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'Folks, wake up'

'Folks, wake up'

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The attempted coup to overthrow the government on Jan. 6was an inside job orchestrated by President Donald Trump, who had been telling lies to all who would listen that the election was stolen from him by fraud. Many of the election supervisors who are Republicans and who say they voted for Trump said no fraud occurred and that the election was the most secure ever. All the court cases filed by Trump’s attorneys were thrown out because there was no proof of any fraud.

Yet then Trump started hustling other ways to overturn the election, but when this failed he started posting on Twitter to watch what happens in D.C. on Jan. 6, and he told a mob of his supporters to storm the Capitol. As a result, people were killed. Just imagine what could have happened if Speaker Pelosi and Vice-President Pence had been killed. Actions in Myanmar show us what happens when the military overthrows the government. Gen. Michael Flynn was trying to take the same action so he could remain in power.

Take the impeachment trial all the way to the Senate and make all senators cast a roll call voice vote so that their votes will be recorded in the history books for their children and grandchildren to see. Maybe they will realize they could have been killed also by this mob spurred by a man who now wants their votes.

President Trump should never be allowed on the Capitol grounds again, for he violated holy ground. Folks, wake up, for had Speaker Pelosi and Vice-President Pence been killed, I believe Trump would have tried every means possible to hold onto power. Democracy as we know it in the United States would be over.

Nathan Mathis


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