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Houston County real estate transfers Sept. 8-10, 2020

Houston County real estate transfers Sept. 8-10, 2020

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Seller, buyer, property location, total purchase price, date

Michael McKnight, Bryan Bain, 930 Furnie Folks Road, Webb, $50,000, 09/08/20

Bryan Bain, Cotton Hill Estates, 930 Furnie Folks Road, Webb, $45,000, 09/08/20

Lisle F. Pickard and Beverly S. Pickard, Joseph Ryan Smallen and Erica Lynn Smaller, 258 Folsom Road, $297,500, 09/08/20

John F. Smith, Mack Johnson, 804 Eagle Road, $22,500, 09/08/20

Nancy A. Thompson, Victoria S. Kingry, 511 N. Englewood Ave., $160,000, 09/08/20

U.S. Bank Trust NA as trustee for LSF9 Master Participation Trust, Patrick Simpkins, 161 Marshall Road, $87,900, 09/08/20

Wesley Way Investors LLC, Magneshkumar R. Patel and Dehuti Patel, 3119 Wesley Way, $265,000, 09/08/20

Troy E. Collette and Scarlyte B. Collette, Loretta S. Berry, 120 Elmwood Drive, $139,900, 09/08/20

MidFirst Bank, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 2635 Halls Mill Road, $52,345.59, 09/08/20

Curtis Allen Gilbert, trustee of Clayton Alva Gilbert and Edna Christine Wheeler Gilbert Irrevocable Trust, Joel Loudon, 832 S. Park Ave., $68,000, 09/08/20

Elizabeth Barkley Dowling and William Lawrence Dowling, Abney Family Properties LLC, 107 Tecumseh Drive, $87,000, 09/08/20

Foy Michael Kelly, LBJ Investments LLC and Mary F. Walker, 937 Woodland Drive, $25,000, 09/08/20

George C. Harris and Patricia M. Harris, Charles McGuire Andre and Amy C. Andre, 206 S. Orange Ave., $400,000, 09/08/20

William Bradley Cleveland, Michael McKnight, Lots 26 and 27 River Road, Columbia, $36,000, 09/08/20

The Estate of Charles W. Baker, Jerry F. Brown and Mildred Brown, 1201 Honeysuckle Road, $145,000, 09/08/20

Johnny C. Creech, Mark A. Jordan and James A. Bradburn Jr., 105 Bobby Court, Taylor, $11,500, 09/08/20

Clarke Briody and Mercedes Briody, Carlous W. Chandler, 100 Cumberland Drive, $141,000, 09/08/20

Amanda Smith and Jessie Smith, Blake Thomas Sheppard, 2065 Watson Bridge Road, Webb, $148,000, 09/08/20

Thomas Robert Price and Jennifer Hayden Price, Tom D. Beizaks and Sharon P. Beizaks, 1046 Baywood Road, $163,000, 09/08/20

Seth Sowell and Annah Sowell, Rachel Maddox, 220 Nomad Circle, Kinsey, $103,900, 09/08/20

SMB Land LLC, Stone Martin Builders LLC, 100 Billings Trail, $80,000, 09/08/20

Jace Johnson Construction LLC, Devon Fields and Kanesha M. Fields, 6664 Eddins Road, $260,400, 09/08/20

Michael Tognaci, Thomas C. Strickland and Marsha Strickland, 1127 S. Oates St., $91,098.44, 09/08/20

Franklin L. Whaples and Jodie Whaples, Charles R. Bennett and Janet L. Bennett, 226 Melrose Lane, $139,500, 09/08/20

Kirsten Bailee Collier, Robin Fajardo Tiburcio, 102 Orchard Park Drive, $165,000, 09/08/20

Paul Alan Bryan Sr. and Linda Kaye Enman, Christopher Knight and Tanjala Knight, 1024 Northfield Circle, $169,900, 09/08/20

Ryan Gray, Elizabeth S. Beitz and Elizabeth N. Hollis, 102 Barbara Court, $137,000, 09/08/20

Matthew L. Tucker, Desa Michelle Gurganus, 689 Skipper Road, $160,000, 09/08/20

William Kenneth Marchman, Haley Graves, 114 Smoke Rise Court, $159,000, 09/08/20

Tammie J. Rhodes, Melea Ann Ross, 102 Biscayne Lane, $145,000, 09/08/20

J & J Farms LLC, American Special Effects LLC, 57.3 acres Singletary & Ame Road, $130,974, 09/08/20

Ryan Kriser, Matthew David Miatke and Charity Ann Miatke, 205 Foxrun Trail, $230,000, 09/08/20

Erick Steffens and Roberta A. Steffens, Dustin W. Lash, 109 Sawgrass Drive, $403,500, 09/08/20

