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Houston County real estate transfers Nov. 2-12, 2020

Houston County real estate transfers Nov. 2-12, 2020

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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Phyllis T. Willis, Phil Trimm and Patricia Henderson, Mackenzie Scheckles, 714 Ashland Drive, $82,000, 11/02/20

Kevin Lee McGlothlen, Michael Craig Smith, 4025 Eddins Road, $26,500, 11/02/20

Ricky M. Shehane and Martha C. Shehane, Billy Fowler and Rebecca Fowler, 129 Rosewood Drive, $159,500, 11/02/20

Marital Trust Under the Will of Charles C. McNair Sr., Jerry Richie Bodiford and Melinda Faye Bodiford, 109 acres off State Line Road, Cottonwood, $291,000, 11/02/20

Andrew L. Franklin and Amy M. Franklin, Donald Keith Nall, Lot 1 Woodham Woods S/D, Headland, $23,760, 11/02/20

Lorinda K. Quattlebaum, James Hines and Yvonne Hines, 161 Olaff Road, Cowarts, $210,000, 11/02/20

Southern Siding LLC, Sally H. Buchanan, 2204 Saddlewood Trail, $175,000, 11/02/20

Brick and Mortar Investments LLC, Robert J. Prescott and Stella H. Prescott, 208 Rockdale Court, $123,000, 11/02/20

Jerry M. Parrish and Sandra G. Parrish and Lewis Donald Holland, trustee of the L. Donald Holland Revocable Trust, The Broadway Group LLC, 140 S. State Hwy. 123, Newton, $140,000, 11/02/20

Gary L. Griffin Sr. and Martha L. Griffin, Marie Alaina Kosmos, 806 Owens St., $115,000, 11/02/20

3G Construction LLC, Garret Michael Barrentine, 2235 Glen Lawrence Road, Cowarts, $207,400, 11/02/20

Larissa B. McDoniel Ciuca, successor trustee of Carol W. McDoniel Revocable Living Trust, Scott Sabrowsky, 816 Wimbledon Drive, $133,500, 11/02/20

SMB Land LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 108 Puent Drive, $58,000, 11/02/20

SMB Land LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 202 Billings Trail, $80,000, 11/02/20

Don R. Williams II and Carly G. Williams, Taylor Kemp and Jillian Kemp, 415 Oliver Drive, $298,900,. 11/02/20

Kevin May and Erica May, Marshall Perry, 117 Telluride Lane, Midland City, $161,300, 11/02/20

John Talbot Jones, Julia Covert Steed, 2905 Selwood Circle, $127,000, 11/02/20

Richard West and Glorilyn M. West, Hunter S. Hayles and Lauren S. Hayles, 3465 Ben Ivey Road, Webb, $242,700, 11/02/20

Alfred Saliba Corporation, William Henry York Jr., 650 Magnolia Lane, Newton, $198,388, 11/02/20

Matthew Jordan Steele, Jake Gandy, 104 Ruth Circle, Cowarts, $160,000, 11/02/20

Robert Evan Smith and Kayla Smith, Joel Brandon Napier, 111 Battles Road, Rehobeth, $169,900, 11/02/20

Alpine Homes & Contracting LLC, Christopher S. Blair, 1630 Glen Lawrence Road, Cowarts, $167,500, 11/02/20

Richland D. Allen and Catherine H. Allen, Trenton Matthew Hughes and Susan McLaughlin Hughes, 403 Edinburgh Way, $320,000, 11/02/20

Arnold E. Somers Jr. and Marilyn S. Somers, Kena Diane Vaughn and Christopher Daniel Vaughn, 108 Stratford Road, $225,000, 11/02/20

Kitty G. Spradlin, Howard Wade Sewell and Patricia K. Sewell, 153 Candle Brook Drive, $140,400, 11/02/20

John A. Cole and Cathy A. Cole, Sean Michael O’Connell and Ana Cecilia Janssen O’Connell, 108 Goldenrod Lane, $345,000, 11/02/20

