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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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Lipstick on a pig?

I suspect many of you are as sick and tired of watching Medicare Advantage commercials as I am. Medicare Advantage is a version of Medicare sold and managed by private insurance companies. Companies whose business is to make money and apparently companies who love the Medicare Advantage play. It was a by-product of the handshake that happened between the Obama administration and private insurance.

The sheer quantity of advertising should make you ask yourself a few questions. Why does a product that is so great require such a barrage of advertising from so many famous people? How can so many extra benefits be paid for with less to no money as advertised? Why would a typical geriatric patient want gym membership during Covid-19 isolation? If Medicare is going broke, how can extra things be added in for no cost? Etc.

Each patient is unique and these products may be appropriate for some but please be clear, they are not superior products in general. These companies can provide these products, give people all these "extra benefits," and pay the stars for advertising because they make money from the products. This money is often made by limiting the Medicare benefit so they can catch the profit in unsuspecting ways. On standard Medicare part B plus a good supplement, procedures are easier to schedule for doctors and less rationing takes place. On Advantage plans the managing companies often require extensive approval processes for most procedures and sometimes do not allow doctors to order necessary tests in a timely fashion. Daily hospital copays are sometimes required and were never a part of standard Medicare.

This is a complicated topic needing more discussion, but just please make sure the advertising is not just putting lipstick on a pig.

Rodney Beauchamp, MD


‘We could insist on term limits’

It was really disgusting for a U.S. Senator to suggest that Amy Coney Barrett’s Black children were only props. What does that have to do with being a Supreme Court justice?

I have a three-year-old Black granddaughter. She is adopted, loved, and wanted — not a prop. At least one senator apologized for the pain caused. I can’t believe how low some people can get.

We, the people, need to remind senators we could insist on term limits.

Pat Skeen


A great place to live

From time to time, the residents of Dothan prove again it's a great place to live. Recently, another driver and I had an unexpected encounter in the dark and rain on the Circle south of the South Park intersection near the car dealers. Many thanks to those who came out in the rain, or stopped in the crossover to check on us, to the gentleman in the pickup who signaled traffic and checked on the other driver, to the still unknown kind lady who gave me her umbrella, to Officers Thomas and Heath for their handling of the situation, to Shorty's Wrecker who hauled away the beloved wreckage; and to other driver for his patience and understanding. Thanks, and stay safe.

Brent Gourley


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