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‘Let people live’

‘Let people live’

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For a while now the insane argument from anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers on why they refuse to cover up their faces or refuse to vaccination from the COVID-19 pandemic is for the sake of protecting their “personal freedom.” These are the usual run-of-the-mill yokels you would run into at your local Walmart or supermarket or shopping center who regurgitate talking points from a right-wing rag just to appease their own false sense of entitlement and superiority. Shockingly enough, these same yokels are also elected officials and pundits who thrive off of the fear and ignorance of their constituents or listeners by willingly spreading misinformation of vaccines and masks in order to maintain control over the people. If they happen to read this, let it be known that they are nothing more than shameless bottom feeders whose egos are doing the residents of Alabama and the US a major disservice.

America is still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 plague which has claimed more than half a million lives in the US, as with nearly a billion globally. For state and local officials, albeit representation in Congress and the Senate, to place their bottom line over the lives of its citizens is atrocious and narrow-minded, particularly the lives of children, teens and the elderly. Such misguided hubris is proof that these individuals are unfit to hold an office, let alone govern.

It’s a simple request to unpack: let people live. There should be no tolerance for entitled fools who harangue people wise enough to protect themselves from a plague that is eradicating mankind. Too many Americans already have the heart-wrenching task of laying a loved one to rest, be they an innocent child or a frail elder. To those who have the audacity to harass, to assault healthcare workers or professionals, pray that you do not contract COVID. It would be hugely ironic if those who scoffed at the pandemic would have to rely on those same healthcare professionals to save your life. Those who missed that memo are now in an early grave. For those with the delusion that a deity that will shield you from this disease, keep in mind God gave man the study of science to understand his works.

It won’t cost you a thing to take the shot and wear a mask until this plague is eradicated; not doing so will cause you to pay the ultimate price. For your benefit, as for the sake of all Alabamians, do not let yourself fall victim to your own misguided hubris. Take COVID-19 seriously. Get vaccinated. Wear a mask. Socially distance. The life you save will not only be your own, but humanity as a whole.

Sanford S. Williams



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