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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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Betty Peters for superintendent

Rather than sending out a request for applicants to replace Dothan school superintendent Phyllis Edwards, I suggest that we draft Betty Peters for the job.

—As a Dothan High School graduate, Betty respects Dothan’s history and traditions. She knows our people and their needs.

—She is a devoted Christian.

—She is well-educated in financial aspects of management with her degree in accounting.

— She sees that students need an academic education to prepare them for jobs and careers as citizens of our great nation, not as social justice warriors/community activists.

—She spent years on the Alabama State Board of Education learning what works and what doesn’t through her experiences there.

—She IS NOT a product of the Colleges of Education and their liberal propaganda machine.

—She understands the needs of our children and is not in the process of padding a resume for a future position.

—She has the courage to stand up and speak out against the radical education establishment.

It is time to correct the miscalculations of our past ventures in education and actually return to “what works” in education to produce literate, productive citizens that every college and university would recognize as qualified in every way.

Sharman and Joel Ramsey


Safety without choice is prison

The governor of Alabama was granted power by our legislature to declare an emergency, make rules with the force of law, and extend them indefinitely. Obviously, this is not good law.

Whether you favor the current mask order or not, would you feel the same if it involved the governor’s great concern for other preventable maladies such as heart disease, diabetes (Covid is still 1,000 behind) or traffic accidents? Cumulatively, this is a lot of needless death. Imagine banning French fries, ice cream, and driving faster than 5 mph; certainly even if only one life were saved.

Socialists and communists tend to like absolute power in a very small group of dear leaders. The sanctimonious among us could now glare at scofflaws eating fries. America was built by people who knew consolidating power always ends up badly. I side with our founders and enjoy messy freedom. Contact your state legislator and let them know they need to reign in absolute power and set it to a reasonable, short, period. The legislature can convene to work out long-term actions as a law – not an order. Safety without choice is prison ( Benjamin Franklin).

Glen Woodard


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