Mattie P. Booker, Howard E. McKinnie, Sherrie Y. McKinnie, Charlotte L. McKinnie, Reginald B. McKinnie, Mariah Pelt, Michelle Davis, Patrice McKinney, Cassandra McKinney, Ruby McKinnie, Harry McKinnie Jr., Evelyn McKinnie, Miles McKinnie and Bruce Fowler c/o Mattie P. Booker, George Marion Shearouse and Rebecca Shearouse, 22.524 acres on State Line Road, Cottonwood, $61,743, 11/02/20

Daniel Frederick White Jr. and Catherine Ray White, Bobby R. Snellgrove, Coe Dairy/Cloverdale Lots, $12,500, 11/02/20

Patrick Davenport, Judge of Probate of Houston County, Kenneth Newsome, vacant lot, Lot 12 Block A 5th addition Cloverdale Subdivision, $575, 11/02/20

Carol T. Dean and Larry S. Dean, Life Steps Properties LLC, 187 Belmont Drive, $222,100, 11/02/20

Seaborn W. Grist, trustee of Seaborn W. Grist Revocable Trust, Deese Investments LLC, 524 Orchard Circle, $210,000, 11/03/20

Wynon Dewayne Joyner and Tina Joyner, Eddie D. Dingler and Mary A. Dingler, 281 Jester St., Cowarts, $149,900, 11/03/20

Jeffrey Lee Dozier, The Dubois Institute for Entrepreneurship Inc., 640 Chickasaw St., $11,000, 11/03/20

John E. Beck and Amy K. Beck, Roger B. Hornsby and Kym Carter Hornsby, 100 Cavel Lane, $335,000, 11/03/20

Stephen V. Edwards and Phyllis A. Edwards, Michael Pratt and Lisa Pratt, 313 Cotton Ridge Lane, $339,900, 11/03/20

Pollard Investments & Construction LLC, Michael Chad Beard and Jessica Smith Beard, 5720 Judge Logue Road, Newton, $214,000, 11/03/20

Norman Williamson et al, Richard Vollmuth et al, 236 Silver Maple Lane, $265,000, 11/03/20

Jane Williams et al, Tony Walker, 36 Chadwick, $94,000, 11/03/20

Scott W. Palmer and Vanessa Walsh Palmer, Jessica L. Wells, 0 Blackman Road, $1,000, 11/04/20

Billy D. Wells and Gale L. Wells, Scott W. Palmer and Vanessa Walsh Palmer, 0 Blackmon Road, $1,000, 11/04/20

Timothy Ryan Pflugner and Kristin Nicole Pflugner, Patrick W. Jones and Angela Goodwin Jones, 107 Farmstead Road, $167,000, 11/04/20

LHE Ventures LLC, Rise Funding LLC, 204 Lanier St., $19,812.50, 11/04/20

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Stephen Miller, 118 Litchfield Drive, $265,000, 11/04/20

R. Mark Smith and Dena Smith, Vincent Wright and Beverly Jane Wright, 202 Inverness Drive, $295,000, 11/04/20

Richard West and Glorilyn M. West, Hunter S. Hayles and Lauren S. Hayles, 3465 Ben Ivey Road, Webb, $5,000, 11/04/20

Thomas Hallford and Pamela Hallford F/K/A Pamela Springrose, James Christopher Rodgers and Melissa Renee Rodgers, 2005 Baker Trace, $280,000, 11/04/20

Ciecierski Remodeling and Construction LLC, Craig Owen Blankenship, 117 Callowhill Court, $149,700, 11/04/20

B & B Equity Partners LLC, Sarah Elizabeth Davitz and Andrew Davitz, 2704 Briarcliff Road, $192,000, 11/04/20

Charles Brown and Marsha Brown, Liza Cappleman, 708 8th Ave., Ashford, $150,500, 11/04/20

David T. Dennis and Glenda Dennis, JMLA Properties LLC, 676 Westgate Parkway, $123,400, 11/04/20

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Ronnie Earl Marchman and Gloria Ruth Marchman, 329 Cotton Ridge Lane, $219,500, 11/04/20

Intergrated Global Services Inc., SBH Investments LLC, 14384 W. U.S. 84, Newton, $155,000, 11/04/20

Dothan Investment Group LLC, LMB Investments LLC, 2237 and 2251 S. Oates St., $120,000, 11/04/20

Patrick William Jones and Angela Goodwin Jones, Billy W. Parker and Hilda R. Parker, 102 Haddington Park Lane, $420,000, 11/04/20

