Road, Webb, $20,300, 10/07/19

Eric Engle and Julia Engle, Rex Winter and Phyllis Winter, 803 Gonzales Drive, $114,500, 10/07/19

Lynne B. Lewis, John Chase Woodham and Sarah Hornsby Woodham, 30 acres off Power Dam Road, Newton, $15,000, 10/07/19

Thomas Hunter Roeser and Savannah L. Roeser, Mark A. Reeves, 112 Park Ridge Drive, $234,000, 10/07/19

Kym Morrison, Jonathan F. Strength and Hannah S. Strength, 234 Lincolnshire Way, $527,000, 10/07/19

POFA Properties LLC, SB Land LLC, 54.28 acres on Webb Road, $227,500, 10/07/19

Elkton Homes Inc., JKR Housing LLC, 3142 Flynn Road, $900,000, 10/07/19

Hannah Drummond Strength and Jonathan Strength, Taylor B. Rutland and Ashley M. Rutland, 104 Fernleaf Way, $276,900, 10/07/19

David T. Dennis and Glenda Dennis, Kenneth Everett, 100 Woodcreek Drive, $101,000, 10/07/19

David A. Killingsworth and Kathryn M. Killingsworth, Kenneth Everett, 1101 Woodland Drive, $70,000, 10/07/19

Morgan K. Ezell and Jessica Ezell, Matthew Bullwinkel, 120 Patriot Place, $205,000, 10/07/19

J.C. Thomas and Patricia C. Thomas, Dwight Thomas, 0 E. Spring St., $2,800, 10/07/19

Everett Construction Co. Inc., Calvin James Whaley, 331 Camberly Court, $151,900, 10/07/19

Carolyn Maddox, Daniel L. Petterson, 914 E. Selma St., $38,500, 10/07/19

Marvin L. Young, Cory Loquidis and Shana Loquidis, 408 Darlington Circle, $140,000, 10/08/19

Philip C. Hardy, Toby C. Seay and D&DReid LLC, 101 Denise St., $53,000, 10/08/19

Nationstar HECM et al, Helms Farms Inc., 105 Pearce St., $34,600, 10/08/19

Virginia Kay Alford, Mary F. Walker and LBJ Investments LLC, 1809 Wicksburg Road, $10,153.93, 10/08/19

Betty J. Coxwell, Justin Harris Walters, 229 Marilyn Drive, $49,900, 10/08/19

Valerie Dennis Thompson, Kristen Carter, 130 Martha Ave., $255,000, 10/08/19

Alpine Development LLC, Carly Jo Martin and Nolan Martin, 129 Olaff Road, Cowarts, $168,300, 10/08/19

William Ray Sanders and Sandra Kate Sanders, Hollow Oak Enterprises LLC, 402 N. Englewood Ave., $100,000, 10/08/19

Gigi Gunter Hammond, Teresa Lewis and Brian Lewis, 1111 Woodland Drive, $70,000, 10/08/19

Terrence N. Strahan and Kendra D. Strahan, Joseph Seth Martin and Courtney Sheree Martin, 1005 Rampart Drive, $175,000, 10/08/19

Wanda L. Eckenroth, Curtis Henry, 0.801 acres on Gene Terry Road, $5,100, 10/08/19

Michelle P. Stephenson, Howard W. Emery and Bobbie Emery, 103 Waynesboro Way, $165,000, 10/09/19

ESHowell LLC, Ashley Blake Adams, Lot 14, Block C, Lakewood Subdivision, $12,500, 10/09/19

Spyglass-Magnolia 1 LLC, Magnolia Preserve Apartments LLC, 101 Magnolia Ridge Place, $25,000, 10/09/19

Spyglass-Magnolia LLC, Magnolia Preserve Apartments LLC, 101 Magnolia Ridge Place, $22,615,000, 10/09/19

