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Increase fine for monument removal

Increase fine for monument removal

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The hateful attacks upon monuments to Gen. Robert E. Lee and other Confederate veterans continues under Alabama’s Memorial Preservation Act, which only fines the lawbreakers a one-time $25,000 fine for removing historic monuments without returning them.

Alabama’s Legislature should raise this fine to $25,000 per day until the monuments are returned. If violators don’t want to pay this fine, then they should not do the crime.

The “war over slavery” lie is the reason our Confederate monuments are assaulted and Americans are divided. Abraham Lincoln repeatedly declared his war was over taxes only and not slavery at all. When this truth is told, the assaults and division will end.

Lincoln declared: “I have no purpose to interfere with the institution of slavery. I have no lawful right to do so and I have no inclination to do so. The power confided to me will be used to collect the duties (tariffs) and imposts (import taxes); but beyond what may be necessary for this object, there will be no invasion, no using of force against the people anywhere.” (Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1861, paragraphs 4 and 21).

The famous Black educator Booker T. Washington strongly supported our Confederate monuments, writing to Mamie Harrison, June 16, 1914: “I am going to take up very carefully the matter of the Confederate monument and see if I can find someone to give the money that is still needed. We all appreciated the visit of (Confederate) General Harrison to Tuskegee. We all realize more and more that men like him are the true friends of our race, and that any monument that will keep the fine character of such heroes before the public will prove helpful to both races in the South.” (Booker T. Washington Papers, Volume 13, Page 64)

Roger K. Broxton, president

Confederate Heritage Fund


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