Linda B. Wise and Jennifer Nicole Wise n/k/a Jennifer Wise Stephens, Terrence A. Robinson, 110 Designer Circle, $165,000, 11/04/20

Kelly Springs Development Inc., Alfred Saliba Corporation, 101 and 223 Wicklow Drive, $58,500, 11/04/20

William Jeffrey Ethridge and Diane Rogers Ethridge, Gregory Lamar Tiller and Taylor Shae Tiller, 106 Cummings Circle, Ashford, $172,500, 11/04/20

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 606 Wimbledon Drive, $89,700, 11/04/20

Laurel G. Tolar, Jason Alan Dudley and Julie Ann Dudley, 104 Gabriel Court, $215,300, 11/04/20

John E. Smith, Cameron N. Ball Investments LLC, 404 Blackshear St., $19,900, 11/04/20

J & J Farms LLC, Joseph Shirl Creel, Lot 5 Pea Market Road, Columbia, $29,000, 11/04/20

Tony E. Ellison and Brooke L. Ellison, Bruno Trenkler Jr. and Tamera Trenkler, 323 Halifax Drive, $315,000, 11/04/20

Richard C. Poe, David Dale, 308 Chapelwood Drive, $162,000, 11/04/20

Larry C. Hayes and Gregory S. Hayes, Davante Trymaine Presley, 2202 Walter St., $100,000, 11/04/20

John D. Holley and Judy B. Holley, David L. Carpenter and Betty L. Carpenter, 2803 Heritage Drive, $174,900, 11/04/20

Christopher S. Martin and Brooke Martin, Mark Warren and Susan Warren, 108 Tazewell Court, $135,000, 11/04/20

Claire Elaine Brown, Lynn Brown, Bart Brown, Blake Lawrence Brown and Dwight Brown, North Florida Woodlands Inc., acreage, Ussery Street and East Main Street, $25,000, 11/04/20

James Allen Mercer Jr., personal representative of The Estate of James Allen Mercer Sr., Donzell E. Stoops, 796 Houston St., $10,000, 11/04/20

Kelly Springs Development Inc., SRS Development LLC, 221 Wicklow Drive, $35,000, 11/04/20

Amanda Christine Reed, Davian Antoine Johnson, 105 Sunshine Lane, $182,500, 11/04/20

James A. Bradburn Jr., Martiro Holdings LLC, 2707 Nottingham Way, $66,000, 11/04/20

Live Oak Homes LLC, Shawn A. Nichols Sr., 803 E. Adams St. Unit 1-3, 412 N. Range Unit 2, $200,000, 11/04/20

G&I VIII RCG Dothan LLC, ROF Dothan LLC, 3500 Ross Clark Circle, $18,500, 11/04/20

Wiregrass Habitat for Humanity Inc., Nelson Geovanny Urbina, two lots on East Washington Street, $4,200, 11/04/20

Douglas M. Bates and Mac Borland Jr., The McGhee Firm LLC, 424 S. Oates St., $174,900, 11/04/20

Billy G. Walworth, Bobby Joe Walworth, E. Wayne Walworth, R. Randall Walworth and Estate of Jimmy H. Walworth, Deceased, Danny Joe Bonnette and Cynthia Jayne Bonnette, 238 Odom Road, Columbia, $132,000, 11/04/20

The Bank of New York Mellon, Wallace Webster, 405 E. Southport St., $21,500, 11/05/20

Winnie Merlene Scott, SHB Investments LLC, 2558 Ross Clark Circle, $325,000, 11/05/20

David M. Wood and DeAnna B. Wood, Stanley J. Steban and Lorraine Steban, 102 Serenity Court, $176,000, 11/05/20

Robert T. Lathero Sr. and Cheryl A. Lathero, Clifton B. Wells and Jessica E. Wells, 1058 Collins Road, Gordon, $175,000, 11/05/20

Scott D. Robison and Brett T. Robison, Willie James Cullins and Kathy Poke, 1302 Stanford Road, $134,000, 11/05/20

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Ashley Johnson, 331 Cotton Ridge Lane, $202,000, 11/05/20

