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Marshall’s folly

Marshall’s folly


Imagine you have an employee you’ve hired to tend your crops, making sure that any threat to those crops from invasive weeds or destructive pests. However, that employee spends a good portion of his time doing work for an outside organization. You may have no problem with the goals of that organization, but your crops need tending, and your employee is distracted.

That appears to be the case with Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, who appears to spend too much time joining partisan causes when he should be looking after the legal issues affecting the state of Alabama.

Since the new federal administration was installed, Marshall has been busy, judging by the press releases he has disseminated to Alabama media:

Jan. 22: Attorney General Steve Marshall leads 18-state coalition defending the power of state legislatures over conducting elections.

Feb. 9: Attorney General Steve Marshall calls on President Biden to reverse disastrous decision to kill Keystone XL pipeline.

Feb. 18: Attorney General Steve Marshall joins 18-state coalition urging Biden administration to remove unlawful immigrants convicted of sex crimes.

March 4: Attorney General Steve Marshall joins national coalition to shut down massive charity fraud telefunding operation.

March 4: Attorney General Steve Marshall opposes Congressional Democrats’ bill that would mandate less-secure elections and invite voter fraud.

March 5: Attorney General Steve Marshall joins 21-state coalition supporting waiting period law for abortion.

March 10: Attorney General Steve Marshall and Congressman Robert Aderholt file suit against federal government for illegally manipulating and delaying Census data

March 18: Attorney General Steve Marshall joins 20 states in filing suit to block Biden’s illegal cancellation of Keystone XL Pipeline

March 24: Attorney General Steve Marshall joins 13-state coalition filing suit to stop the Biden ban on new oil and gas drilling on federal lands

March 29: Attorney General Steve Marshall leads a 12-state coalition defending Trump rule clarifying religious exemptions for federal contractors

March 31: Attorney General Steve Marshall sues Biden administration to protect Alabama from unconstitutional ban on state tax cuts.

Marshall appears to be using state resources to burnish his own political credentials. We remind him that he works for the people of Alabama.

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