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Troy University announces Chancellor’s List for Fall Semester/Term 2

Troy University announces Chancellor’s List for Fall Semester/Term 2

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Troy University is pleased to announce students who have been named to the Chancellor’s List for the Fall Semester and Term 2 of the 2020/2021 academic year. Full-time undergraduate students who are registered for at least 12 semester hours and who earn a grade point average of 4.0 qualify for the Chancellor's List. The Fall Semester includes students at the Troy campus. Term 2 includes students at Troy’s campuses in Dothan, Phenix City and Montgomery, along with locations outside of Alabama and online.

Area students on the list include:

Luis De la Fuente of Chipley, FL

Laura Beth Gage of Chipley, FL

Jason Loftin of Eufaula, AL

Carmen Kelly of Goshen, AL

Caleb Carlos of Luverne, AL

Delaney Basford of Troy, AL

Kayla Enfinger of Troy, AL

Siconia McCants of Troy, AL

Reginald Steele of Troy, AL

Samuel Trotter of Troy, AL

Anita Onyedikachi Chiemeka Adiole of Troy, AL

Evie Nicole Anderson of Troy, AL

Judith Castro I Roldan of Troy, AL

Jacob Charles of Troy, AL

Mengliang Cheng of Troy, AL

Raquel Cole of Troy, AL

Andrea Collum of Troy, AL

Jorge Crespo Moreno of Troy, AL

Boluwarin Dairo of Troy, AL

Long Dang of Troy, AL

John Faircloth of Troy, AL

Robert Michael Flight of Troy, AL

Soumitra Ganguly of Troy, AL

Ruiqing Gao of Troy, AL

Lauren Green of Troy, AL

Patience Hall of Troy, AL

Brandon Horton of Troy, AL

Hannah King of Troy, AL

Hoang Le of Troy, AL

Meiping Liu of Troy, AL

Zhuyun Liu of Troy, AL

Stephen Moran of Troy, AL

Duy Nguyen of Troy, AL

Thu Nguyen Ngoc Anh of Troy, AL

Caleb Oke of Troy, AL

Jessica Phillips of Troy, AL

Alyssa Powell of Troy, AL

Jing Qian of Troy, AL

Victor Sanakai-Papi of Troy, AL

Fatoumata Sissao of Troy, AL

Xuening Sun of Troy, AL

Arturo Tepale Aguilar of Troy, AL

Kelsey Vinsh of Troy, AL

Benjamin Lim Xin of Troy, AL

Ziming Yang of Troy, AL

Carly Boyd of Troy, AL

Thai Huynh of Troy, AL

Mavis Dede Awuku of Troy, AL

Anna Cummings of Troy, AL

Abhigya Ghimire of Troy, AL

Anastasiia Khrustaleva of Troy, AL

Suraj Thapa Magar of Troy, AL

Kaylee Dozier of Dothan, AL

Anna Lafiore of Dothan, AL

Hunter Thompson of Dothan, AL

Sabrina Bell of Dothan, AL

Austin Esch of Dothan, AL

Hayle Brown of Dothan, AL

Maria Dickey of Ariton, AL

Catherine Davis of Cottonwood, AL

Elizabeth Bunch of Daleville, AL

Matthew Koch of Daleville, AL

Jalon Ellison of Elba, AL

Courtney Baril of Enterprise, AL

Joseph Baril of Enterprise, AL

Callie Berry of Enterprise, AL

Tony Labib of Enterprise, AL

Christiana Woodham of Midland City, AL

Molly Gagliano of Newton, AL

Megan McCroan of Ozark, AL

Spencer Baxley of Slocomb, AL

Ora Nelson of Florala, AL

Harrison Hall of Donalsonville, GA

Madison Wilson of Chipley, FL

Lauren Locke of Marianna, FL

Sarah Elizabeth Calhoun of Banks, AL

Katelyn Deal of Banks, AL

Kathleen Deal of Banks, AL

Lainey Wells of Brantley, AL

Whitney Childs of Brundidge, AL

Ivy Helms of Brundidge, AL

Tammy Hughes of Brundidge, AL

