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What about Greene impresses local GOP?

What about Greene impresses local GOP?

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U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) is coming to Dothan. She’s been Invited by the Alabama Federation of Republican Women, a political action committee (PAC), and the Republican Women of Houston County.

Why, I wonder? What is it about her that so impresses these Republican women?

The first time I became aware of Rep. Greene was in 2017 when she posted she felt she “could not trust the government.” What an awful statement for a “true” American to make. Thus began her furor for consuming and spreading some of the most outrageous conspiracy theories out there. I do not want to perpetuate those ideas, so I will simply list them here. Google them for yourself. They are the Satanic Blood Sacrifice named “Frazzleddrip,” “Clinton Body Count,” “Pizzagate,” “9/11 trutherism,” “Mass Shootings are Staged and False,” “Military Grade Intelligence Weapons,” which is about a government device planted in citizens’ heads, and so many more. Of course, in February 2021, she claims to regret many of her anti-government rants, which were by her own admission fueled by conspiracy theories on Facebook and associated with QAnon. Lately she’s made attempts to distance herself from QAnon. Further, Greene has indicated her support of executing prominent Democratic politicians. She blogged that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be executed for treason, and on more than one occasion, she liked posts calling for Pelosi to be put to death. Of course, her defense is that other people run her social media page. Perhaps this true, but Rep. Greene is still responsible for her social media accounts and content with her name on it.

Rep. Greene has posted photographs of herself holding a gun pointed to several images of Democratic representatives’ heads. These were taken down by Facebook for violating their policies and being a threat against the politicians. She called the action by those who thought it was threatening “paranoid and ridiculous!” I’m pretty sure if someone posts a photo with them holding a gun to a picture of my head, I’m going to take it as a threat and, at the very least, that you wish me harm.

She helped to incite the Jan. 6 attack on our Capitol by encouraging the lie that Trump won the 2020 election. She offers no credible evidence, and several investigations and at least six courts have said there is no basis for the claim.

Rep. Greene’s world view is distorted and twisted, so much so that she equates being asked to wear a mask with the oppression and horrors suffered by the victims of WWII’s Holocaust. She was rebuked by her own party leadership, Kevin McCarthy.

Further, Rep. Greene equates vaccine verification measures to the yellow star Jews were forced to wear before and during the war. She was rebuked by her own party leadership again, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise and Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stated, “Once again an outrageous and reprehensible comment.” Greene advocates for political violence and promotes conspiracy theories (otherwise known as lies), to that end. She proposed to start an Anglo-Saxon caucus to promote Anglo-Saxon political traditions. Again, her party leadership denounced such talk as “nativist dog whistles.”

I wonder why women who claim to represent the party of family values (self -described as God, guns and country) invite such a person to our wonderful city of Dothan? She is not an Alabama representative or politician. She is a first-term representative from Georgia who has often been rebuked by her own party and recently removed from her committee assignments with 11 Republicans agreeing. She has a history of “not trusting our government,” seemingly supports violence as a problem-solving technique, wishes harm and death to many of her opponents and people she disagrees with, makes anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, and anti-Black statements. Why, indeed, would the “God, Guns, and Country” Alabama Republican Women invite such a person? It is as if she and, by extension, Republican Women of Houston County do not understand the basic American ideal of Truth, Justice, and Equality for All that is the bedrock of our Constitution.

Linda Turner is vice-chair of the Houston County Democratic Party.


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