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Houston County real estate transfers Feb. 8-11, 2021

Houston County real estate transfers Feb. 8-11, 2021

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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Sanders Construction Services LLC, George W. Denelsbeck and Regina L. Denelsbeck, 122 Sugarberry Drive, $181,000, 02/08/21

Jefferson Davis Gautier Jr., Chris Raley and Amanda Raley, 10.88-acre lot on D. Hodge Road, Cottonwood, $50,592, 02/08/21

David Mauldin, Gary H. Hughes and Lori J. Hughes, 0 Middleton Road, $70,000, 02/08/21

M&M Homebuilders LLC, Jared Reynolds, 0 Middleton Road, $4,600, 02/08/21

James Brown and Louise Brown, Adam Eugene Parker and Sarah E. Parker, 412 Forsythia Lane, $300,000, 02/08/21

Dale G. Fowler, Brendetta Rease, 1923 Glasgow Drive, $169,000, 02/08/21

Bradley B. Richards and Deborah Richards, Charlotte Gwendolyn Goff, 68 Battles Road, $60,000, 02/08/21

James Wessly Howell and Vanessa F. Howell, James R. Howell and Rosemary Howell, 5 acres, Woodham Road, $48,750, 02/08/21

SWTJ LLC, Erik T. Smith and Maegon N. Smith, 11.053 acres and 1.521 acres, County Road 33, $33,333.34, 02/09/21

John E. Hawkins and Heather L. Hawkins, Ronnie Anderson and Sasha V. Anderson, 121 Muirfield Lane, $262,000, 02/09/21

Caleb and Elizabeth Kriser, Nathan & Drew Kriser, 8 +/- acres, Skipper Road, $1,000, 02/09/21

Drew Kriser and Nathan Kriser, Matthew T. Kruger and Kristin D. Kruger, 8 +/- acres, Skipper Road, $46,500, 02/09/21

Ryan Love, Tony Lewis and Julie Lewis, 0 County Road 33, $10,000, 02/09/21

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Thomas James Fotopoulos, 168 Ridgeview Drive, $276,345, 02/09/21

Octavia Starks Henry, Stacie Renae Dykes, 174 Sunrise Drive, $120,000, 02/09/21

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Sonia E. Wartes and William Edward Wartes Jr., 238 Puent Drive, $238,079, 02/09/21

Suzanne Heath, Darty Investments LLC, 3124 W. Main St., $638,000, 02/09/21

Shawn Patrick Collins and Corrie Laine Collins, Henry Charles Cochran and Sukebra Jadowinel Ward, 123 Scarlet Oaks Court, $156,000, 02/09/21

Terri Robinson, Avery Ray Thrower and Courtney Rainee Laughlin, 112 Mill Stone Drive, $150,000, 02/09/21

Ken Knox Jr., Daniel Lawrence Longworth Jr. and Kathy Renee Longworth, 45 +/- acres, Pilcher Road, Gordon, $54,000, 02/09/21

Dianne Steensland, Personal Representative of Estate of Bernice Posey Dwyer, Theresa Parker Glover, 511 Jamestown Boulevard, $145,000, 02/09/21

David Mauldin, Evan Hughes and Kristen Hughes, 0 Middleton Road, $70,000, 02/09/21

Kriser Homes South Inc., Jeremy C. Birge et al, 230 Ashley Circle, $229,900, 02/09/21

Matawin Ventures Trust Series 2019-3, Mary Reese, 626 Farrah Circle, $169,950, 02/10/21

Mark D. Bonner, Pollard Investments & Construction LLC, 49.660 acres off U.S. 84, $397,280, 02/10/21

Brent C. Womack and Katlyn V. Womack, Bethany Makayla Shelley, 2164 S. Rocky Creek Road, Ashford, $190,000, 02/10/21

Jimmy Ray Lanton Jr., Mark and Sandra Lovett, 0.043 acres, West Church Street, Columbia, $1,000, 02/10/21

Adam C. Steimle and Sherra Steimle, Daniel P. Kelley, 324 Jones Road, Newton, $229,900, 02/10/21

Mark Dellinger Rooks and Donna K. Rooks, Suzanne H. Heath, 1607 Hayne Drive, $154,000, 02/10/21

