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Houston County real estate transfers Aug. 31-Sept. 3, 2020
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Houston County real estate transfers Aug. 31-Sept. 3, 2020

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Seller, property location, total purchase price, date

David E. Byrd and Carolyn Byrd, Heather P. Wood, 111 Lucy Lane, $320,000, 08/31/20

Wheelcrow LLC, Limitless Development LLC, 0 Hartford Highway, $215,000, 08/31/20

Eric L. O’Bryan and Tammy C. O’Bryan, Tom W. Pelham Jr. and Pamela B. Pelham, TBD Woodham Road (Lot 3 Burning Bush Farms Subdivision), Headland, $91,612.50, 08/31/20

Everett L. Mathis and Terri E. Mathis, Lakeria King, 260 Melrose Lane, $139,900, 08/31/20

Drew Whitfield and Jesse Whitfield, Bradley Enfinger and Serina Enfinger, 0 Hollis Dairy Road, Newton, $65,000, 08/31/20

Walter Blackmon, Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity Inc., 1182 N. Park Ave., $8,000, 08/31/20

Maxine Chappell, Michael D. Brock and P. Scott Childers, 1768 Hubbard Road, Newton, $208,000, 08/31/20

Wilbur Ramey and Vivienne H. Ramey, Southern Home Builders LLC, 4460 Flowers Chapel Road, $30,000, 08/31/20

Richard J. Parrish and Susan M. Parrish, Southern Home Builders LLC, 517 Gladstone Way, $35,000, 08/31/20

Richard H. Meadows and Kathy L. Meadows, Cynthia L. Meadows, 35 +/- acres, King Road and County Road 33, Columbia, $94,230, 08/31/20

Christopher M. Reinelt and Haley Reinelt, Austin Dewayne Walls, 66 Howell St., Cottonwood, $110,000, 08/31/20

Larry Glenn Eldridge Jr. and Elizabeth Murphee Eldridge, Larry Eldridge Sr., 900 Selkirk Drive, $155,000, 08/31/20

Ann Smith Taylor Stewart, Barbara Smith Jones and Deborah Smith Ivey, Draper Lee and Ashley Lee, 216 Sherwood Drive, $50,000, 08/31/20

Joseph D. Lunsford and Rebekah Gunn Lunsford, John Franklin Lunsford, 601 Broad St., Kinsey, $110,000, 08/31/20

Kenneth M. Johnson and Robyn B. Johnson, Joseph Dale Lunsford and Rebekah Gunn Lunsford, 5712 N. County Road 55, Ashford, $265,000, 08/31/20

Christopher Sommer and Christine Hyland-Reyna, Robert Lamar Carroll III and Katie D. Carroll, 104 Petunia Drive, Taylor, $60,000, 08/31/20

Jerry W. Wilson, Jesse Robert Fields, 133 Pine Acres Drive, Newton, $45,000, 08/31/20

Katie A. Thorne and Franklin C. Thorne, LakeView Loan Servicing LLC, 389 Bruner Mill Road, Ashford, $102,850, 08/31/20

Nina F. Icenogle, Call Bob Properties LLC, 1012 Trawick Road, $89,250, 08/31/20

Fannie Mae A/K/A Federal National Mortgage Association, David Edward Holloman, 6879 E. County Road 22, Headland, $50,000, 08/31/20

Kenneth L. Sanders and Heather M. Sanders, Jeffery Steven McDaniel and Angela Marie McDaniel, 130 Lilac Lane, $225,000, 08/31/20

Mary F. Walker and LBJ Investments LLC, Sawyer Leighton Wilson, 494 Charles Road, Pansey, $286,000, 08/31/20

Kenneth A. Moss, Barbara Moss Bryson and Charlene Moss Lamb, Richard H. Meadows and Kathy N. Meadows, 114 acres +/-, Pleasant Grove Road and County Road 33, Columbia, $399,000, 08/31/20

James L. Christensen and Christine M. Christensen, Gilbert Construction Company Inc., 3805 Pebble Creek Lane, $115,000, 08/31/20