Courtney K. Redahan, Benjamin Lundy, 34 Otis Court, $125,000, 11/05/20

Terrance R. Williams, trustee of The Richard C. and Janet W. Williams Family Trust, Gene Harold Watford and Shirley Nell Watford, 318-2 Hidden Creek Circle, $194,900, 11/05/20

Jeremy Fulton and Ashley Fulton, Elissa Paige Cheatwood, 123 Camberly Court, $156,000, 11/05/20

Kelly Springs Development Inc., Alfred Saliba Corporation, 201 Wicklow Drive, $35,000, 11/05/20

Kelly Springs Development Inc., Alfred Saliba Corporation, 202 Wicklow Drive, $35,000, 11/05/20

James S. Turner and Donna C. Turner, Thomas Brent Mathews and Kristy Elizabeth Mathews, 351 Bradford Lane, $218,000, 11/09/20

J & J Farms LLC, Kenneth E. Campbell, Lot 4 Pea Market Road, Columbia, $25,000, 11/09/20

Richard Benoit and Linda Benoit, Steven Welch, 5619 S. Oates St., $59,990, 11/09/20

Drew A. Kriser and Nathan Kriser, Debra E. Riley, Lot 11, 1.51 acres, Reardon Road, Rehobeth, $22,000, 11/09/20

Daniel P. Ezell, Carl Neil Wilkening and Sandra Bernice Wilkening, 1748 Hartford Highway, $105,000, 11/09/20

Homer Spooner and Sheila Spooner, Linda G. Griffin, 440 Hanging Moss Trail, Cottonwood, $50,000, 11/09/20

SMB Land LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 238 Puent Drive, $58,000, 11/09/20

SMG Land LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 177 Puent Drive, $58,000, 11/09/20

Diversified Real Estate Development Inc., Sharon Telly, 112 Halls Creek Lane, $219,900, 11/09/20

Timothy Vierkandt and Laura Vierkandt, Kyle Davis, 6133 Eddins Road, $217,000, 11/09/20

Donna K. Maze, Dale Cox and Rachael L. Conrad, 638 Chapelwood Drive, $152,500, 11/09/20

Kathy Dukes Brunson and Kathy Dukes Brunson as personal representative of the Estate of Charles Henry Brunson, Home Oil Company Inc., 5648 U.S. Hwy. 84, Cowarts, $750,000, 11/09/20

Chad Dean Construction Inc., Joseph Keith Pruitt and Madi Pruitt, 6753 Eddins Road, $265,000, 11/09/20

Terri J. Kelly, Dustin L. Tyler and Keesha S. Tyler, 1702 Eddins Road, $273,500, 11/09/20

Bobbie Jean Barkley, Maria Coyt, 106 Parish St., $52,000, 11/09/20

Cletus D. Youmans and Eva Jan Youmans Morrow, Jimmy Andress and Selina Bond, 1382 Decatur Road, Cottonwood, $18,000, 11/09/20

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Courtney K. Redahan, 100 Firefly Court, $212,500, 11/09/20

Hubert J. Barnes, Michael Taylor, 529 Third Ave., $10,000, 11/09/20

James Kelley Jr. and Sharon G. Kelley, Ramkrishna Swami, 651 E. Burdeshaw St., $35,000, 11/09/20

James Woodham, Israel Perez Romero, 542 Hall Road, $59,900, 11/09/20

Sarah Elizabeth Davitz and Andrew Davitz, Michael Campbell, 203 Roosevelt Drive, $140,000, 11/09/20

Bill Atwell and Kim Atwell, Dawn W. Dunning-Theune, 2 Middlefield Lane, $576,000, 11/10/20

Joshua Sterling Bentley and Darci Victoria Bentley, Thomas H. Arnold and Nancy K. Arnold, 9 Hampton Way, $160,000, 11/10/20

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Donna Taylory, 106 Bluffton Road, $175,000, 11/10/20

F & W Group LLC, Brian C. Melley, 111-3 Club Lane, $285,000, 11/10/20

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Jon H. Hannell and Kara Hannell, 144 Ridgeview Drive, $288,588, 11/10/20

John Robin Skinner, Alesia Yvonne James, 1618 Fern Drive, $159,900, 11/10/20

Cheri Lyn Sutton, Wesley Godwin, 3411 Redmond Road, $92,000, 11/10/20

Paula M. Brown and Patricia M. Byars, Christelle Wierer, 109 Legends Court, $140,000, 11/10/20

