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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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In defense of Kyle Rittenhouse

I don't know who wrote the Dothan Eagle's Sept. 1 "Our View,” a very slanted article closed by: "Mr. Moore's willingness to pass judgment without full knowledge."

The problem is that the author(s) of this article did exactly the same thing. They don't have full knowledge of the facts either, but they've already passed judgment on Kyle Rittenhouse, and without knowledge. Their predisposition to condemn this young man they call a "vigilante" is just as wrongheaded as what they've accused Moore of doing.

This young man's attorney states that, in Wisconsin, Kyle did not break the law by carrying the rifle, and the rifle he had never crossed state lines. Also, Rittenhouse didn't start the fight — the people who attacked him were angry because he and a friend were guarding an auto repair shop the rioters had been prevented from destroying. Kyle and the others there were threatened by rioters that were passing by, but Kyle Rittenhouse never reacted to those threats. His intent was simply to deter property damage and use his training to provide first aid to injured community members. And he did that.

After the crowd passed the premises, Kyle headed in the direction of some wounded protesters with a first aid kit he had brought with him. He rendered aid as best he could to the wounded and tried to guide them to others who could assist inasmuch as he was able.

The situation was in flux, and the police line had moved. Rittenhouse was moving to stand guard at a different auto repair shop when he was recognized by some of the original rioters who had been trying to destroy the first repair shop. They again became violent and threatening, so Kyle was attempting to retreat, but several of the rioters chased him. One of them closed the distance, knocked him down and tried to take his rifle and got shot in the process.

Rittenhouse tried to administer first aid to the man who had been shot during that first attack, but he was attacked by the rest of the rioters. At least one of them was brandishing a pistol. They were all shouting that they were going to either beat him senseless or kill him.

The man with the pistol fired a shot, and Rittenhouse shot him in the arm, causing him to drop the pistol. The last man attacked Rittenhouse and wound up getting fatally shot like the first man did. The rest of the rioters dispersed because of the shooting.

Rittenhouse was not a vigilante. A large amount of evidence (including video) indicates he was simply trying to put distance between himself and those threatening him. They attacked. They knocked him down. They kicked him while he was on the ground and hit him in the head with a skateboard. They shot at him first. If they could have taken his rifle they would have killed him with it. And if they had murdered him, chances are they would have walked away and very probably, no charges would have been filed.

And unlike the anonymous "Our View" author who passed judgment on Barry Moore without full knowledge of the facts, I'm putting my name at the bottom of this letter.

Richard McCuistian


Why put charging station downtown?

Do you think the decision to locate the electric car charging station downtown was for the safety and convenience of our citizens and tourists, or to help the downtown area?

Ken McKissack


Remove Wallace name from Alabama’s community colleges

My name is Corey Bigbie. I have lived in Alabama almost all of my 32 years on this planet. Like many Alabamians, I love my football, fall weather, and sweet tea. However, I do not like or support racism in any form.

Right now, the entire country is at a boiling point, but a very much needed one. It's time for all citizens to acknowledge the injustices to our black Americans and do something to change it.

While watching a recent documentary on the Civil Rights movement, I was reminded of the horrendous words and actions of former Gov. George Wallace. Wallace openly called for segregation and even stood in the way of Alabama's first black college students at a white campus as they tried to enter the school. This was all WHILE he was our governor.

We cannot go back and change history. However, we can change our future. So, I am officially requesting that the name of all Wallace Community College campuses be changed. I believe that Gov. Wallace is a stain on the Civil Rights movement and should not be honored. I do not believe that a college with such high graduation rates should be subjected to a disgraceful image. Currently Wallace College only has a student body of roughly 3% African Americans. However, with a renewed image, and more focus on minority students, I feel that the enrollment numbers can drastically change.

I am calling on all media outlets, organizations, alumni and trade programs to support this cause. Wallace Community College already has some of the best staff in the country. Now, it's time to reflect our inner beauty on the surface.

Corey Bigbie


(Editor’s note: Dothan’s Wallace Community College is named for Gov. Wallace’s father, George Corley Wallace.)

‘Where were the men in Kenosha?’

I am writing in response to your Sept 1. front-page article, "Dems blast Moore on post," and editorial, "Barry Moore reveals himself." From these articles it is obvious the Dothan Eagle supports the violent protests that have led to destruction of property and human life.

Your editorial states, "Unfortunately, the protests have been accompanied by property damage." Do you call purposely destroying businesses and their entire inventory "unfortunate property damage?" You go on to say "these are matters best addressed by law enforcement." This would be true except the governors and mayors of the Democratic-run cities seeing widespread violence and destruction have castrated the police departments so they can no longer do their job. How courageous that a 17-year-old young man felt the need to try and help save the businesses in Kenosha from destruction. I have to ask, where were the men in Kenosha? Hiding in their homes, hoping and praying the Antifa mob would not attack them? And let me be clear, these mobs could care less about black lives. Just watch as they burn down black-owned businesses and attack anyone, black or white, who does not agree with them.

If the police departments are not allowed to do their job, then Americans have no choice but to take a stand against these paid lawless protestors who are hell-bent on destroying America. As Edmund Burke said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Barry Moore, on the other hand, stands with people of all colors and believes we have the right to defend our lives and property, as allowed by the 2nd Amendment. I agree with Barry Moore. He has my vote.

Virginia Howard


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