Tonisha S. Hawley, William M. Barefield and Ashley N. Barefield, 103 Oldbarn Lane, $550,000, 08/31/20

Southern Home Builders LLC, Dallas Wray and Kaitlyn R. Wray, 3023 Iris Road, $263,030, 08/31/20

Stephen Dorcey and Judith Dorcey, co-trustees of The Dorcey Family Living Trust, Leah B. Holder and William R. Rodgers, 102 Waynesboro Way, $136,000, 08/31/20

Darryl Douglas Mollohan and Julie McCann Mollohan, Benjamin Josiah Hubatchek and Danielle Justine Hubatchek, 100 Riverside Drive, $234,900, 08/31/20

William Maurice Irwin and Xyripha Gayle Irwin, Kris Jones and Marcia Jones, 268 Plantation Drive, Cottonwood, $68,000, 08/31/20

Southern Home Builders LLC, Brandon Daniel Hurst and Chasity Brooke Hurst, 111 Ayreswood Drive, $65,000, 08/31/20

Blake Evan Hallford and Kayla R. Hallford, Raymond Horn and Josie Horn, 542 Berlin Road, $175,000, 08/31/20

David Kenneth Waters and Jessica A. Waters, Adam Lightfoot English and Emily English, 215 Folsom Road, $275,000, 08/31/20

Jeffery Thomas Crawford and Annise Crawford, Rickey C. Sheffield and Chanon Sheffield, 105 Leland Court, $272,500, 08/31/20

Duane E. Thomas and Kimberly S. Thomas, Bradley M. Witherspoon and Fallon Witherspoon, 405 Prestwick Drive, $337,560, 08/31/20

Anna F. Owens and Kevin Owens, Anthony William Chambers, 3701 Pebble Creek Lane, $165,000, 08/31/20

JLB2 Investments LLC, Paul A. Padgett and Susan P. Padgett, 105 S. Roberta St., $131,500, 08/31/20

Richard A. Wright Jr. and Jennifer M. Wright, Mary Elizabeth Peters, 106 Morning Glory Lane, $194,000, 09/01/20

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Marian R. Ferguson and Ricky Frank Ferguson, Martiro Holdings LLC, 2611 Creekwood Drive, $65,000, 09/01/20

Stephen B. Worthington, Fourth Quarter Investments LLC, 4001 Pebblecreek Lane, $140,000, 09/01/20

Wanda Y. Walker, Brandon Lamar Handsford and Kamri Handsford, 104 Whaley Court, Ashford, $148,000, 09/01/20

Charles E. Ellis Jr. and Susan D. Ellis, John E. Fury Jr. and Chidchanok Fury, 1028 Northfield Circle, $139,500, 09/01/20

Cecil E. Hendrickson and Hillaree N. Hendrickson, Bradley Wayne Roper and Cassadi Jo Roper, 645 Wimbledon Drive, $167,500, 09/01/20

Bradley Wayne Roper and Cassadi Jo Roper, Richard Neal Terrell and Mavis Terrell, 602 3rd Ave., Ashford, $141,000, 09/01/20

Mary Patricia White, Kris Jones and Marcia Jones, 310 Plantation Drive, Cottonwood, $3,000, 09/01/20

Oscar H. Freeman Jr., personal representative of The Estate of Oscar H. Freeman a/k/a Oscar H. Freeman Sr., Charles J. Ward III and Jullianne F. Ward, 1112 Sumter St., $80,000, 09/01/20

Thomas Randall Watson, James M. Shelley, 2932 Jordon Ave., Cowarts, $41,000, 09/01/20

Betty S. McBrayer, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 110 Woodcreek Drive, $133,511.56, 09/01/20

Charles B. Napier, Tara Hubbard Construction Company, Lot 2 West Cook Road, Taylor, $28,900, 09/01/20

Southeast Development Company, Joseph D. Sorrells, 815 Dixie Drive, $65,000, 09/01/20

Secretary of Veterans Affairs, David J. Kowalsky, 1902 Westover, $82,500, 09/01/20

