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America is not ready for socialism

America is not ready for socialism

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Carl Hess’s July 22 letter, like all of his letters over numerous years, was flowing with the usual bi-partisan peace, joy, hope, understanding, tolerance, solutions to today’s problems and Christian love for his fellow man. After all he’s worked so hard over the years to bring us all together under the Democratic Party banner. That banner currently reads “Progressive Socialism.”

The congressional record identifies Bernie Sanders as an Independent. He identifies as a Democratic Socialist because even he knows Americans aren’t ready to be communist yet.

What “traitors” were Mr. Hess referring to? Washington, Jefferson, Grant, Douglas, Heg, Jesus? These and many other statues and memorials have been destroyed by Democrat-backed mobs of anarchists or removed by Democrat-controlled governments including Speaker Pelosi. Watch an honest news agency and see the chaos occurring in many of our cities every night with little or no response from these governments as lives and neighborhoods are destroyed. Perhaps we should be looking at current-day traitors and not someone from the past.

President Trump is not responsible for every Covid-19 case in this country. Individuals have enough information to be responsible and take reasonable defensive actions for themselves. The virus is spreading because a large portion of our population is refusing to take reasonable measures.

Mr. Hess should understand that President Trump is our “real” president. If Mr. Biden is elected to the office in November, let us hope he will be also. Rumors exist that he is a feeble puppet figurehead who will be dictated to by a “progressive socialist” vice president and Senators Warren and Sanders with AOC as the team mascot.

Nikita Khrushchev would be proud.

Larry Brown

Fort Rucker

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