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ChatGPT embraced by Kentucky 5th graders learning to use the technology

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The unveiling of ChatGPT has panicked educators around the country who fear students will use the artificial intelligence powered chatbot it to write their essays and cheat on homework. But some teachers are embracing it, saying it is quickly becoming a tool their students will need in the future. One of them is 5th grade teacher Donnie Piercey in Lexington, Ky, where students are competing with what they call "the robot" in writing exercises and working alongside the chatbot to write skits to perform for the class. The robot was the new artificial intelligence tool, ChatGPT, which can generate everything from essays and haikus to term papers in a matter of seconds. The technology has panicked teachers and prompted many school districts to block access to the site. But Piercey has taken another approach and is embracing it as a teaching tool, saying his job is to prepare students for a world where knowledge of AI will be required.


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