Parman Place Inc., Steven P. Rasmussen, Lot 3 Old Mill Run, $6,325, 10/09/19

Thomas J. Davis Jr. and Kathryn M. Davis, Kalab Wiley Odum and Rio Dawn Torres, 113 Blue Bird Drive, $233,000, 10/09/19

Estate of Lillie Pearl Cooley, Deanco Auto Auctions, S. U.S. Highway 231, $80,000, 10/09/19

John T. Radney Jr., John Gordon Radney, Lisa R. Waters and Luan Stevens, David Brewer, 1101 Martin St., $55,000, 10/09/19

Mark Glenn Nichols and Anna C. Nichols, David Bradley Whitfield, 116 Lucy Lane, $303,000, 10/09/19

Kriser Homes South Inc., Jeanie Hardwick, 211 Foxfire Drive, $146,000, 10/09/19

Carolyn Maddox, Jordon Elisabeth Brownlee Doseck, 800 Chinook St., $37,000, 10/09/19

Gracie Baxter, Randal Gaskins Sr., 700 Monroe St., $16,000, 10/09/19

Rural Housing Service, United States Department of Agriculture, Edward J. Kimbley and Johanna B. Kimbley, 101 Henry Ashley Drive, Ashford, $42,000, 10/09/19

Denny Ward Wright, Reuben Dempsey Wright Jr. and Louretta Ward Wright, Thomas A. Shirley Irrevocable Trust, 1007 N. Broadway St., Ashford, $40,000, 10/09/19

Theresa Carroll, LBJ Investments LLC, 72 Mikado Drive, Kinsey, $47,011, 10/09/19

U.S. Bank Trust National Association, BSI Financial Services, 104 Sequoyah Drive, $11,440, 10/09/19

Bungalow Series F REO LLC, Richard K. Matthews Sr. and Connie H. Matthews, 104 Sequoyah Drive, $98,000, 10/09/19

Centerpoint Hotels @ Alabama I, LP, SD Hotels LLC, 3593 Ross Clark Circle, $5,242,500, 10/09/19

Allison Paige White-Ingram and George Jessie Ingram, J&J Farms, 25.043 acres on Rufus White Road, $50,000, 10/09/19

Edsel Q. Anderson and Theresa A. Anderson, Samantha J. Jordan, 209 Foxworth Court, $206,000, 10/09/19

Sanders Construction Services LLC, Meghan B. Morris, 104 Sugarberry Road, $170,000, 10/09/19

James Lee Metcalf and Belinda Metcalf, Homer R. Hunter and Caroline M. Hunter, 1312 Stanford Road, $135,000, 10/10/19

Rebecca J. Parrish, Scotty Dykes, 610 Moates St., $5,500, 10/10/19

Barbara Braswell and Hayward Braswell, Rhonda Cook, 2102 Rosedale Terrace, $118,000, 10/10/19

Margaret Gray, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, $30,444.37, 10/10/19

Bobbie H. Wright a/k/a Bobbie H. Johnson, Wells Fargo Bank N.A., 307 Madison Ave., $33,728.19, 10/10/19

David W. Mauldin, Thuy The Bui and Nong Thi Nguyen, 1255 Sandbed Road, Newton, $225,000, 10/10/19

Estate of James E. Gunter, Learners Early LLC, 2.99 acres plus or minus, Cottonwood Road, $88,000, 10/10/19

Stephen J. Miller and Kathleen L. Reeves-Miller, Melanie Clayton and Michael S. Clayton, 656 Westbrook Road, $300,000, 10/10/19

Harpat LLC, Robert Jones Lee and Kimberly K. Lee, 328 Kirkwood Drive, $535,223.27, 10/10/19

Houston County Health Care Authority, Fatima Real Estate LLC, 1369 W. Main St., $230,000, 10/10/19

Adris E. Ludlum Jr., Ingraham Hasell Gaillard Hanahan IV, 1095 McClintock Drive, $150,000, 10/10/19

Estate of Roselyn S. Wheeler, Gary W. Erwin Jr. and Barbara A. Erwin, 1804 Haisten Drive, $117,500, 10/10/19

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