Maxwell Copeland of Brundidge, AL

Brennan Green of Clayton, AL

Samuel Strickland of Clayton, AL

Monica Williams of Eufaula, AL

Joel Miller of Eufaula, AL

Madison McCullough of Eufaula, AL

Susanne Hudspeth of Eufaula, AL

Kirstyn Wiggins of Eufaula, AL

Karley Wortz of Eufaula, AL

Jacob Boyce of Eufaula, AL

Gavin Paul of Goshen, AL

Amelia Bowden of Louisville, AL

Summer Stephens of Luverne, AL

Skylar Wood of Luverne, AL

Jacob Brooks of Troy, AL

Savannah Hollis of Troy, AL

Virginia Gunn of Troy, AL

Sara Gunn of Troy, AL

Eli Grice of Troy, AL

Stewart Wilson of Troy, AL

Carter Ray of Troy, AL

Jaxen Lunsford of Troy, AL

Nilda Robledo of Troy, AL

Brady Barr of Troy, AL

Bricelyn Green of Troy, AL

Camryn Chrysson of Troy, AL

Malon Chrysson of Troy, AL

Colin Jones of Troy, AL

Nyla Foster of Troy, AL

Danielle Daniel of Troy, AL

Nelsey Leverette of Troy, AL

Cara Brown of Troy, AL

Tajianah Brundidge of Troy, AL

Diamond Jordan of Troy, AL

Bryan Galloway of Troy, AL

Ingrid Lieb of Troy, AL

Yuan Li of Troy, AL

Bethany Scarbrough of Troy, AL

Lindsay Kelley of Troy, AL

Jennifer Jordan of Troy, AL

McKenna Barton of Troy, AL

Russell Oliver of Troy, AL

Zephan Vickery of Taylor, AL

Anna Holland of Dothan, AL

Sarah Mayson of Dothan, AL

Laney Lambert of Dothan, AL

Brooke Bailey of Dothan, AL

Mallory Woodall of Dothan, AL

Ajah Anderson of Dothan, AL

Zachary Jackson of Dothan, AL

Gabrielle Coates of Dothan, AL

Alyssa Skipper of Dothan, AL

Brianna Lewis of Dothan, AL

Vyterra Jones of Dothan, AL

Courtney Robeson of Dothan, AL

Daniel Temples of Dothan, AL

Anna Nguyen of Dothan, AL

Kaelynn Gwynne of Dothan, AL

Kaylee Seay of Dothan, AL

Maci Olive of Dothan, AL

Madison Williams of Dothan, AL

Hannah Hart of Dothan, AL

Allyson Alexander of Dothan, AL

Addison Reynolds of Dothan, AL

Dawson Spencer of Dothan, AL

Kailey McDonald of Dothan, AL

Jalyn Powell of Dothan, AL

Zachary Smith of Dothan, AL

Emily Downs of Abbeville, AL

Khaylee Himes of Ariton, AL

Morgan Rogers of Ariton, AL

Hannah Glass of Ashford, AL

Carley Cook of Ashford, AL

Abigail Knight of Ashford, AL

Addison Aplin of Ashford, AL

Erica Torres of Chancellor, AL

Peyton Moore of Chancellor, AL

Brendan White of Columbia, AL

Michaela Meadows of Cottonwood, AL

Colin Cureton of Cottonwood, AL

Chase Moseley of Elba, AL

Destiny Hataway of Elba, AL

Kirsten Jones of Elba, AL

Mariah Frey of Enterprise, AL

Hannah Echols of Enterprise, AL

Ashley Jones of Enterprise, AL

Victoria Cote of Enterprise, AL

Madison Lascano of Enterprise, AL

Brandy Tice of Enterprise, AL

Ryan Howard of Enterprise, AL

Makayla Baril of Enterprise, AL

Joshua White of Enterprise, AL

Brooklynn Johnson of Enterprise, AL

Danielle Holley of Enterprise, AL

Justin Anger of Enterprise, AL

Zamaria Warren of Enterprise, AL

Sheldon Ford of Enterprise, AL

Julie Fleming of Enterprise, AL

Jaylee Stough of Geneva, AL

Cayden Hess of Hartford, AL

Abigail Welsh of Hartford, AL

Noah Hendrix of Hartford, AL

Bailey Freeman of Headland, AL

Morgan Franklin of Headland, AL

Cassidy Garrard of Headland, AL

Jada Williams of Headland, AL

Caitlin Singleton of Headland, AL