Steve Hodge Building & Development LLC and Treads Leasing LLC, Kristina Jane Stephenson and Richard Earl Parrish, 289 Grace Drive, Newton, $70,000, 02/10/21

Jakub Matoga and Ashley Nicole Matoga, Suzanne Heath, 113 Arapahoe Lane, Midland City, $171,000, 02/10/21

William C. Corbelli and Annette T. Corbelli, Suzanne H. Heath, 614 Wimbledon Drive, $165,000, 02/10/21

Robert Wambles and Dalen Wambles, Suzanne M. Heath, 134 Coral Lane, $113,000, 02/10/21

Randall W. Earnest and Denecier L. Earnest, Luke McLain and Vanita McLain, 1600 Stowers Drive, $106,700, 02/10/21

Phillip B. Bruner, Trustee of Phillip B . Bruner as Trustee of the William R. Bruner Irrevocable Trust Agreement, and Phillip B. Bruner, Total Maintenance Services LLC, Highway 84, Ashford, $75,000, 02/10/21

Marsha C. Stokes, Yahnna C. Holland and Mark D. Corskey, Carolyn’s Property LLC, 0 Moffett Road, $18,900, 02/11/21

Carolyn’s Property LLC, RTRR LLC, 0 Moffett Road, $47,328, 02/11/21

Mary N. Brackin, Trustee of Albert O. Brackin Jr. and Mary N. Brackin Trust, RTRR LLC, 6182 U.S. Highway 231 South, $102,672, 02/11/21

Ronald Vann and Debbie Vann, Max D. Whittle and Brenda K. Whittle, 121 Paul Revere Run, $182,000, 02/11/21

Kathy Dukes Brunson, Executor of the Estate of Charles Henry Brunson, Ronald Edward Vann and Deborah Laseter Vann, 0 Blackman Road, $25,000, 02/11/21

J&J Farms LLC, Anita L. Johnson, 4.509 acres, Bill Yance Road, Columbia, $16,200, 02/11/21

Katherine B. Jernigan and Anthony B. Jernigan, Rocky Jackson, 204 N. Koonce St., Columbia, $5,000, 02/11/21

Adam Mashburn, Pamela Lynn Hines, 311 Ameris Ave., $162,000, 02/11/21

Christina Renee Hixson and Jeffrey Chad Hixson, Michael S. Hill and Connie Hill, 124 Ridgecrest Loop, $294,000, 02/11/21

Christopher Mark Vickers, Jennifer Vickers, Randall R. Rogers and Janice C. Rogers, Joshua Coy Pope, 3503 Cathy Lou Road, $54,800, 02/11/21

SMB Land LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 156 Ridgeview Drive, $58,000, 02/11/21

SMB Land LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 536 Paxton Loop, $58,000, 02/11/21

SMB Land LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 274 Puent Drive, $58,000, 02/11/21

James F. Price Jr. and Jenelle Price, American Interstate Investments LLC, 320 Mona Drive, $81.500, 02/11/21

Parrish Investments LLC, Wanda Dobbs and Billy G. Webb, 103 Bracewell Ave., $47,900, 02/11/21

Carolyn Graddy Wozow and Bruce Wozow, Toby Crum and Jessica Crum, 12980 Cottonwood Road, Cottonwood, $4,000, 02/11/21

Ellen Carmichael Mazyck (individually and as Trustee of Mary Marjorie Mazyck Trust Landon Cameron Mazyck Trust Andrew Hayes Mazyck Trust William Arthur Mazyck Trust) & Marion Carmichale MacMahon (individually and as Trustee of Brian Daniel MacMahon Trust Paul Andrew MacMahon Trust Matthew Thomas MacMahon Trust) & Landon Cameron Mazyck, McLauchlin Properties LLC, property on Dean Road, Rehobeth, $1,150,000, 02/11/21

Kriser Homes South Inc., Jerry R. Turner et al, 648 Rice Road, Taylor, $220,000, 02/11/21

The Jonathan and Kelly Ford Living Trust, Madison Real Property LLC, 148 Muirfield, $252,500, 02/11/21

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Teresa Jayroe and Charles Jayroe, 202 Billings Trail, $387,215, 02/11/21

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