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Justice for all

Justice for all

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Let’s hear the facts: Had a riot like that on Jan. 6 been fueled by President Obama, he would already be behind bars, and if the “racist rioters” had been protesters from “Black Lives Matter,” without a doubt, there would have been dead carnage all over the Capitol grounds, shot down by armed policemen and other forces, without any fear of prosecution.

Of all those thousands breaking into and tearing up the Capitol looking to hang or shoot leaders, a month later, only 200 have been arrested? Without question, all jails would be packed to capacity and hundreds or thousands dead if that damage was done by people of color.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, Rep. Barry Moore, Rep. Mo Brooks, Sen. Richard Shelby —your oath is to protect and defend the rights of all Alabamians. Even your Minority Leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell, condemned Donald Trump for that insurrection; however, too little said too late! Those weapons could have been easily used on one of you. You were there. You didn’t have the guts to stand up and hold Trump accountable for his actions.

We will not stand back and watch you take this state back to the segregated South’s prejudices smf racism that many were beaten and died in pursuit of change. If you can’t stand for all, then walk away.

What a shame on this United States of America. It is high time for an Abrams mock campaign in Alabama to make sure that we have people in office who will represent all the people.

Accept facts, we are all cousins. We all came from Adam and Eve. If you treat your cousins the way you stood down on Saturday, don’t waste your time showing up and packing church pews on Sundays. Save the energy. Grab a pole and go fishing.

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