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Friday’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling dismantling precedents set by the landmark Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v Casey didn’t come out of the blue. A leaked draft of an opinion by Justice Samuel Alito last month telegraphed the high court’s intent. Even before the leak, it was almost unive…

Regular readers of this page know that one of our most fervent beliefs is that the opportunity to have a voice in government is a precious privilege.

There’s an election in Alabama Tuesday – runoffs in the Democratic and Republican primaries – and in a perfect world, there’d be a crush of voters standing in triple-digit heat waiting for the opportunity to step into their polling place and exercise their right and privilege to cast their ballot.

In many ways, America seems more divided than ever politically, with division bleeding over into virtually every corner of daily life.

No one knew where we were going. The number of people was overwhelming for the space. Classes were hopelessly overcrowded. The lunchroom could not really feed the students in the staggered 30-minute slots. Too many people. Too little space. Too little time.

I like this guy Vlad on the morning television program. He’s always happy and laughing and upbeat, and that’s pretty much all someone could ask for first thing in the morning. Vlad appears a little before 8 and goes over three stories during his segment, just before the commercial break foll…

A YouGov poll found that two-thirds (64%) of Americans did not know that Communist China killed more people than Nazi Germany. This fact is readily available on Wikipedia. It refers to the Washington Post article “Remembering the biggest mass murder in the history of the world.”

In 2018, Sen. Chuck Schumer railed about the high price of gas when it reached $3.25 per gallon, blaming the resident for it.

As we approach the “Juneteenth” holiday marking the 1865 emancipation of the slaves, I ponder on just how “emancipated” a race of people have become.

I just got your notice about a fuel surcharge. Why in the heck haven’t you followed President Biden’s guidance and switched to electric trucks so you would not be paying for fuel?

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