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Applied logic

Applied logic

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It is apparent that letter writer Mr. Hess is not a fan of Donald Trump, which is certainly his right, and in some cases, understandable. But his insistence on referring to supporters of any aspect of Trumps agenda as “Trump worshipers,” as he did in his July 19 letter, is the type of generalization that has destroyed civilized debate and discussion of our country’s issues over the past three years. One can support some of Trump’s foreign policy positions, economic strategies, the easing of burdensome regulatory mandates, and his willingness to call out partisan news reporting, without engaging in the “worshiping” of Trump, as he stipulated. Like almost any radical leftist, Hess seems to see individuals who agree with anything Trump advocates as demons, racists, sexists, homophobes, transphobes, immigrant-haters, and white supremacists, rather than just individuals who may have a different viewpoint than theirs on various topics. This still holds true even if one disagrees with Trump on other aspects, such his lack of professionalism or inability/unwillingness to take the high road when he should (among others). So, using that logic and support of Democratic politicians of today, I guess we have to deem Hess and his ilk “worshipers” of socialists, communists, fascists, police-haters, history revisionists, rioters, looters, illegal entrants into our country, income confiscators, massive spenders, deniers of freedom of speech, big-government interventionists, eliminators of individual liberties, destroyers of religious freedoms, biology deniers, moral hypocrites, character assassinators, and overall haters of America. This is what has become of political discourse today. We all have the right, at least currently, to support the politicians we feel best reflect our vision for the direction we want our country to follow (or NOT follow), but in my humble opinion, Mr. Hess worships at the wrong alter.

Dan Sinas


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