Sheldon Bloom of Headland, AL

Kassidy Hester of Jack, AL

Savannah Parker of Jack, AL

Sidney Dockery of Midland City, AL

Caroline Morgan of New Brockton, AL

Justin McPherson of Newton, AL

Joseph Bryan of Newton, AL

Emily McCoy of Newville, AL

Oscar Dunn of Ozark, AL

Chloe Colvin of Ozark, AL

Ainslie Myers of Ozark, AL

Laura Guttowsky of Ozark, AL

Morgan Cheatwood of Ozark, AL

Dorinda Lytle of Ozark, AL

MacAlister Bates of Ozark, AL

Noah Dickens of Ozark, AL

Ivory Russell of Ozark, AL

Madison Phipps of Ozark, AL

Makaela Streeter of Ozark, AL

Mary Hannah Garcia of Ozark, AL

Macy Barber of Ozark, AL

Meagan Bonin of Ozark, AL

Alexander Hill of Ozark, AL

Morgan Long of Skipperville, AL

Stephen Hicks of Slocomb, AL

Lydia Dutton of Slocomb, AL

Cydney Hicks of Slocomb, AL

Scotlyn Shaw of Slocomb, AL

Allyson Register of Slocomb, AL

Cameron Cotton of Slocomb, AL

Savannah Fleming of Webb, AL

Lily McDaniel of Florala, AL

Gabriele Folmar of Opp, AL

Lillian Nelson of Opp, AL

Emily Ward of Opp, AL

Morgan Pridgen of Opp, AL

Lisa Stokes of Opp, AL

Sarah Kidd of Opp, AL

Dawson Newman of Opp, AL

Kaitlyn McKnight of Samson, AL

Camryn Nowling of Samson, AL

Kacie Hill of Donalsonville, GA

Rachel Causby of Chipley, FL

Brittney March of Clayton, AL

Laken Little of Goshen, AL

Cong Fu of Troy, AL

Chenyang Jiang of Troy, AL

Junghee Kim of Troy, AL

Mingmin Wang of Troy, AL

Ann-Marie Wheless of Troy, AL

Jade Blocker of Troy, AL

Brennell Tan U Vern of Troy, AL

Lingyang Gao of Troy, AL

Yuanhang Gu of Troy, AL

Fengli Wang of Troy, AL

Ruiqi Yan of Troy, AL

Lillyana Barnett of Verbena, AL

Kezwann Edwards of Dothan, AL

Polina Horkava of Dothan, AL

Lauren Lawrence of Dothan, AL

Brandon Sanchez of Dothan, AL

John Harrison of Dothan, AL

Emilee Tolleson of Dohan, AL

Madison Bean of Dothan, AL

Jonathan Hill of Dothan, AL

Chelsea Sherepita of Chancellor, AL

Daphne Halsey of Cowarts, AL

Naomi Sapp of Daleville, AL

Kelly Kinsaul of Daleville, AL

Jayla Dawkins of Enterprise, AL

Herlinda Ellis of Enterprise, AL

Kinsley Morgan of New Brockton, AL

Daniel Vasquez of Fort Rucker, AL

William Brown of Goshen, AL

Keith Baker of Troy, AL

Trevor Fairbaugh of Troy, AL

Lily Anne Sanders of Troy, AL

Emily Butler of Dothan, AL

Alisha Gallant of Dothan, AL

Walter Williams of Dothan, AL

Allen Clouse of Dothan, AL

Delani Benjamin of Dothan, AL

Kimberley Guiler of Dothan, AL

Shaquilla Sewell of Abbeville, AL

Alexandra Grecu of Ashford, AL

Peyton Wortham of Ashford, AL

Logan Kersey of Ashford, AL

David Crook of Daleville, AL

Alexander Beerenstrauch of Elba, AL

Megan Coleman of Elba, AL

Kerry Hussey of Elba, AL

Zachary Ellis of Enterprise, AL

Keegan Covington of Enterprise, AL

Ashley Adams of Enterprise, AL

Maddison Bragg of Enterprise, AL

Emily Burch of Enterprise, AL

Jennie Gonzalez of Enterprise, AL

Tyasia Rogers of Enterprise, AL

Christopher Bess of Geneva, AL

Kyla Clifton of Headland, AL

Gracie Lisenby of Ozark, AL

Jessica Ward of Slocomb, AL

Elizabeth Long of Webb, AL

Indago Phillips of Samson, AL

Mary Brannon of Rehobeth, AL

Dalice Adkison of Dothan, AL

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