Barry A. Hicks and Melanie E. Hicks, Caleb Taylor Lee, 204 Spyglass Road, $120,000, 09/08/20

Johnathan D. Logan, Nicholas A. Elmore and Melanie H. Elmore, 109 Tablerock Court, $295,000, 09/08/20

Xylorose Crowder and Valerie Hodges Moore, Joshua Lee Taylor, 23 Howell St., Cottonwood, $51,600, 09/08/20

Ivy M. Jernigan, Eric Scott Bowman and Regina Bowman, 802 N. Cherokee Ave., $352,000, 09/08/20

Mary Jo Griggs, Thomas S. Underwood and Amy G. Underwood, 302 Caravella Drive, $295,000, 09/08/20

Spencer Pybus and Amanda Pybus, Robert D. Garrett, 119 N. Roberta Ave., $175,500, 09/08/20

Kristen N. Esslinger and Calvin V. Esslinger, Mary Jo Griggs, 92 Centre Drive, $250,000, 09/08/20

Pat Willis and Phyllis Willis, Audrey C. Faulk, 107 Hickory Nut Circle, $128,000, 09/08/20

Martha R. Laurie, Betty J. Edwards and Adelphia Bell, 600 Windsor Court, $35,000, 09/08/20

Dothan Construction Company Inc., Gilbert Construction Company Inc., 104 Scarlet Oaks Court, $15,000, 09/08/20

Henry Lozier Condon, Glenn Stanley Clark and William T. Clark, Michael Royce Jones and Frances Catherine Jones, 514 Rosemont Drive, $174,000, 09/08/20

Carlos Colby Whitehead and Ashley H. Whitehead, Guo Qian, 114 Brattleboro Court, $186,000, 09/08/20

Gidget Turvin (f/k/a Sanders), Gidget Turvin and Larry W. Turvin, 1195 Power Dam Road, Newton, $316,400, 09/08/20

Thomas Scott Smith III, John E. Smith, 609 Donna Drive, $18,500, 09/08/20

Karen Joiner Barineau, Charles L. and Mary M. Wright, 1190 Enon Road, Webb, $35,000, 09/09/20

Catherine R. Hollon, Pete Pierce Jr. and Fannie Annette Pierce, 6.2 acres on Prevatt Road, Cowarts, $60,000, 09/09/20

Martha Morgan Doty, Jennifer Morgan Sentenn and Richard Leslie Morgan Jr., Larry Glenn Eldridge Jr. and Elizabeth M. Eldridge, 3100 Ridgewood Drive, $235,000, 09/09/20

Walter and Joyce Baxley, Chasity Bowen Sampson and David J. Sampson, 3574 S. Rocky Creek Road, Ashford, $94,000, 09/09/20

Enrique LeKeith Simmons and Tiesha Rashee Simmons, Felicia R. Culbreath, 191 Mayberry Lane, $129,900, 09/09/20

Alfred Saliba Corporation, Amelia Lynn Frazier, 309 Courtland Drive, $211,000, 09/09/20

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Christopher E. Stewart and Karina Stewart, 306 Billings Trail, $325,883, 09/09/20

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Virginia McDaniel and Clara Elizabeth Lewis, 2019 S. County Road 9, Newton, $266,497, 09/09/20

James C. Closson and Holli H. Closson, Joe C. Ausley II and Brooke G. Ausley, 515 Edinburgh Way, $299,000, 09/09/20

Sparks LLC, Lauren Elizabeth Hutto, 111 Denise St., $119,000, 09/09/20

Charles Douglas Smith and Cynthia Lynn Odom, Mary Ann Tindell and Barbara Lewis, 2410 Stonewood Drive, $149,000, 09/09/20

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Fazeel A. Karim and Dana L. Harripersad, 304 Billings Trail, $370,552, 09/09/20

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Craig T. Gaines and Joyce M. Gaines, 2011 S. County Road 9, Newton, $243,526, 09/09/20

Jarrod J. Huffman and Emily S. Huffman, Callie Ruth Ventress, 116 Lilac Lane, $226,500, 09/09/20

Stone Martin Builders LLC, Bryce Greenwood and Kathryn Elizabeth Cavendish, 1997 S. County Road 9, Newton, $252,407, 09/09/20

Leo P. Green and Audrey Ganey Green, James Michael Hand and LaMonica Hand, 0 S. State Highway 605, Cottonwood, $50,000, 09/09/20

Keith Thomas Buford, Alan Paul Cabe and Tanya Michelle Cabe, 233 Bradford Lane, Rehobeth, $187,000, 09/09/20

JGSM LLC, Limitless Development LLC, Lots 16, 17, 18, Block A Adris Place, Lot 4 of replat of Lot 3 Adris Place Executive, $185,000, 09/09/20

Mary Joy Cox Turner, Cory J. Kriser, 39.8 +/- acres, Fortner Street, $100,000, 09/09/20