Bradley Charles Kite and Kristen Kite, Gene Wesley Grice Jr. and Jada Ruth Henderson, 222 Okeechobee Drive, $162,000, 11/10/20

Larry Harcrow, Nancy Dean St Pierre and Kenneth St Pierre, 121 Designer Circle, $169,200, 11/10/20

Rent It LLC, Diana Moore and Byron Moore, 100 Mill Creek Circle, $161,000, 11/10/20

Rita D. Babb, Rosa Sanders, 144 Nobles Road, Cottonwood, $38,000, 11/10/20

D Barbee LLC, Amy Kirkland, 1563 S. Oates St., $400,000, 11/10/20

Wallace Chad Reynolds a/k/a Wallace C. Reynolds and Brandi N. Reynolds, Wallace C. Reynolds and Brandi N. Reynolds, 521 Christmas Road, Ashford, $203,000, 11/10/20

Secretary of Houston and Urban Development, Wendy Pollard Shaffield, 110 Woodcreek Drive, $81,240, 11/10/20

Treads Leasing LLC, Steve Hodge Building & Development LLC, 242 Braxton Drive, Newton, $65,000, 11/10/20

Frances O. Frank and Stephen A. Frank, Jarrod Benjamin Yates, 112 Wembley Court, $130,000, 11/10/20

Biko Freeman and Precious Freeman, Jorge R. Rodriguez and Ana Rodriguez, 206 Cotton Ridge Lane, $287,900, 11/10/20

Patricia A. Lafond, Lana Smitherman and Willis Smitherman, 213 Landview Drive, Taylor, $115,000, 11/10/20

Rhonda Snow and Terronce Davis, Dorothy A. Ousley, 1507 Summit St., $95,000, 11/12/20

U.S. Bank Trust N.A., Tony Blocker and Kim Blocker, 8 Parkplace Court, $119,900, 11/12/20

Ronald C. Tatum and Wendy A. Tatum, Walter Bowers Sr. and Denise Bowers, 119 Nottoway Boulevard, $557,500, 11/12/20

Drew A. Kriser and Nathan Kriser, Terry Owens, 0 Reardon Road, $22,000, 11/12/20

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Joseph Ashley Bright and Patrice Annette Bright, 212 Glen Oaks Drive, $255,300, 11/12/20

John E. Smith and Martha S. Smith, Red Bird Rentals LLC, 803, 806, 811 and 822 N. Cherry St., $90,000, 11/12/20

Southern Home Builders LLC, Kevin Thomas McKnight and Stephanie Baxley McKnight, 3009 Iris Road, $288,782, 11/12/20

Paul Douglas Fellows as personal representative of Estate of Ruth Odom Fellows, Kalia LLC, Day Road, Ashford, $25,000, 11/12/20

Marcus P. Spivey and Cherokee J. Spivey, Abney Family Properties LLC, 200 Melrose Lane, $115,000, 11/12/20

Janice Murkerson, Terri J. Kelly, 102 Ontario Drive, $185,000, 11/12/20

Bernard H. Bronner and Nathaniel H. Bronner Jr., Leon E. Gardney and Cheryl-Ann Gardner, 121 Lewis St., Cottonwood, $72,500, 11/12/20

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Jarvis Brown, 505 Cotton Ridge Lane, $173,400, 11/12/20

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Brady C. Powell and Samantha R. Snell, 114 Sugarberry Road, $173,550, 11/12/20

Ezekial Harvey and Charlie B. Harvey, Keshia R. Jackson, 2309 Kristie Road, $55,000, 11/12/20

James A. Bradburn Jr., Eugene C. Dold and Lori Fulton Dold, 110 Roanoke Way, $139,000, 11/12/20

James D. Loftin Jr., CB & JE Properties LLC, 1003 Post Oak Drive, $46,455, 11/12/20

Estate of Jack D. Holland, deceased, Thomas J. Johnson and Pamela K. Johnson, 205 N. Main St., Columbia, $16,500, 11/12/20

James D. Loftin Jr., CB & JE Properties LLC, 810 Meridian St., $39,805, 11/12/20

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