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Eagle risks egg on its face

Eagle risks egg on its face

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The Dothan Eagle is running free Biden ads and everybody knows it. The lefties that read the Eagle may be happy with this, but the ones of us who know and understand that the Eagle has joined the leftist news outlets (including Fox) who are calling this election for Biden simply can't understand that the outcome of the election isn't their call and never will be, as much as they would like to believe it is.

Do I know who won? Not yet. Nobody does at this point. But the news outlets (including the Eagle) are engaged in psychological warfare, hoping their headlines can bring about the outcome they've been hoping for. How about a bit of objective journalism rather than in-kind contributions to the candidate the Eagle is so brazenly pulling for?

As far back as Harry Truman, news outlets were trying to call elections prematurely and wound up with egg on their faces because the candidate they claimed had won actually didn't. It happened in the 2000 election too. Some news outlets were calling the election for Al Gore. That's some permanent egg-facedness.

Biden and Harris are already measuring curtains for the White House and the Naval Observatory (where Harris hopes to reside) and giving "victory" speeches to crowds that they would call COVID-19 "super spreaders" if the people weren't there celebrating their so-called "victory." There'll be some serious egg facedness there too, if this thing goes the other way, and it very well could at this point.

While the outcome of this incredibly ugly election is still future, nothing has been finalized. The Eagle even published a piece on Nov. 9 about Trump's "strategy" in this process that is so long that nobody will probably take the time to read it unless they're anti-Trump.

In our house, we like Bill Perkins' articles and we appreciate the Opinion page, but we have no use for ANY of the pro-Biden, anti-Trump propaganda. Perkins' opinion page is the only part of the paper that gives both sides equal time.

The point is that it would be wise to wait until the election has been decided, Dothan Eagle, else you may have egg on your faces — past issues of any newspaper are practically etched in stone. Yours will be for years. If you're right, it won't matter, but if you’re wrong in the end (and it looks more every day like you will be), you'll be trying to clean the egg off your faces for years.

At this point, it seems like Bill Perkins is the only adult in the room at the Dothan Eagle. We need more of him and fewer partisan hacks over there.

Richard McCuistian


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