Polland Investments & Construction LLC, Weston D. Reeves and Ivania L. Centeno, 371 Sandbed Road, Newton, $242,000, 09/09/20

M4 Development LLC, John Meyers and Maxine D. Meyers, 930 Cumbie Road, Newton, $237,081, 09/09/20

YWF Incorporated, Blissett Builders Inc., 228 Folsom Road, $17,500, 09/09/20

Blissett Builders Inc., Ramona S. Laird, 228 Folsom Road, $336,656, 09/09/20

Richard Glenn Clark, Brian Anthony Shuemake and Abigail Carter, 408 Chapelwood Drive, $125,000, 09/09/20

Kriser Homes South Inc., Saunak G. Jani and Radha Saunak Jani, 106 Anthem Ave., $314,028, 09/09/20

Dawn Lorraine Mouery and Nathan John Mouery, trustees of The Nathan John Mouery and Dawn Lorraine Mouery Trust, David Wayne McKin, 1.399 +/- acres Lucy Grade Road, Ashford, $75,000, 09/09/20

Donny Wayne Smith and Susan Michele Smith, Chambers Lawn Care and Landscaping LLC, 1207 Bell St.., $10,000, 09/09/20

Charles Preston and Peppi Cooper, Jay Lamb and Madalyn Guy Pruett, 204 N. Washington St., Columbia, $95,000, 09/09/20

Santiago Lopez-Geli and Sara Y. Lopez, Cheri Wier, 1243 N. Park Ave., $125,000, 09/09/20

Joseph J. Ingram and April Ingram, Samuel Cody Hall and Hannah M. Hall, 2031 Wallace Buie Road, Webb, $171,872, 09/09/20

Maria D. Bowman, Sharon Kay Williams, 2202 Fernway Court, $109,000, 09/10/20

John H. Glanton Jr., Kevin Thompson Sr., 0 Hutchins Street, $2,650, 09/10/20

Abby Rogers and Zachary J. Rogers, Patricia Williford, 301 Conifer Court, $365,000, 09/10/20

Douglas M. Pitts and Maureen Pitts, Arnette W. Wilson, 120 Lakeside Drive, $239,900, 09/10/20

Andrew W. Johnson and Melanie Agosto Johnson, Philip Howard Moser and Christina Moser, 114 Bradford Lane, Rehobeth, $218,900, 09/10/20

Robert Brannon Woodall and Chelsea Woodall, Gene H. Webb and Tina M. Webb, 1726 Haisten Drive, $205,000, 09/10/20

Fred Alvin Dean and Yvonne Dean, Norbert Lucien Lohse and Pamela Jean Lohse, 920 Dogwood Trail, $50,000, 09/10/20

Traci L. Fox, Progress Lending Services LLC, 405 Searcy Road, Newton, $65,000, 09/10/20

Fannie Mae a/k/a Federal National Mortgage Association, Shirley Tomlin, 3714 Quail Creek Drive, $133,000, 09/10/20

Alice L. Barfield, executor of the estate of Dewitt G. and Anne M. Barfield, Tonja M. Sasser, 760 S. Beverlye Road, $2,000, 09/10/20

Evelyn M. Mason, Haley Robinson et al, 175 Marilyn Drive, $98,000, 09/10/20

William R. Wheeler, Christy Jean Register and Byron Eugene Register, 1103 Fieldstone Drive, $229,500, 09/10/20

Thomas S. Underwood and Amy G. Underwood, William J. Wells and Carrie Wells, 703 Wildwood Ave., $258,000, 09/10/20

Allison N. Romero, William Christpher Martin and Mitzy Liane Knotts, 1600 Verde Trail, $165,000, 09/10/20

Donald J. Pemberton and Erika Pemberton, Christopher C. Ashbee and Hannah Ashbee, 411 Redbud Circle, $305,000, 09/10/20

Kennth W. Baity and Lisa P. Baity, Donald Pemberton and Erika Lynn Pemberton, 401 Royal Parkway, $513,900, 09/10/20

Rebecca C. Barfield, Anna Owens and Kevin Owens, 2101 Baker Trace, $180,000, 09/10/20

Jeffrey Todd Battle, administrator of Estate of James Allen Battle, Glenda Jordan, and Barbara Buckhalt, Gilbert Construction Company Inc., 105 Hedstrom Drive, $25,000, 09/10/20

James K. Marsh and Janice G. Marsh, Bhavanna LLC, 2009 Rosedale Terrace, $65,000, 09/10/20

Charles B. Napier, Dan Lee Construction Co. Inc., TBD W. Cook Road (Lot 3), $29,900, 09/10/20

Charles B. Napier, Dan Lee Construction Co. Inc., TBD W. Cook Road (Lot 4), $29,900, 09/10/20

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