Kriser Homes South Inc., Shawnnta Dumas et al, 445 Bethlehem Road, Midland City, $295,000, 09/01/20

Kevin Curtis Hamblin and Kimberly Hope Hamblin, Robin A. Boone-Reetz, 704 N. Broadway St., Ashford, $79,500, 09/01/20

Nancy Smith Pitman, Joseph H. Smith and Jon Allan Smith, Juan A. Vargas and Beryl Sarah E. Vargas, 1800 Fern Drive, $141,000, 09/01/20

Christopher W. Davison and Melissa Anne Davison, Christopher Prather, 123 Lockwynn Trace, $237,000, 09/01/20

Ian K. Johnson and Lacey S. Johnson, Gregory Adam Brantley and Jewleah Broadus Brantley, 103 Crestview Court, $309,000, 09/01/20

Robert Douglas Hancock, Dewayne Thornton, 1102 E. Newton St., $10,000, 09/01/20

Charles M. Andre and Amy C. Andre, Elizabeth C. Jackson, 1204 Magnolia Ave., $310,000, 09/02/20

Patrick D. Cunningham and Carol T. Cunningham, Pressly Lafayette Thornton IV, 107 Rambling Way, $149,000, 09/02/20

Josh A. Harper, Kasey Nicole Holley and Christian Michael Herrington, 265 Bully Road, Newton, $174,000, 09/02/20

Kristin M. Rollins and Adam R. Rollins, Catrina Womack Sizemore and Mark Allen Sizemore, 100 Brattleboro Court, $225,000, 09/02/20

Mark Sizemore and Catrina Sizemore, Bobbie L. Greene, 113 Melrose Lane, $164,900, 09/02/20

Quentin Garner Umphrey Irrevocable Trust, Quentin Garner Umphrey, 3901 Heatherbrook Place, $138,200, 09/02/20

Christa Parrish Ahrens, Gidget Turvin, 1133 Power Dam Road, Newton, $171,000, 09/03/20

Alexis D. Alexander, Leshanta Jones, 110 Mill Stone Drive, $142,500, 09/03/20

Nolan Beck and Elsa Beck, Alanna Williams, 2804 Turner Circle, $164,000, 09/03/20

Linda J. Cotton, Katherine M. Cotton, 1201 Travis Road, $70,000, 09/03/20

Stephen Mark Williams and Melanie Driver Williams, Shanna Sue Killebrew, 314 Waynesboro Way, $181,300, 09/03/20

Joshua W. Jones and Miranda Caldwell Jones, David K. Waters and Jessica A. Waters, 244 Folsom Road, $340,000, 09/03/20

CWS LLC, Alfred Saliba Corporation, 300 Billings, 302 Billings, 623 Billings, $189,975, 09/03/20

CWS LLC, Alfred Saliba Corporation, Pine Lakes lots 121 Sugarberry, 128 Winterberry, 112 Winterberry, 108 Winterberry, 100 Winterberry, 125 Winterberry, 118 Bluffton, 108 Bluffton, 106 Bluffton, 109 Bluffton, 111 Bluffton, 109 Waxmyrtle, 111 Waxmyrtle, 113 Waxmyrtle and 509 Sprucepine, $306,000, 09/03/20

Frankie S. and Denise S. Clark, Neal D. Lefebvre et al, 502 Olympia Drive, $220,000, 09/03/20

Jerry M. Richards and David E. Richards, Daniel R. Danford, 306 Charleston Lane, $105,000, 09/03/20

Chad Dean Construction Inc., Seth Kirkland and Mechelle Johnston, 521 Lonnie Road, Cottonwood, $65,000, 09/03/20

Bradley M. Witherspoon and Anna F. Witherspoon, Kimroy S. Walters, 164 Ridgecrest Loop, $281,000, 09/03/20

Evie Jean Grant, Deborah Hawkins, 118 Copper Court, Midland City, $145,270, 09/03/20

Martha M. Baylor, James Anthony Culbreath Sr. and Katrina Rashon Culbreath, 304 Foxrun Trail, $175,000, 09/03/20

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