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An Alabama congressman is deservedly under fire after a routine braggadocio statement taking credit for the appropriation of hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funds for a road project in the state.

Ordinarily such crowing is expected, as lawmakers can hardly be blamed for seeking credit for bringing home the bacon.

In this case, however, U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer is claiming responsibility for a provision in the infrastructure bill passed in Congress last week that would appropriate $369 million over five years for a Birmingham road project called the Northern Beltline, despite voting to reject the measure.

“Democrats have shown they are willing to recklessly push through a bill that costs over a trillion dollars with only about 10 percent going to roads and bridges,” Palmer said earlier this month.

Palmer’s actions suggest acrimonious partisanship may well take priority over the public good. The irony is that without bipartisan support of the infrastructure bill – 13 Republicans voted for the measure – the victory he now claims would be a defeat from which he’d likely distance himself.

We applaud the appropriation of much needed infrastructure funding for Alabama. But Palmer’s claim of credit is disingenuous.


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