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    My phone rang recently with a call from my friend Sharon. It should have been immediately apparent what news she had because of a conversation we’d had several months ago.

      Next year is a big year nationally. It is a presidential year. However, it is a down or off year for Alabama. We, like several other Southern states, have our big election year in non-presidential years. We elected our governor and other constitutional offices and our entire legislature last…

        I came in from lunch the other day to find my voicemail light flashing. I pressed the button and heard, “Bill, this is a voice from your long distant past…” A smile broke across my face. It might have been from my long distant past, but I immediately recognized the voice of my favorite colle…

          The gala and festivities of the gubernatorial swearing in are all wrapped up. Gov. Kay Ivey has been sworn in for another four-year term. The legislators, all 140, are sworn in soon after the general election victories in November. Therefore, they all are ready to get down to business.

            I have often written of the magical qualities of modern technology. I can find information on virtually any subject and call someone thousands of miles away at no additional cost. It is astounding that I can be in the wilds of Canada and I get a call from somebody who thinks I am at my house.

            From the outside looking in, a lot of things about Alabama’s criminal justice system don’t make sense.

            Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey had a busy few days last week, putting her signature on a $1.06 billion plan to spend the rest of the state’s federal American Rescue Plan Act funds, and then signing off on whopping increases to a ballooning prison construction plan, authorizing nearly a billion dollar…

            Many households will experience some pointless drama Sunday morning when someone realizes they forgot to “spring forward” and the day’s schedule is wrecked before the family gets out of pajamas.

            Throughout Alabama’s history, our state has glimmered with contradiction and irony, and continues to be the rule rather than the exception.

            Right after a 28-year-old shot six people to death at a small Christian school, Rep. Tim Burchett, a Tennessee Republican, emoted on camera. "Three precious little kids lost their lives," he said with sad resignation, "and I believe three adults."


            A Feb. 11 letter claimed that scientists who do not believe global warming is caused by humans are in a small minority. Forbes magazine was used as a reference. The real issue is if the “major cause” of climate change is caused by humans.

            U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz and his followers, including U.S. Rep. Barry Moore, wants to end our involvement in Ukraine. This reflects ignorance of both history and of Putin’s current goals.

            “Chickenhawk” is a political term used to describe someone who is for war but lacks the fortitude to participate in it, usually asking others to participate instead.

            The national debt of the US is $30.9 trillion; the population is 331.48 million. Or, every citizen of the United States owes $93,226.73.

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