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'(Barry Moore's) fealty is to Trump'

'(Barry Moore's) fealty is to Trump'

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Given the opportunity to condemn a military coup in Myanmar, U.S. Rep. Barry Moore proved again that he does not believe in democracy. He seems to prefer autocratic styles of government rather than a democratic process.

He voted against condemning a coup overseas and also voted to attempt to overthrow our own duly elected president here at home.

He supported the attempted overthrow of our government on Jan. 6. If not physically, but definitely morally. Even after the terrorist attack on our Capitol in an attempt to prevent the electoral votes to be counted, he voted to support that attempted coup himself late that night.

His fealty is to Trump and not to the United States. He does not believe in his oath of office. He does not believe in democracy. He does not believe in supporting American democratic values around the world because he doesn’t believe they should be supported here at home.

Government “Of the People, By the People, For the People” is a motto that has lost meaning in the modern Republican Party. They only believe in power, and whatever it takes to maintain that power is OK with them — even if it is by supporting coups here and abroad.

Chris Lochner


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