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    A recent headline said, "Dodge, deny, or fib" and talks about the possible (likely) members of Traitor Trump's cult (previously known as the GOP) seeking election in 2024.

      Remember when Trump was president and all of the Fake News media hired people full time to monitor every single statement Trump made and spent their time fact-checking everything he said? Some even kept up with the number of “lies” he supposedly told. Whatever happened to those overpaid netw…

        House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s opposition to the deployment of the National Guard prior to the Capitol riot begs the question – why? The House committee she appointed to investigate it won’t go there, as the Republicans on it are RINOs. This insulated her from being asked about anything, but i…

          In his book How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, Bill Gates explains that less than 25% of all CO2 emissions comes from vehicular travel or climate control in buildings. Yet that is where the current administration has focused most of its attention.

            After reading an article titled “Biden Administration Proposes MERGING U.S. with Mexico and Canada” alarm bells went off.

              I was traveling last month. I decided to spend the night in Dothan because of fatigue, I decided to pick up a copy of your newspaper. Thank you for such a positive news outlook.

              I am an 88-year Dothan resident. Throughout all of my growing up years and early married life, Dothan was like a fairyland in the Spring with so many azaleas and dogwoods bursting with color and beauty. That’s when the Dogwood Azalea Trail came into being. Now, in addition, there are many go…

              The news recently was that Fort Rucker is on the list for funding to get renamed. I understand this will cost roughly $2 million just for this base.

              I find it ironic that I live in the center of the peanut capital of the world, and cannot buy a locally grown peanut.

              In the Oct. 20 issue of the Dothan Eagle, the article "Katie Britt on Fox News: Children should not ‘be indoctrinated with woke ideology’" just goes to show how the two rules of politics are so true: Tell people what a problem is and who’s to blame.

              I have never understood the reasons people dream up for hating Jews. Schools must not be teaching the truth about Nazi Germany's torture of Jewish people.

              If you still watch one of our alphabet news corporations, even after being lied to for 2 ½ years about “Russian collusion,” I thought it would be a good idea to give you some news flashes on what your president and vice president have been up to lately. Then you might understand why only a t…

              In a Sept. 29 story, "Warmer Earth Likely to Boost Storm Intensity," the Associated Press presents a rising-temperature graph and a rising-storm graph side by side. The graphs start in 1972. Graph credits go to NOAA, so I visited NOAA to confirm the data.


              Recently we were blessed with a letter in Ozark's paper from Second Congressional District Rep. Barry Moore. He was whining about many members of the military choosing to leave the service because they were told to get vaccinated against COVID. This week, there was a missive from Alabama Att…

              In the Sept. 4 Dothan Eagle, a letter from Bettye Mendez of Enterprise posed a question about “golf carts” being driven on the streets of Enterprise and questioned the legality under state law.

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